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The water rippled off her shoulder blades, the tiny droplets soon enveloping her as the pool swallowed her seamless dive. Nearly quivering in delight, the woman smiled as she gleamed through the large enclosure, small bubbles popping around her as the depths surrendered their cool refreshment.

In life, there are very few things as naturally erotic as that first leap into water. It encompasses your entire being; swirling, swallowing, sucking, and tenderly embracing you in its tangible grasp like a passionate lover. It kisses you everywhere, leaving you breathless, its offerings are infectious, and like a good fuck, you always come back yearning for more. Whether in lakes, still in mountain air, oceans as enraged as a summer storm, or a simple pool, chlorinated to its gills, the same sensual zest is evoked; the calm unknown, the exciting, the orgasmic. And the olympic sized pool at the Princeton Plainsboro Teaching Hospital was no different.

Alison broke the surface of the water and drew in a large breath, blinking off the tiny drops that clung to her lashes. Lifting her arms, she propelled through the water in strong strokes, from one end of the pool to the other. She had always been a swimmer, not just because it was a great exercise, keeping her strong, lean, and tone, but because she'd never been blind to its ethereal gifts. The doctor strummed back and forth, lap after lap, oblivious to anything but the cool water and the addictive burning in her muscles. Finally, after an hour or so, she exhaled a definitive gasped and flipped onto her back, allowing herself to float.

The gym was quite. Not one human step or creak of a locker door could be heard. The only thing audible, other than the girl's breathing, was her movements and the quite slough of the water against the pool steps. Alison hadn't felt this relaxed in weeks. Every case had been fucking ridiculous; she was an idiot to have surrendered her time to House. It wasn't like she had anything else to do, her department was very much like herself; proficient, prompt, and immaculate. She supposed that if it wasn't for that persistent lure of the unknown she never would have bothered entering back into the dungeon layer of the hospital with its lording devil.

But Cuddy had asked. Both Taub and Kutner decided to bail. One quit, and the other headed for a well earned vacation. Despite the fact that Dr. Cameron didn't really care what House wanted or needed, that shipped sailed years ago, Cuddy had asked. She came right to her office, smiled pleadingly, commented on a new pair of shoes she'd purchased, and she asked. And Cameron couldn't say no to Cuddy. She was both boss and friend. No wasn't really an option.

She knew it wasn't like it was really Lisa's idea, Alison was sure Greg had intervened with that suggestion, but she still somewhat resented her boss for even implying such a foolish torture. Despite the thrill of the chase, the adrenaline, and the rush she got from working in diagnostics, she hated working with House, regardless of his brilliant nature. He was a cad. Dr. Cameron had made up her mind when she quit that she didn't have to put up with him just to save lives, even if the hunts for those lives wouldn't be as exhilarating as she had grown accustomed.

Besides the complacent truth of Greg's constant impudence, and the inescapable presence of people dying and demanding cures, the last few days had proved to be interesting. Dr. Hadley, or Thirteen, as most referred, made everything a little bit…better. It was different working with House and another woman as close and involved as she had once been. They'd formulated a team, the two girls. Them versus House, and surprisingly, House had a hard time reining the strong willed pair.

It was almost bearable. There was laughing, rarely any disagreement, with the exception of House of course, and everything seemed to run smoothly. Remy and Alison worked in tandem, each one stepping and bending to work with the other. It was almost bearable. Had it not been for that constant seductive glare the beautiful brunette kept flashing at her, and the warm embarrassed cheeks Alison knew she carried around all day, everything would have been pretty damn perfect. Well, as perfect as they could be in the Diagnostics department anyways. In short, Alison had developed quite a fondness for the woman.

Remembering the hot glances Remy had flashed her way, Alison submerged herself and allowed her body to settle to the bottom. Glaring upwards, the doctor candidly expelled bubbles, watching them billow up and rise to the surface. It was a cheap thrill, but sedating nonetheless. She found something serene about her surroundings; like she could think of things she would normally never entertain. And it was ok because when she left the pool the water would wash those thoughts away, almost like they had never happened.

The brunette was haunting. She had a quite air of confidence and a classic beauty, something so charming and pleasant Alison felt drawn towards her. She was witty and quick, never missing a beat with House and his remarks, she was intelligent, poised, and she was also kind and thoughtful, their patients had all praised her. But there was a stillness in the woman, a cold void of detachment that made her seem unattainable despite the warmth of her smile. She was like a pool, the doctor decided, calm and beautiful, yet ambiguously deep.

