Fellowship Of Heroes

By Nadja Lee 12/29/2001

English is not my native language. Please forgive me my mistakes.
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Timeline: Set after the X-men movie. Set within the 'LOTR: The Fellowship Of The Ring' movie
Universe: Movie for both of them. ONLY movie!
Romance: Logan/Rogue, Legolas/Ororo, Aragorn/Arwen
Summary: Scott, Ororo, Logan and Marie land in Middle Earth and in the middle of the forming of the Fellowship.
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Sequel/series: When the next movie come out *LOL*

Dedicated to Mel who requested this story. Also very much to Sean Bean who plays Boromir. He's the reason I loved the movie so much *G*

Note: This is NOT supposed to be the script to the movie, merely based on the movie. That means I will NOT directly quote the movie all the time. Why? Because if I did that this story would merely be the movie script and in that case I suggest seeing the movie instead. Also this is based on the movie! There is A LOT of things the movie didn't say: like how come Aragorn can speak Elvish? Who is Legolas and from where does he know Aragorn? Where and how did Aragorn and Arwen meet? This is my story so I attempt to answer some of these questions. But this is again NOT based on the books! Have I made myself clear? I hope so.

*is spoken in Elvish * "is direct speech"

Part 1:

The sun was setting over the Elf city named Rivendell and made it shine like a jewel. But despite its beauty the mood in the city was grim. In the meeting hall it was being discussed what to do with the legendary One Ring which the Hobbit Frodo Baggins had brought with him. 12 people were sitting around a round platform where the ring now lay.

"Why not use it? My country lies closest to Sauron's land and my people has always fought against Sauron and his evil and kept the Elf city of Rivendell and the other nations safe. Why not finally use the Ring to our gain? Why not use it to destroy Sauron?" the human Boromir said from his seat. Boromir was a handsome man in his late thirties. His hair was light blond, his eyes green and his beard was the same color as his hair. He wore warm, fine clothes fitting his position as Gondor's future ruler now that it's rightful King was still missing. By his right side he had a sword and by his left was a horn with which he only needed to blow in to call for help.

"You can't will the Ring. No one can. Only Sauron can master it. The One Ring is too powerful to use for own gain. It must be destroyed," the only other human present spoke up. He was a man about Boromir's age. His hair was deep black and the same half long length as Boromir's. His eyes were also black as were his clothes. He too had a sword by his side. Unlike Boromir whose eyes seemed hunted his eyes were filled with determination and courage. He lived up to his mysterious reputation and he was known only as Strider.

"Who are you to know of such things? You are but a ranger," Boromir gave back. Did he not know what kind of peril his country was in? The Ring was his only hope to rebuild his country to its former glory.

"He is Aragorn, rightful heir to Gondor. Show him the respect he deserves," Legolas, the Elf prince, defended his friend and stood up as to show he was really to draw arms against any enemy of Aragorn's. Legolas was a tall, slim man with the pointy ears all Elves had. He was handsome with long white hair and a regal face and posture. He wore tight formfitting pants, a shirt and the cape all present wore.

"Gondor has no King," there was pain in Boromir's words as if he had longed for someone to lighten the burden he now carried but dared not believe. "Gondor needs no King," with those words Boromir sat down again.

"Why...." Legolas began angrily, ready to defend his friend all the way.

*Sit down, Legolas* Aragorn asked kindly and his friend did as bid but obviously didn't like it.

"Aragorn is right. The Ring must be destroyed," Lord Elrond said. He had himself fought against Sauron 3000 years ago when Sauron had flesh and not now where he was a spirit seeking power. It was also then he had seen the weakness and fall of men as the then King of Gondor had been unable to destroy the One Ring and thereby end all evil. He had established Rivendell as a refuge against Sauron and evil. The place was protected by the Elves' magic but Elrond knew as did the wise, old wizard Gandalf that the Elves' magic wasn't enough to hold back this new threat. The Ring had to be destroyed.

