------------------------Star flower Festival time, Four years later-----------------------------

'The preparations for the fireworks seem to be going well,' a tall, well armoured man said, 'Report in men. Is everything in order?'

A Knight marched calmly over to the high-ranked Knight. This Knight's visor covered his face, making him look the same as all of the other Knights.

'Yes, Sir Gaston! They'll be ready in no time!' the Knight reported.

'It's important that the fireworks are ready to announce the start of the Star Flower Festival! There is no room for error!' Gaston exclaimed, 'We will light a spectacle that will move even the Shadow Frost Witch!'

'Yessir!' the Knight replied automatically, 'But, Sir Gaston… Do you think all this is really appropriate?'

Gaston looked shocked and confused in one expression.

'Why, what are you talking about?' he asked.

'This Witch Conflict rages on. Is this the time for festivals?' the Knight questioned almost nervously. Jaspara was glad that she wasn't tone deaf in this state.

'But of course! It's even MORE important in such troubled times!' as Gaston said this, Jaspara realised that she actually recognised him from somewhere, 'The citizens need hope after the past three years of strife. The Queen is hosting this celebration to ease their worries.'

Jaspara smiled in her head. She was going to see another festival. It was one of the highlights of being unable to move or speak: she could just look in awe at the fireworks. After her little daydream, Jaspara noticed that Gaston had started speaking again.

'Oh, my dear, kind-hearted Queen! We're truly blessed to have her… Does her glory not move you to tears?'

'Oh my god, he's actually crying…' Jaspara thought to herself, 'What a crackpot.'

The Knight must have thought along the same lines because he hesitated.

'Oh, uh… Yes, Sir. Also crying, Sir. Um… Please try not to weep on the fireworks, Sir…'

'Worry not, my good man!' Gaston had stopped crying, 'These fireworks are tear-proof! Their cases are formed from the finest water-resistant material.'

'That makes sense…' Jaspara thought.

'Let those manly tears flow!' Gaston boomed as he started crying again.

If Jaspara wasn't immobile and fused to the top of the tower, she would've fell off from laughing so hard. As it was, she just laughed in her head instead.

The Knight seemed to be put off guard by Gaston's fresh tears.

'I'm crying on the inside, Sir. I need to get back to work now.'

'I must depart as well. The Queen has summoned me. We have more information regarding the Shadow Frost Witch.'

With that, the two men separated to do their duties.

'Fool! Are you blind? That strike could have killed you!' Steven yelled at Rasche, retracting his fist from Rasche's shoulder. They were doing their daily training preparing for patrolling the festival. Steven then kicked Rasche hard.

'Gah! Don't kick me there! That's not fair!' Rasche yelled.

'Ouch… That looks like it really hurt…' Roland consoled Rasche. He received a kick in the same place.

'Keep your guard up at all times! You're training!' Steven boomed.

'Yessir,' Rasche chuckled.

'You… bastard..!' Roland gasped.

'You want another?' Steven asked Rasche threateningly.

'No!' Rasche exclaimed.

'We're patrolling the Star Flower festival for the next three days,' Steven said, 'The bright lights may attract the Beast Fiends, so be on guard!'

'Aww… I was looking forward to enjoying the festival…' a girl moaned. She was shorter than all three men there and most likely younger too. Her brown hair and violet eyes looked cute with the long-sleeved crop top and skirt that she was wearing.

'Send your complaints to the Shadow Frost Witch,' Rasche replied, annoyed at the whole situation, 'If she wasn't fighting the other Witches, it would be peaceful.'

'Quit your grumbling. Right now, we do what we must do,' Steven replied.

'Master Steven, I'd like to practice some more!' Roland exclaimed, his white armour shining in the light.

'What? More!?' Rasche looked shocked.

'Very well! From the beginning! Roland, Rasche, in your places!' Steven declared.

Roland drew his sword. Rasche picked up his spear. They were ready for another sparring match.

They sparred until the sun went down. In the end, Roland lost.

'Today's training is over! You are dismissed!' Steven alerted the children.

'Whew! Today's practice was hard,' Roland panted, 'Dad's way too enthusiastic.'

'He's worried you might slip up,' Rasche gloated.

'He's more worried about you,' Roland argued.

'Are you still fighting?' the girl asked, 'Stop it, you two! Anyway… Now that training is over for today…'

'Hmm?' Rasche queried.

'Why don't we go to the pre-festival! There'll be fireworks!' the girl answered.

'I hate crowds,' Rasche complained.

'But we'll be patrolling for the next three days!' the girl protested, starting to walk away, 'Now's the only time we can go! Please?'

'Sounds good to me,' Roland smiled, 'You should come too, Rasche. Her Majesty should be there…'

'The Queen.!? Maaaaaaybe I'll go then,' Rasche was swayed by Roland's argument enough to start walking as well, still holding his spear.

'All the boys are in love with the Queen!' the girl complained enviously, 'I'm jealous! I wanna be like her…'

'You look nothing like the Queen!' Rasche exclaimed.

'Not like that!' the girl retorted, 'I just look up to her, that's all!'

'Let's go then! The fireworks and the Queen are waiting!' Roland alerted the other two.

'Hey, do you think I can go get Steiner?' the girl asked. Steiner was her older brother, 'He should still be at his laboratory.'

'Does he even like fireworks?' Rasche asked, deadly serious.

'Won't he just say: "Go away! I'm busy with my research!"?' Roland questioned, doing a great impression of Steiner.

'Well, he is passionate about his work, but… C'mon, fireworks!' the girl protested against the boys' questions.

'A convincing argument,' Rasche replied sarcastically.

'By the way, what is he researching right now?' Roland asked.

'I don't know… he won't tell me,' the girl looked sad, 'But… he says it'll make everyone happy.'

'Happy…' Roland sighed.

'Oh, whatever. Let's just go and get him,' Rasche was getting impatient.

'Okay!' happy with that answer, the girl started walking towards the main plaza again.

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