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Chapter 3

In the morning

"17 days and 17 nights, 17 days and 17 nights," Amu picked up her phone and looked at the text she got.

Good morning. I headed off to school before you and Ikuto so if your not there I'm hunting you down.

Amu turned off her phone and looked at her bed.

"Ikuto, when did you get into my bed?!" She walked over to him and hit his head.

"Why do you have to be so violent?" Ikuto asked rolling out of her bed.

"Why? Never mind. Go change in the bathroom and you better be ready by the time I'm done." Amu said pushing him out.

Amu started to change into her uniform. After she was done she woke her Chara's and Yoru.

"Amu I'm done. We can go now." Ikuto said walking in. He walked out of the room and Amu followed. They walked downstairs and walked out the door without any food.

"Today's going to be a good day Amu-Chan!" Ran said excitedly.

"Yes sir." Miki said yawning. Su and Dia nodded their heads.

"I wonder what's for lunch." Ikuto said obviously hungry.

"You could have eaten breakfast." Amu said.

"I hope we have fish ~Nya." Yoru said. Ikuto patted Yoru's head.

At school

Utau's POV

"Hello Utau." I looked at the person saying hello.

"Good morning Kukai." I said keeping my composure.

"Good morning Kukai!" Yaya yelled. I looked behind me and saw the little girl in a window.

I looked back at Kukai and he waved and smiled to her. I looked at him sadly and started to walk

"Utau let's walk to class together." Kukai said grabbing my arm. I rolled my eyes and gave a slight smile.

In the classroom

"How long is Amu going to make me wait? The bell is about to ring and she's still not here."

"Utau, Amu is always late." Rima said. I looked at her then back at the door. I tapped my fingers impatiently.

Somewhere close to the school

Normal POV

"Ikuto stop chasing the butterfly!" Amu yelled.

"~Nya, Yoru let's go faster." Ikuto said. Yoru gave a salute. Ikuto and Yoru did a Chara Nari and left Amu alone.

"Don't tell me I have to chase after him." Amu twitched.

"Let's go Amu-Chan! Hop! Step! Jump!" Amu and her chara's proceeded through the air following Ikuto.

"Why can't I just be a normal girl?" Amu whined.

Back at school

Rima's POV

So they skipped school. Who knew Amu could be so willing.

"Rima-Chi!" I looked to my left and saw Yaya waving. She walked through the door and gave me a hug.

"I haven't seen you in so long!" She said. "We saw each other yesterday," I pushed Yaya off and continued to talk.

"Well, any way's, I bet Amu and Ikuto aren't coming to school, so we have to find them before Utau does, understand?" I asked. She nodded her head.

In an ice cream parlor

Amu's POV

"Ikuto, where did you go?" I asked.

"I don't know how we lost him." Ran said.

"It was because you got distracted by ice cream!" I yelled at her. First Ikuto and Yoru get distracted by a butterfly and my chara's get distracted by ice cream. I looked around the shop but didn't see him. Getting up, I dropped my chara's ice cream.

"Amu-Chan!" Ran complained.

"I'm sure it was an accident little one." I looked up at the person smiling. I blushed and then got up.

"Can you see them? Do you have a chara too?" I asked dropping my ice cream.

He chuckled and nodded his head. "This is Taboo." A little chara floated onto the top of his head.

I smiled and started to walk out of the shop.

"So your Amu, do you want me to buy you more ice cream?" I didn't pay attention. I just listened to the distant violin. I closed my eyes, smiled, and started to walk towards the sound.

Ikuto's POV

"I wonder where Amu went. I even wanted her to hear the song I just played." I put my violin away and lay down on the grass. It was so soft, almost like Amu's pink hair. How I wondered where the strawberry was.

"I can walk by myself now." A girl said. I blinked open an eye and saw Amu ready to trip over me.

"Gah!" I chuckled at how she was positioned in my arms.

"Amu are you okay?" I asked trying to hold my laugh in.