That 'depth' is what made her so intriguing. Sure she was beautiful, stunning actually, and she was smart and caring, but it was that intangible trait, that lurking pool of whimsical tragedy, that made her so distinguishable. It's what drew Alison to her. She wanted to know those depths, she wanted to learn everything there was to learn about her much in the way she learned the curves and the unpredictable dips of a ragged current. She could see it in her eyes, and she could feel it in the soft brushes of her arms and legs as they worked together. Alison wanted to swim in her pool.

Enveloped in thought several feet from the surface, Alison didn't notice the woman she was pondering enter the room. Remy was not there accidently, she'd watched Allison head towards this gym countless times since she began working for House, and figured it wasn't a crime to bump into her. Though no one else seemed to utilize it, she had any justifiable right to be there.

Quietly, Remy opened the large door to the hospital pool and quickly looked around. She wasn't exactly positive how she was going to handle seeing Alison in something as revealing as a bathing suit. It was hard enough to work with her all day covered head to toe in scrubs. After several moments she finally spotted the woman she'd come searching for.

"How's the water?" Remy asked her as Alison bounced back to the surface. Her voice had broken the transfixing reverie that Cameron had so carefully constructed, and her words made the wet doctor jump.

"Shit you scared me!" Alison smile.

"Sorry, I didn't mean to. I've got my suit here but I've never actually jumped in. It isn't too cold is it?"

Eyeing her counterpart Alison briefly considered lying. She wasn't convinced of Dr. Hadley's innocent presence and she wasn't quite sure why. She'd heard the rumors about her replacement on House's team, and the looks Remy had given her sure didn't expel them, but it didn't necessarily mean that they were true. If they were true, so what? One's sexuality didn't define them. Cameron silently scolded herself for being so superficial.

"No. Actually it feels wonderful, you should jump in."

"Alright, be right back, but if it's freezing in there I'll tell House where you hid his pimp cane."

The woman laughed and headed towards the locker room, leaving Alison in the pool, her body flooded with excitement. She didn't know what had gotten into her, but Dr. Thirteen's presence made her jump inside. Again, Alison could feel herself pondering the alluring unknown and decided she needed to get a grip. She was so wrapped up in self manifestations she nearly yelped when Remy dove into the water next to her.

"I didn't scare you again did I, Alison? Geez you really need to relax, I had no clue you were this jumpy!" Remy teased her.

"I'm not this jumpy usually, I'm just tired."

"God so am I, sometimes I feel like I'm always tired."

Alison laughed at her admonition, "Well congratulations, you're a real doctor now!" Both the girls laughed and began recounting the week. The talked about patients, about House, and eventually, about each other.

"So, what's it like being engaged to Mr. Surgeon huh?" Remy had paddled around but now stood within a few feet of Alison.

"It's fine."

"Fine? You're engaged and it's fine?"

"Well what else is it supposed to be Remy? We're both happy, successful, working, we want most of the same things, we don't have everything in common but we compromise. It's practical."

"Practical?" Remy raised an eyebrow in disbelief; surely someone supposed to be in love wouldn't describe their relationship as 'practical.'

"What's wrong with that?" Alison grabbed her hips indignantly. No one challenged her grounds for a substantial relationship. Hell, since she'd left House and began running her own department, no one really questioned her ever about anything.

"Nothing, Alison. I just expected you to say that it was amazing, spectacular, wonderful, fucking maddening, adoring, and well, loving. I thought you'd say something like 'I'm so happy, I'm crazy'." Remy swam a little closer. "You have such a passion for your patients I just assumed you'd express that same feeling for your partner. I thought you might tell me you loved him. You have to admit that 'fine, successful, compromising, and practical,' don't exactly sound like the words of a happy engaged woman. You sounded like a business person regaling some contract."

Alison knew she was right, but her pride wouldn't allow her to readily admit that to Remy. If medicine had taught her anything it was that people die, and you either love them or you don't. She really didn't believe in true love anymore, that was for Disney World fairy tales and high school crushes. Now, all the Alison could see realistically in life was a companionship that was 'fine, successful, compromising, and practical.' Nothing else worked.

