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"Batter Full, Love Low"



Chapter Five:


The conversation was nice. They talked a lot about Kyouta. What his likes were, how he treated Hibino in school, and how long they had been dating.

Hibino's mother took a shock when she heard the length of the secret. Her daughter was being tainted by this boy. His looks were all he had, she was sure of it.

Halstead continued about how Kyouta was a genius, he was top of the class. He even beat Hibino.

Kyouta was dating Hibino only to mess with her grades; a mother knows all.

Then they came to the subject of Kyouta's past romances.

He never had a girlfriend before.

He was a playboy.

He had broken up with Hibino once already.

So that's why she was a mess before.

"Kyouta almost raped my ex-girlfriend. She was so shaken up, that she moved away. I never saw her again."

What? He did that? Kyouta's mother then realized something: he was alone with her daughter upstairs.

Hibino was laying on her bed, her eyes fighting to stay open.

Kyouta was on a rolling chair, beside her. He was pushing her bangs out of her eyes and lulling her to sleep. How cute. How. Freaking. Cute.

"You guys are quite comfortable with each other, huh?" Halstead said.

Kyouta didn't look up. He stopped his hand, kissed Hibino's forehead. He didn't move.

Halstead walked towards Hibino, or maybe Kyouta.

He didn't make it, though. Kyouta punched that sucker , CKO. There was a thump on the floor, but nothing more. It was hardly noticeable.

That doesn't mean Mrs. Tsubaki didn't hear it. She heard it.

Creaking was heard, and Kyouta sat back down, returning to his job of protecting Hibino.

Halstead looked at Kyouta, oh he was in for it.

"What was that noise?" She was in a panic, her bun falling out of place.

"Halstead-san tripped. He raced into the room very quickly. You should really be more careful."

Kyouta seemed so normal about everything. Hibino was afraid.

He would become something bad, very bad.

She didn't fall asleep that day. A hand was bothering her.