"Hello" – Speech

'How' – Thought's

"Are" – Jutsu's

"You?" - Kyuubi

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Namikaze Naruto; The Lost Legend

Chapter One

A terrible snarl echoed over what used to be a flourishing village of comfort. The day had started like any other, civilians bustling around to set up their businesses while the ninja's rose to begin their missions. Konohagakure, the village hidden in the leaves, appeared to be thriving, until the Kyuubi no Yoko set it's sights on the peaceful home of many. How so much can become opposites in a few short hours.

The said beast let loose another ear splitting roar, slamming one of his impressive tails into the surrounding forest, sending timber flying. The ninja's of the village were courageous, fighting in the front lines against the fox with everything they had, hoping they call stall the monster long enough for their leader to figure of a way to defeat the legendary Kyuubi no Yoko.

The leader which everyone placed their faith onto, the Yondaime Hokage Minato Namikaze, was currently walking swiftly down a corridor in the Konoha hospital. Nearing his destination, Minato rounded a corner to come face to face with his predecessor, the Sandaime Hokage Hiruzen Sarutobi.

Upon seeing the look of resignation on his successor's face, Hiruzen quickly voiced his opinions-

"Minato, you know this is imprudent, I know there is no other way to fix this problem but you must see sense of the situation at hand"

Upon seeing the Yondaime about to protest his words he continued.

"You are of much value in Konoha. The civilians need you to guard over their village at night to sleep soundly and the ninja's of Konoha need you to continue to guide them as their Hokage. "

"I have to do this Hiruzen; you must already know it is impossible to kill that fox. The best we can do is seal it and seal it we must. It is the only way to stop it's warpath and prevent Konoha from being destroyed." Minato spoke calmly looking into the eyes of his friend and role model.

"You're not the only one capable of performing the Shiki Fuujin Minato, and I don't want to hear any buts." Hiruzen interjected seeing Minato about to complain. "You need to stop and think about Naruto. His life is going to be rough road and he will need his father there for protection and comfort."

Tearing his eyes away from Minato's cerulean orbs, Hiruzen turned and proceeded down the hallway. Stepping up to a door, he turned and gave a reassuring smile to Minato who was following behind looking dejected. After pushing open the door and stepping quietly inside, Hiruzen and Minato gazed adoringly at a tiny blonde bundle in an incubator. Quickly closing the space between them, Minato lifted his newborn child, Naruto, and cradled him to his chest. After smiling down at his son sleeping peacefully, Minato raised his head and gazed at the Sandaime with sadness in his eyes."

"Do you really have to do this Hiruzen; it's not your responsibility to ensure the safety of this village. It's mine. I have the duty as the current Hokage to see this through."

"And see it through you will. Your responsibility is to tend and care for your son as he grows up, not to perish tonight." Hiruzen smiled at his successor "My time has come to enter this fight and do my part against the Kyuubi no Yoko. At least this beast will not walk away from here tonight."

Finally seeing the acceptance in Minato's eyes, Hiruzen walked forward and held out his arms. After only a slight hesitation, Naruto was handed to the Sandaime. He turned his back on Minato and proceeded back to the door. Upon reaching it Hiruzen paused, glancing back at the blonde who was stationary, gazing after his predecessor "Watch him grow Minato." With one last smile on his face Hiruzen was gone, leaving the Yondaime Hokage gazing at the empty doorway.

After a minute of composing himself, Minato drew in a deep breath, letting his mind whirl with the sudden change of events. He had prepared himself for the fact that his life would come to an end tonight, only to have that wiped out from under his feet. Slowly letting out his breath, Minato began to feel elated. He was miserable at the fact that Hiruzen was taking his place but was finally beginning to realize he would be there for his son. He would be able to watch Naruto grow, see his first steps, speak his first words, begin the academy and surely become a great ninja that would make Konohagakure proud.

Minato disappeared in a yellow flash instantaneously appearing at the front lines of the battle that was raging by using his Hiraishin no Jutsu. Upon seeing the Sandaime standing in line of the enraged Kyuubi, Minato quickly rushed up to him, performing the necessary hand seals upon reaching him.