"I disagree." Alison turned to get out of the pool was stopped when Remy's hand clutched her wrist.

"I'm sorry Alison, don't leave. I guess I only told you what I wished you would have said. I would like to think your life was a little happier and less serious. I'm wrong to assume anything, I barely know you."

"You're right, you barely know me. I am happy" Alison tugged her arm from Remy's tight grip and exited the pool, grabbing her towel and nearly running to the locker room.

Remy sighed in disgust. She knew Dr. Cameron wasn't in love with Chase. Who could be? He was the hospital pretty boy, the A-list slut. He'd slept with nearly every somewhat attractive nurse on the premises and every other person that worked there. Hell, Remy was pretty damn sure he'd probably picked up a few patients as well. Alison didn't appear to be one to date an individual so promiscuous. He was haughty, a snoot, and the biggest ass-kisser she'd ever met. Surely Alison would want to date someone with balls and not some sniveling prude with an accent.

Gripping the side of the pool, Dr. Hadley pulled herself from the water and wrapped her towel around her slight waist, padding into the locker room where she could hear Alison cursing and slamming doors.

"Alison, hey I didn't mean anything by it. I'm sorry. Believe me, I didn't want to piss you off." It was the first personal discussion they'd had and Remy blew it. The whole thing was aggravating.

Alison seemed to ignore her, grabbing her things and shoving them into her bag. She was so rushed to leave Remy's presence she failed to notice her immodest nudity. Covered in jeans and a bra only, Dr. Cameron wrung out her wet suit before slamming it back in the locker and turned to face Remy, her wet hair flickering in the light.

"I know, Remy. I know. I'm sorry I got so angry I just… I don't know. I overreacted. I'm sorry." She turned her back to Remy and bent down to grab her shoes, "I guess a part of me just realized that what you said is probably right-"

Cameron froze. Her skin began to tingle as she felt Dr. Hadley stand close behind her, pressing her hips into Alison's behind and slipping her hands to rest on her hips, keeping them firmly close.

Remy couldn't stand it any longer. This girl had been haunting her for months. Since her arrival at Princeton, all Remy could do was watch, lust, and long. But seeing her bent over like that, so close to her, all that bare skin, she couldn't resist.

"I am right Alison." Remy leaned down so her lips were just inches away from Alison's ear, her wet, suit-clad chest skimming Dr. Cameron's bare back. "I'm right about your relationship with Chase, and I'm right about something else."

"What?" Alison was so shocked with fear she could barely whisper. The warm breath of Remy tickled her cheek, sending goosebumps along the length of her. And the hot pressure of Dr. Hadley's hands, so close to her abdomen, and the feeling of her breasts rubbing her back, had Alison's inside molten hot and dizzying. She was aroused; Remy Hadley had fucking aroused her.

"You can do better." Remy placed a searing kiss against Alison's shoulder and smiled as she felt the woman beneath her release a slight shiver. "You deserve better."

Remy could hold still no longer, and her hands began to move. She moved them up and roamed Alison's taught torso as her lips trailed fire along her neck. She kissed her slow and passionately everywhere she could reach. Alison released a breath she didn't know she was holding when Remy tugged off her bra and her hand finally closed over her aching breast. There, in that moment, Alison had never wanted something, or someone, so badly.

"Remy." Alison hissed as the girl suckled her earlobe and slipped her hand into her jeans. Alison was so worked up she could only clutch Remy's arms, all thoughts of fleeing abandoning her as she grasped the brunette.

This felt fucking amazing. Remy hadn't been this turned on by a woman in years, maybe ever. There was something so ingenuous, yet so tainted about Alison, it was seductive to the extreme. When she felt her palm close over the soft mound of her panties, Remy spun the woman in her arms, careful to keep her hand pressed hard against her thigh, and thrust her hips into her.

"I want you Alison." It was the last thing Alison heard before Remy closed her lips over her own. Alison linked her arms around Dr. Hadley tight, her skin blushed and enflamed as Remy stole her breath away. Her lips quivered around the brunettes, their tongues slipped around each other as Remy's hand pushed past her small panties, rubbing Alison's smooth slit.

Remy swallowed Alison's moan, shocked beyond belief that this woman, who she wanted so badly, was kissing her back and not running away. Her kiss was eager, but slow, hungry, but confident. They enjoyed the taste and the feel of each other in an erotic, forbidden dance. Their hips were pressed tight together, and Remy smiled as her fingers circled the blonde's engorged clit, her pussy soaking against Remy's palm.