"I-I-I….I…I can't say it." She said.

"My name?" She nodded her head. "Anyways where were you?"

"Well, after the butterfly got away, I realized I ditched you and I didn't feel like looking, so I just sat down for a while." Her eye twitched and she got up immediately.

"Well sorry for being so unimportant that you couldn't even look!" She yelled at me.

I looked away and saw the guy next to her.

"Who's that?" I asked annoyed.

"I'm not sure. He helped me pick up ice cream that I dropped and just followed me." Amu said. I gave a smirk and then grabbed her arm. I started to run and Amu ran with me.

"I-Ikuto!" "You said it."

"I meant, Ikuto, where are we going?"

"Whichever way the wind blows." She chuckled.

Utau's POV

Once I find them I'm going to kill Amu.

"Utau. Utau? Utau!" I looked to my left and saw Kukai.

"What is it?" I asked, obvious irritation in my voice. "You have some rice on your face." I wiped the rice off and looked around the cafeteria.

"Utau-Chan is it that much of a problem if Ikuto and Amu-Chi are out?" Yaya asked.

I nodded my head.

"Why, Utau?" Rima asked.

"Cause I'm protecting my brother." "But doesn't he like Amu-Chan?" Nagihiko asked.

"Yeah. But Amu doesn't realize it yet." "Then shouldn't you be protecting her." I looked away. I don't know what to protect actually.

"Ikuto stop running already!" I turned around quickly and saw Ikuto and Amu.

"At least we made it for lunch." Ikuto said.

"Where were you two?" I asked irritated even more.

"Well we got distracted…" Amu said. "Distracted by what?" Rima asked.

"Lot's of things." Amu answered. I looked at her disgusted.

"So you two did it?" Kukai asked. Amu's face went bright red. I had the intention to kill her right then and there.

Normal POV

"I just got distracted by a butterfly and Amu came chasing after me. We didn't do anything like that. Perverts." Ikuto looked away. Amu's face was still bright red from the mention of sex. "A-"


All the kids got up quickly and started to run out of the cafeteria.

Walking home

Amu's POV 5:00

"What a crazy day it was!" I stretched. "What was crazy about it Amu?" Utau asked clinging onto her brother like an innocent child.

"I spent half of a day with Ikuto." I said proudly trying to make her jealous. I realized my mistake and knew he was going to tease me later.

"Well I spent half the day with Kukai." Utau quickly covered her mouth.

"Hmm my little sister likes Kukai. That's a cute couple. But Amu and I are better." I blushed. Then I chuckled at how embarrassed Utau was.

"I do not like Kukai!" Utau tried to defend herself. Utau ran ahead and I smiled. At that time she was really cute.

"So Amu…" Here it came, teasing time.

"You were excited to spend half a day with me," He said putting his arm around my shoulder.

I looked away with a small blush. "Yeah right like any one would be excited to spend a day with you. Besides it was all troublesome."

"Really you don't have to put your character up in front of me. It gets really annoying that you don't trust me enough to show me your true character." He took his arm off me but I grabbed it before he could walk ahead.

"F-fine, want me to be truthful then I want you to go out with me!" I yelled. I didn't look up to afraid of his expression.

"I was just kidding Amu. Why would I go out with you? It's more fun teasing you." Ikuto said back. I tightened my grip and then threw his arm at him.

"I never want to see you again! I hate you Ikuto!" I started to run with tears in my eyes.

"Amu!" Utau called. I ignored her and ran faster and faster.

Stupid Ikuto doesn't understand anything!

"Amu!" I turned around and Ikuto was right behind me. I stopped and gave my oh-so-pissed look.

"What is it now? You want to tease me more?" I asked looking away. Arms soon embraced my body and I looked at the person who was so warm.

"I'm sorry Amu. I didn't think you would get that mad."