"Kuchiyose no Jutsu!"

"Minato what have you summoned me for" the voice of the toad chief, Gamabunta thundered over Konoha. "You know I don't enjoy being summoned for trivial matters."

"Look in front of your eyes Bunta." Minato spoke in a slightly irritated voice "Does the giant fox count as a petty reason?"

"Ah good enough reason I'll give you that, what's the Sandaime doing?" Bunta voiced seeing Hiruzen performing the seals to call the Shinigami.

"Snake, Boar, Ram, Rabbit, Dog, Rat, Bird, Horse, Snake" Hiruzen mumbled, making sure he used the correct hand seals. Upon confirming he had correctly performed the seals, Hiruzen clapped his hands together and cried "Shiki Fuujin!"

Hiruzen watched as the Shinigami appeared behind him. He looked on in fascination as the death god's arm extended from the stomach of baby Naruto. The Kyuubi, feeling the grasp of death went berserk. Growling angrily, the fox swished his tails furiously, smashing them into the ground creating deep crevasses in the ground. Fixing his eyes upon the trio atop Gamabunta, the Kyuubi no Yoko began stalking towards them. Minato drew back slightly as the strongest bijuu set his sights on them. Hiruzen paid the demon lord no mind as he watched the Shinigami withdrawing his arm from the body of the fox.

"Now!" Hiruzen roared as the last of the arm was finally seen leaving the Kyuubi's body "seal!" he finally yelled, feeling the Shinigami pulling his own soul from his body with his other hand. He watched with the last of his strength as the Kyuubi no Yoko suddenly disappeared, leaving the battlefield eerily silent.

The Yondaime Hokage looked on wordlessly as Hiruzen dropped the small bundle from his arms. Quickly withdrawing one of his three pronged kunai, he flung it to the ground and disappeared in a flash of yellow, appearing at the feet of Gamabunta just in time to catch his still sleeping son. He looked on sadly as Bunta lowered his head exposing the body of the professor; the Sandaime Hokage, Sarutobi Hiruzen, to the silent crowd that had gathered around him.

After handing Naruto gently to his student Hatake Kakashi, Minato climbed back atop the head of Bunta and retrieved the body of the beloved Sandaime Hokage. He rose to his feet; the body clutched in his arms and faced the watchful crowd.

"Many shinobi gave their lives today to protect the village of Konohagakure." He paused and looked around at the silent gathering "It is another example that the will of fire burns brightly in each and every one of you. The ones that perished today did so protecting the village they love, and with their desire to protect their people and dreams of this village." He broke off and raised his voice to the respectful crowd "Those who perished today are heroes. It was with their sacrifice that Konohagakure will be able to grow from this and only get stronger. Our bonds of suffering help us grow, to learn from our mistakes and most importantly, to help us unite."

Minato walked away, still clutching the Sandaime to him, to view the devastation of the village. The entrance wall was all but destroyed; large chunks of rubble lay on the ground amongst the shinobi who had fallen in battle. "Hokage-sama" he started slightly at the appearance of 8 Anbu shinobi around him. "Your orders?" The voiced Anbu asked again, bowing low before him.

"Take Sarutobi to his home" he answered calmly as three Anbu pried the body from his arms. "The rest of you start to gather the fallen and begin to clean up."

Tearing his eyes from the dark sky, the Yondaime Hokage turned his eyes upon Kakashi and beckoned the young Anbu captain to join him. Upon his arrival, Minato lifted Naruto from his arms and gave his young student a tired smile. "I will be leaving Naruto in the Hokage's office for the duration of the clean up. Afterwards I would like you to collect him from there and take him to the Namikaze house. I will join you later, I have to first find Kushina and explain to her Naruto's situation." 'No doubt everyone in Konoha will know when I break the news to her' Minato thought, repressing a shudder.

