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Warning: Female Allen and attempted but failed humour.

30 August, Monday, 7.30PM

Today marks the end of the summer vacation and tomorrow will be the very first day of my school days at Black Order High… It's just going to be another typical year where I'm being put down by my left arm. AGAIN. Seriously, what is wrong with me? I didn't even do anything do deserve this; unless, I was born like this… I know my hair and my scar weren't from my birth, so I'm guessing that my arm was by some birth defect.

My earliest memories were only about Mana, my foster father. I can't remember anything besides that. Mana adopted me when he saw me sitting by the streets, wailing, one Christmas when I was about 3 or so… Probably because my real parents saw my disfigured left arm and threw me away when I was able to walk. I mean, I can't even look at my own arm without being repulsed by it. Subsequently I travelled with Mana, seeing the sights and all but somewhere in one of the trips, scratched my left eye while walking and fell down, scraping it on a glass piece. Not only that, when I was walking back home with Mana after I'd went to the doctor's to put a bandage on it, someone poured white bleach from the top of a building when we were walking by! Boy, was I a clumsy and unlucky girl. Then a few years later, Mana passed away. That was the darkest period of my life. Or so I thought.

Cross came along. –UGH– That was even worse. I got dragged to his house and had to do the housework when he's out womanizing, drinking or racking up debts for me to pay. Can you believe having to pay for that so-called adult's leisure purposes? I was like -what?- Eleven years old at the time? And he claims that its survival one-oh-one in the real world. I was still a kid and he's telling me how to earn a living? Yeah right! But it did me SOME good; I was able to live by myself when he's gone for long periods of time and not cry at home like a baby.

At least now he's left to God-knows-where and left me alone in the apartment, that he'd claimed he'd left for me in this parting note, to live my life. Thank God I had the foresight to secure a good part-time job which actually pays well enough for me to have a stable income enough to sustain me.

Shesh, I'm talking about this kind of sadistic stuff. I should be happy I guess… Going to school, making new friends and all… Oh wait… If anyone even wants to be friends with me.

I've already gotten the uniforms sent to me. I'd applied for financial assistance from the school. At least now most schools have financial aid and all, but I can't let loose the fact that I'm living by myself and with no guardian to look after. Then again, Cross didn't really leave; he just disappeared (as usual) for long periods of time and come back again. Since I'm nearing 14 now, he probably won't be back till I'm 18 to see my graduation and then leave again.

Anyways, the uniforms are sort of nice I guess. It depends how you look at it. They're a while long sleeved top, with a black sweater vest and the complicated school's symbol of a cross on the top left of the vest, and skirts that are falling halfway towards the knee.

Well, I've got concealer prepared to cover up that scar tomorrow, like I've been doing for the past years when I'm out at school and whatnot. My hair has already been dyed back to the pale brown colour that I was born with but I'll have to check it regularly and touch up since my hair grows really fast, it's almost to my waist now. I probably would have to wear gloves to hide my arm but hopefully no one would notice it.

I'm sort of hungry now so I guess I'll be eating, God knows my huge appetite. Hopefully THAT won't attract too much attention to me tomorrow during lunch.

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