Author's Note

Hello, loyal followers of my Claws Away, Kitten! and The Secret of Moonacre Valley stories; I know you'll probably all be sending me gamma-rays of hate after discovering that actually I haven't updated either story, but I wanted to post a note.

Due to outgrowing a lot of my unfinished stories, I've decided to put a handful of them up for adoption, including Claws Away, Kitten! but I'm undecided whether to just delete The Secret of Moonacre Valley, unless someone wants to adopt it.

However, to compensate for deleting/abandoning these two stories, I thought I'd compensate by writing a new story that envelopes some of the themes of my other two stories.

After watching "The Vampires of Venice" episode of Doctor Who with the beautiful Helen McRory as the sexy fish-vampire; Rachel Khoo's fab cooking programmes; the Spiderwick Chronicles film and the concept of the 'field-guide'; listening to the Lord of the Rings: Fellowship of the Ring soundtrack; a photograph of Karlie Kloss in gorgeous lipstick backstage at an Anna Sui fashion-show; and seeing a mood-board of MAC lipstick, a pretty blue shepherd's hut, and Rachel Khoo's book and a pair of juicy red patent court heels, I got inspired.

I want to bring a modern-day girl into Moonacre Valley with her mother, Benjamin's sister (portrayed by Helen McRory, because she was so fantastic in Doctor Who) and put my own spin on the lifestyle in Moonacre (combination of The Shire, the Boat That Rocked, Rachel Khoo's tiny kitchen, pub-culture, Cranford's annual fĂȘte and The Secret Garden) and make the pearls situation a little less melodramatic, and give the girl the sassiness that Isabella had in Claws Away, with funny one-liners she learns from The Doctor, Captain Jack Sparrow and Gimli.

So what do you think? Give the present Moonacre stories up for adoption or delete them, and put up one story that I will actually update?

I thought about traditions for the Merryweather and De Noir family names; the Merryweather family uses gemstones or constellation names, and the De Noir family uses nature names, i.e. Robin, etc.

Taking Private Messages for name suggestions, plot twists etc.