Kakashi gave his sensei a small nod, ending the conversation, although his eye crinkled up in amusement knowing the thought that was in his sensei's head.

The Yondaime clucked his tongue before bopping his student on the head, disappearing in a yellow flash to appear in the Hokage's office. Placing Naruto gently down in a crib that was tucked away in a corner, Minato smiled at his first son sleeping away. After so much going on around him he was surprised Naruto never woke. He sighed happily; he will never take moments like these for granted. After gently caressing his son's face in farewell for now, Minato turned and flashed out the door once more to find a certain feisty redhead of a wife.

'That's the majority of the fallen so far' Minato thought, wiping his hair out of his eyes. The Kage Bunshin was a lifesaver of a jutsu, the bulk of his clones had been set the task of collecting the dead for the last few hours. He paused in his work and glanced over at the rest of the clones, set the task of collecting the debris from the buildings and beginning the repair work.

"Minato!" A voice suddenly screamed from close by. He stiffened, knowing he was in the line of sight of the redhead's wrath. He had begun telling his wife about the sealing and Naruto's involvement until she puffed up looking like a volcano about to explode. He had hightailed it out of there, passing Jiraiya on the way, begging him to explain the situation.

'I'm so dead' he moaned, revolving to face his wife, certain the flames coming from around her were the real thing. "Heh Kush I can explain" he began, holding up his hands in defense." BAM

Warily picking himself up from the ground, he clutched his stomach, looking at his wife with a pout. "Before you say anything love, hear me out please. It's not like I had a say in the matter okay, he made sure of that."

"No choice my arse! You could have refused!" Kushina yelled, swinging her fist at his face which he jumped back to avoid.

"There was no way out of the situation, it was the only way, there was no chance that he would take no for an answer!"

"How dare he do this! Now my boy is filthy, contaminated, his very soul is tainted!" Kushina cried, falling to her knees and beating the ground with her fists.

"Don't be so biased! He is still Naruto, your son; he is only the holder, nothing more!" Minato yelled back at her, suddenly furious.

"You mean you left your perverted filth with my innocent boy!" Kushina screamed "I'm going to kill you!"

"Slow down Kush we can work this out peacefully, no need for violence…. Wait what?"

"Don't act innocent Namikaze Minato! Jiraiya informed me of those perverted books he has been fawning off to you! If that wasn't bad enough you go and leave them in the grip of my baby boy!"

Minato and Kushina both continued on their rant, ignoring the sniggering crowd that had gathered around the couple.

"No no Kush that wasn't what I was talking about. Well yes maybe I do have the books but they are not with Naruto." Minato sweat dropped at the thought 'Sure in the same room but not in his hands, Minato you're so smart you astound even yourself' he chuckled at the thought.

Kushina was frowning at his response, looking at him with suspicious eyes. Inside Minato was jumping for joy at getting out of the sticky situation of explaining to her yet again. "Well then Minato darling care to explain why you mentioned Naruto?"

Gulping, Minato realized there was no way out of the situation; he had to tell her now. "Hehe well don't get upset Kush" he laughed nervously, rubbing his hand on the back of his head "to cut it short the Sandaime sacrificed himself by summoning the Shinigami to seal the Kyuubi inside of Naruto." He flinched away from his wife; certain she would soon unleash her fury.

When none came he looked back questioning. Kushina had a thoughtful look on her face as she gazed into his eyes. "Is that what you were worrying about?" she smiled slightly at his dumbfounded expression. "Sandaime told me before he went out to face the Kyuubi" she announced, now grinning broadly.

"So you're not mad?" Minato voiced, happy his wife wouldn't rage.

"How could I be mad, I have a loving husband and a beautiful new son, I wouldn't want anything else" Kushina whispered, leaning into the welcoming arms of the Yondaime.

Minato sighed happily, gazing down in adoration of his wife; nothing could break this euphoric moment for them, nothing. He put his hand under Kushina's chin and tilted her face up, meeting her lips with his own.

"Sensei, Naruto's gone!" Kakashi's panicked shout suddenly shot across the sky.