No Way Out

A Skifree fic by: Vector Omega


Disclaimer: I do not own Skifree, nor do I have any wish to, except for the purpose of reprogramming it without the abominable snowman. : )


So, have people really stooped as low as to resort to Skifree fanfiction for entertainment? Oh well, I only wrote this because of a particularly sad Skifree story I happened to read. Also, please keep in mind that this was written at midnight on a palm handheld as I slowly passed into unconsciousness. I have tried to correct any spelling errors, but some may remain.


This is not my first written fic, but it is my first posted here at Since this is my first fic posted here please give me a little slack until I can figure out what works for you guys, Thanx.


There's no way down. That was my first thought as my 8bit body was resurrected yet again. I had made it farther this time, or so I thought. Upon further consideration though, I realized the painful truth. I had died in that same grove of little green wiry trees many times before. Each time I swore that I could feel the hill flattening a little. That damn pixilated abominable snowman had to be passable. The end had to be there right?

With utter silence, since I was created without a voice, I began my descent again. I flew past trees and places that I had memorized all too well. I rounded a bend and crashed into a tree. At first the tree didn't look familiar, but after taking in my surroundings, I soon realized my error. I had crashed into this same tree countless times before. Then, a thought struck me. Down must not be the way. But what other options did I have? I looked to my side and saw a cheerful group of people, I assume they were cheerful even though they were not given any facial animation, riding up the skilift.

It was then that I came up with an idea. I got up and reversed my course. I was now following the lift up the slope. Soon, I passed the starting point.

Maybe this will work. It was the first time I had felt hope since the first few times I had run these slopes. I got an adrenaline rush and thought about boarding the lift and going back down to the lodge.

Just then a snowboarder came down and hit me. I wanted to scream profanity at him, but realized it was no use. He was monster bait anyway. Then I remembered a time when I was being chased. A snowboarder passed between me and the beast, but it ate me even though the snowboarder was closer. That snowboarder would live, as well as all the others.

I continued my upward path. However, the next thing I met was not nearly as harmless. Just as I was beginning to feel good again that damn pixilated abominable snowman came out of the woods and ate me. The last coherent thought I had was a correction of an earlier thought. It's not that there's no way down... it's that there's no way out.


BTW, I actually tried this, so don't get any hopes of beating Skifree this way.

C ya,

Vector Omega