"Of course I would get mad when the person I like rejects me!" I yelled. I buried my head in Ikuto's chest trying not to hear him say anything. After a minute he didn't reply. I waited for him to say something but nothing came out.

"I-Ikuto?" I glanced up and saw a slight blush on his face. I-Ikuto's blushing! He never blushes!

"Amu! Ikuto! Where did you go?" Utau called. Ikuto quickly let go of me and turned away. I turned my back to him and blushed really badly.

"Ah there you two are. Why did you both run off?" Utau asked. I didn't look at her still.

"We were playing tag." Ikuto exclaimed.

"What kinds of high-schoolers play tag?" She asked.

"The ones who…." "Whatever," She walked over to me and shook my shoulders. "Are you okay Amu?" I smiled and nodded my head. She smiled back.

"Well we should hurry home, before mama gets mad." They both nodded there heads and we had a race to see who could get back first.

"Mama we're home!" I called.

"Oh I was just about to make dinner. Can you guys wait upstairs till I'm done?" She said from the sink. Before I could say anything Ikuto dragged me upstairs. When we got up there Ikuto closed the door and pushed me against the wall.

"I-Ikuto, what is it?" I asked, blushing. He smirked and leaned in closer to my face.

"Remember earlier…" He said, "You said you wanted to go out with me? Well fine, we can go out." What did he just say?

"Um… What?"

"We're going out now, Amu." He snickered and quickly pecked me on the cheek.

"Well, let's go downstairs now." He put out his hand. I didn't move. Somehow, this was a little shocking, but at the same time, awesome. Who ever thought I would go out with him? I thought it would only be in my dreams.

"Are you coming, Amu?" He asked. I nodded my head, smiled, and grabbed his hand.

"So Ami, how are you and Mocha getting along?" I asked. She looked down and shook her head.

"I think he hates me…" She said quietly. But how could anyone hate Ami. She was a cheerful, loveable girl, who is super cute.

"Why is that?" I asked. She looked up at me and put on a smile. "Who knows!" She got up and spun around the room.

"As long as To-Chan and Onee-Chan go out, who cares about my love life!" Ami smiled.

"W-wait! How do you know about it?" I asked, pushing my chair on the floor.

"To-Chan told me!" She said, actually smiling now. My jaw dropped. He was so going to die.

"Kids, dinner's ready!" Mama called. I sat back down at the table and pouted.

"Amu, why is Ikuto so close to you?" Utau asked. I looked away and scooted a little away from Ikuto, just to be followed by him though. Utau and Ami were sitting on the edges of the table, Mama and Papa were on the opposite side of me and Ikuto, and we were playing a game after dinner.

"What do you mean why, Utau? Amu and I-" I quickly covered his mouth.

"Ikuto and I are really cold so we thought if we sat together, we would be warmer!" I lied, badly. But Utau believed it.

"Oh look! I beat you guys! Woo hoo!" Utau cheered after winning Uno. Of course she would win, she was the only one really playing it, while every one else watched me and Ikuto.

Well honey, why don't we go to bed? It's very late…" Mama said, winking at me.

"O-okay…" Papa sniffed. They both went up stairs to their room.

"Utau-Chan! Why don't you stay in my room tonight?" Ami said, nearly breaking off Utau's arm. She smiled and nodded her head. They headed upstairs and Ikuto and I were left alone.

"Well, we should probably get to bed…" I trailed off, getting up, but something pulled me onto its lap.

"I-Ikuto!" I yelped. He didn't say anything, just stroked my hair. I shudder at his touch, and he let his hand drop to his side.

"You're not scared, or cold are you?" I shook my head, making sure he didn't misunderstand me. I looked at him, but his face was blank. "Let's go to bed Amu." He whispered, picking me off his lap. He wrapped his arm around my waist, and pulled me close to him. My face blushed, and I knew it. "Coming or not?" He asked. A car passed by, and I could see his face emotionless when the light touched his face. I nodded my head, ignoring his face. It meant nothing, right?

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