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Author's Notes: This is a Harry and Hermione drabble; this is my first attempt at the couple, so here goes nothing. It's set after the seventh book.


Harry Potter has kissed three girls in his life.

The first was Cho Chang in the Room of Requirement in his fifth year. He hadn't know what he was doing and she was still upset over the death of her boyfriend, Cedric Diggory, so it wasn't his finest moment. Their kiss was sloppy, wet from her tears, and he stumbled through it not sure how well he was doing and she was too distressed to tell him.

The second was Ginny Weasley after a Quidditch match in his sixth year. He had more experience then and was much more sure of himself when she launched herself at him. Their kiss was a flurry of passion and fire with her nearly attacking him in her determination and he doing his best to match her intensity with his own.

The third was Hermione Granger after the war with Voldemort in his seventh year. Her kiss was tender and undercut with emotion. He felt that she was trying to connect with more of himself than his lips and at that moment he had the absurd notion that her soul was pulling his towards her. It ended too quickly for his liking and lingered long after she had departed.

Harry Potter had kissed three girls in his life.

But Hermione's was the most meaningful.

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