Their teeth clicked together as Cameron's hard nipples raked against her and Remy felt herself begin to pool at the crotch of her wet swimsuit. Getting impatient, she shoved Alison, as hard and delicately as she dared, against the locker and latched onto her breast, sucking fiercely as she penetrated her with her fingers.

"God Remy!" Alison cried and Remy began to pump her with her hand.

"You're so damn hot Alison, so fuckin hot baby." Remy lavished her nipple, letting her tongue taste her and swirl about the pink flesh.

In. Out. In. Out. Thrust. Thrust. Thrust. Alison felt like Remy wanted to tear her apart, and she never wanted her to stop. Never, ever, stop.

Remy pumped in and out of her with hard, long strokes, hitting Alison deeper and deeper with each whimper she uttered. Remy was in heaven watching the beautiful woman against her; her angelic face, flushed with passion, her erotic body bent over Hadley's knee, and her eyes, her fucking gorgeous eyes, never leaving her own. Remy realized then and there that she wanted all of her, body and soul. Feeling the blonde's legs shaking, Remy tore her hand from Dr. Cameron and pushed in a third finger, grinding her cunt against Alison's hips.

"Come on baby girl, cum for me, I'm gonna cum to." Alison clutched Remy tight and grabbed for her lips, her climax dragging her off the edge as Remy drank her shrieks and came against her hips.

"Yes, yes…god so damn good." Remy grabbed Alison up to her and placed a gentle kiss to her cheek, smoothing back her hair and holding her close to her. Alison sighed deeply and allowed herself to collapse against Remy as she whispered words of encouragement in her ear.

"Remy?" Thirteen froze. Oh no, she thought, here comes the pity, regret and self righteousness. But the Brunette looked up into the green eyes looming before her and was quite surprised by what she found there. She didn't see regret. She didn't see pity and doubt. She saw fear, but she also saw something else, something that planted a glimmering seed of hope deep down in Hadley's gut. She gave Alison a beaming smile.

Alison smiled back and leaned in to the warm soft cheeks of the woman who'd ravaged her, the girl who'd satisfied her like no other man had ever before.

"I liked that Remy." Alison spoke against Doctor Hadley's lips and placed tiny kisses at the corners of her smile. "I liked that a lot."

"I like you a lot." Remy cupped her face and kissed her softly, tenderly stroking her mouth and searching her essence. Alison froze against the younger brunette's lips, realization falling down on her hard, a broken waterfall of guilt.

"I need to go."

"What? No Alison, wait we need to talk."

Alison grabbed her bra of the floor and rammed all her shit into her bag, tossing a tshirt on that was both inside out and backwards. Flinging the strap over her shoulders, Alison moved away from the lockers but was stopped quickly.

"Alison where are you going?"

"Home." The word was cold and hard; the regret Remy had waited for earlier had finally sunk in.

"No please, don't leave just stay." Remy grabbed her wrists forcefully and pushed Alison back against the locker, holding her hands gently above her head. Alison struggled slightly, her eyes nervous and wild, but determined.

Her body was still warm from their passion and all Alison could fathom was Remy. All she could smell was her, all she could see was her flawless face and stunning features, and all she could feel was Hadley's hands invading her body and the wet mess saturating her underwear. She had taken her. Remy had stolen her away, and they both knew it. Whatever platform of stability, called life, Alison had managed to balance on for the past few years had been knocked away beneath her. And now she was falling, dangling in some emotional abyss of uncertainty by a tiny thread of dignity.

Remy watched as the girl she held pinned slowly relaxed, searching her eyes for some sort of plan, a solution to the torment she was sure swimming through. Still uncertain, Alison leaned in and nipped Remy's lips with her teeth, dragging her into a sweet, languid smooch. "Good bye Remy."

Remy read her quickly. Her eyes were on fire, her brow was furrowed in anger and embarrassment, and her muscles were clenched and taught with aggression. But her eyes, those beautiful green eyes, they told Remy the truth and they didn't want to leave, they spoke the words her mouth wouldn't speak. Alison wanted to stay. Giving her a soft smile, Remy kissed her cheek and released her, turning her back as Dr. Cameron fled the gym.