Kurt's phone rang; making him jump. Not many people actually called him, so he was eager to pick it up. He chanced a casual glance at the clock. Who the hell would call him at 10pm? It was a Friday night; almost everyone else in the mansion had gone out. Kurt was puzzled but picked up the phone anyway.


"Yo, Kurt."

"Tolensky?! How did you get my number?"

"You gave it to me, remember?"

"I did…? Oh. Ja, I did, didn't I?" Kurt hadn't been thinking about Todd much, to be honest. In fact he had been deliberately trying to erase his mind of all thoughts to do with his friend after he had tried to get closer, been rejected, and roughly shoved away.

"S'what I said, fool."

"Sorry, I haven't been thinking straight after…" Kurt trailed off.

"Yeah, about that. I'm partly calling to say I'm sorry about that, you caught me off-guard. I've liked having a fellow freak for a friend,"

"Oh, thanks…" Kurt murmured sarcastically to himself, letting Todd carry on.

"I don't wanna makes us enemies again. I mean we are in front of everyone else, but we're still friends, right?"

"Ja. I tried to kiss you, Todd. When you do something like that, isn't it obvious that you want to be at least friends?" Kurt left out the small detail of 'as soon as I got back to the mansion I locked the door of my room and took myself to a desperate orgasm while nearly shouting your damn name' that was on the tip of his tongue without him wanting it to be there.


"Anyway, what's the other thing you're calling about?"

"What? Oh, yeah…" Kurt thought he heard a nervous swallow on the other end of the line.

"What is it, Tolensky?" Kurt reverted to using his friend's surname when he was annoyed or angry.

"Um…What are you wearing?"

"My clothes. You know, T shirt, Jeans…wait, what?! Hang on, I know you have no money so you can't call expensive sex lines, but I'm not gonna be one of them for you. You rejected me remember?"

"Yeah, and I said sorry. Come on Kurt, you caught me in a bad mood, I said. I want to give this a chance…and like you say, bro, I have no money and I really wanna get off tonight. Haven't in fuckin' ages, no locks here…everyone's out tonight…" Kurt smiled, revelling in the fact that Todd was clearly blushing scarlet now. Well, as scarlet as someone with a pale, greenish complexion can get. More of a light pink really. But he was slightly worried that he could picture it so clearly. And a large part of his mind wanted to picture this…and more. He caved in to the majority of his teenage mind, cursing and silently cheering all the way.

"Okay, okay. I told you, I'm wearing my clothes. You?" Kurt put Todd out of his misery, and heard a definite sigh over the line.

"Aw, all of them? I took my shirt off. It gets hot in a freezing boarding house sometimes you know."

"Sure it does. And you weren't planning this at all."

"Shut up. And take off your shirt too."

"…uh…Okay then." Todd heard a faint rustling of cloth through his phone, and then Kurt came back on the line; spoiling his little image of himself removing Kurt's clothes.

"It's off." Kurt's voice has changed, become more throaty as he absorbed himself in what they were doing. "I imagined it was you here, taking it off for me…" he admitted, before he could stop himself.

"Good. Is your inducer on?"


"Switch it off, yo. I want you fuzzy and blue."

"It's off." Todd let himself imagine Kurt for a moment, half naked and how he was supposed to look. He drew a shaky breath and spoke back into the receiver.

"'kay. Touch yourself and pretend it's me…I wanna run my hands up and down your chest, baby…how does it feel?" Todd's voice had changed now, as he lost himself to his fantasies as well.

"Mmm, Ja, it's good Todd. I want to kiss you…I want to touch you too. How does my fur feel?"

"Your fur? Oh man, it's the best…so silky. I want to feel it on more than just my hands…imagine me kissing you and pressing close to you…on top of you…I can hear how hard you are, but I can feel it too…take your jeans off now…you can…"

"Todd…" Kurt could barely speak; so vivid and intense was this imagined scene. On opposite ends of the phoneline, two seventeen year olds were sprawled on two beds, talking over the phone. But in their joint fantasy they were together. Kurt could almost feel the slight weight of Todd, and feel the contours of his back; his spine vaguely visible. He could feel the cool, webbed hands on his much warmer fur, smoothing it down. His own hands moved to his belt, and he urgently removed the rest of his clothes, all the time hearing Todd's heavy breathing in his ear, and soft sounds as Todd did the same. There were no inhibitions now, no second thoughts. This was what Kurt wanted, this was what Todd wanted. "Todd…this was a good idea…"

"Whatever. Why are you telling me this in the middle of things?"

"Dunno…just did…ah…"

"Hey! I didn't say you could touch now, did I?"

"Wha..? Don't be so nasty!"

"Wait for it, blue boy…just wait, yo."

"Very well, boss." Todd was enjoying the dominance he never got around the other members of the Brotherhood. There was a teasing pause, in which Kurt quivered in anticipation, and let his mind wander over to what he would do if anyone came in right now. He didn't know if he'd remembered to lock his door or not.

"T…Todd…come on, you're killing me over here…"

"Fine, whatever, fuzzy. I was just imagining you with no clothes, is all. You can touch…but use your tail…use the end over the head of your cock…I'm still there remember. So with your hands you gotta touch me. And you better be good at it."

"Well…I…ah…" The mixed sensations were making Kurt squirm.

"What? You never think to use you tail before, fool?"

"No…the thought, it never…" Kurt had the phone trapped between his shoulder and ear, seeing as his hands were busy. Neither of them had opened their eyes; if they did their fantasy world would be shattered, and Kurt wouldn't let that happen, not now they were both so close, he could tell from Todd's hitching breathing.

"Not yet, bitte Todd. I want it to…to last longer, I…"

"If I was there really yo, you wouldn't be able to sit for a fuckin' week after I was done with you."

"Tell me what you would do…" They abandoned their fantasy slightly, and concentrated on themselves. Kurt's sensitive ears picked up the sound of skin on skin; Todd's involuntary moans seemed impossibly loud.

"I…I would fuck you in so many places…you wouldn't get out of your room for a couple of days…we'd do it on the bed, in the shower, on the floor, against the wall…then we'd go to the gardens and I'd fuck you there…we'd do it in the pond I know…I'd make you scream, Fuzzy…you'd be my little bitch…"

"In your dreams, Froggy."

"Who…Who you callin' Froggy?" Todd could barely speak now, his imagination was running wild; his body assaulted with phantom feelings.

"You. Who else?…when you were done…I'd get you back …I'd have you in a tree…you couldn't get up…on the roof…hell, I'd screw you and 'port at the same time…And I'd bite you…so everyone knew you were mine…you'd have so many love bites that you'd look like you caught a tropical disease…" Todd's eyes snapped open when he heard Kurt describe what would happen to him, and it took a huge force of will to block memories from his darkened mind.

"Wha…whatever…" Todd tried to sound as sure as ever, but he couldn't keep a note out of his voice. If Kurt noticed he said nothing, but he said nothing else about being the dominant one either.

"I'd bite you first…people'd see through the fur, I'd make sure of it…I'd love to taste you, baby…" That sent both of them over the edge. With a strangled cry, Todd came, Kurt soon after with a noise that sounded like a cat.

"Dankeschön…thank you, Todd. Can we do this again some time? Can we meet up…we could be…I want to give us a chance…" Kurt had become slightly nervous now.

"Sure," Todd was panting a little. "Free tomorrow? Everyone's out until Monday afternoon. Come round here 'bout Two? It's not as dirty as you'd think. Just kinda old."

"See you then."

"Yeah…bye." Todd put the phone down, and Kurt headed for the shower.