"Then what are we waiting for?" Gimli the dwarf said. Like all dwarfs he wasn't very tall but he was strong and well built. He took up his ax and slammed it with all his might down hard against the Ring. His ax broke but the Ring didn't even get one scratch.

Frodo grimaced in pain as Gimli's ax hit the Ring. It was as if he felt its pain. Maybe it was because he had carried the Ring from his homeland, The Shire, to Rivendell or maybe it was because he on his way to Rivendell with his 3 Hobbit childhood friends: his best friend Sam, Merry and Pippin had received a fatal blow by an immortal blade from one of the 9 dark riders called Ringwraiths. Only thanks to Strider's beloved, Arwen, daughter of Elrond and princess of the Elves who had taken him to the safety of Rivendell had he survived but he would always carry the scar with him. Whatever it was Gimli's attack seemed to pain him though he did not know why. Like all Hobbits Frodo had the size of an 8 year old human child. His face was kind and youthful but on this day his eyes were filled with much worry.

"The Ring was made in the fire of Mount Doom. Only there can it be unmade," Lord Elrond said and the people around him looked from one to another.

"Mount Doom lies deep inside Mordor, the land of Sauron. It's a wasteland. There's unspeakable evil there. The all seeing eye is ever watchful. Not with 10.000 men could this be done," Boromir protested.

"Lord Elrond speaks truth. The Ring must be destroyed," Legolas said determined.

"The fate of the free world shall not rest in the hands of an Elf," Gimli the dwarf protested.

"Would you do it?" Legolas gave back. The Elves and the dwarfs disagreed on almost all matters. While the Elves were educated, logical, fair and just people the dwarfs sought riches in the mountains and cared little for the trouble of others.

"There are other ways. We can use it," Boromir tried again.

"The Ring can't be willed...." Strider began.

Suddenly everyone began talking at once, old hates between the races were brought up and Frodo wanted to run away. The Ring seemed to grow more powerful by this display of evil.

"I'll do it," Frodo finally said and stood up and went towards the platform where the Ring lay and picked it up. "I'll take the Ring to Mount Doom. Though...I do not know the way," he admitted softly and Gandalf smiled kindly. As he had told Frodo not long ago: you can learn all there is to know about Hobbits and their peaceful and quiet life in a month yet after 100 of years they can still amaze you.

"Then I shall go with you for as long as this burden is yours to carry," Gandalf promised and went to Frodo's side.
"My…" Aragorn began and was to walk over to them as suddenly a blinding light appeared from above.

"Frodo, get behind me," Gandalf said and the small Hobbit hurried behind the wizard's protection. Aragorn quickly stood and drew his sword and went to stand protectively before the wizard and Frodo.

"I'll defend you. With my life or my death if needs be," Aragorn said and Legolas quickly stood by his friend's side and drew his bow. Legolas was a very skilled bowman and his eyesight was sharper than an eagle's.

"Stay back, little one," Boromir demanded and stood besides Aragorn's other side and also drew his sword and took up his shield.

Gimli took up his ax and all in the hall stood at ready.

The blinding light widened and out came a human form who landed on the stone floor with a *thug*.

"God damn it," a male voice swore. A muscular handsome man with brown hair and eyes sat up and rubbed his neck. He wore cowboy pants and a shirt and seemed very out of place. He saw the battle ready people all around him and quickly got to his feet. Out of his hands suddenly appeared 3 claws on each hand.

"Who the fuck are you? Where the hell am I? And where's Marie?" he demanded to know. A man with pointy ears...actually most of the people around him had pointy ears, came forth from behind several guards.

"I'm Lord Elrond. Ruler of Rivendell and the Elf people. We mean you no harm, stranger," Lord Elrond promised.

"Whether or not we mean you harm depends on your business here, stranger," Boromir spoke up and the man noticed he hadn't lowered his shield nor his sword.

"I'm Logan. Now, where is Marie?" Logan demanded to know and began to like this Boromir character. If nothing else he was honest and out front.

"What do you...." Aragorn began as a new figure appeared from the light above their heads.

"Ahhh," a female voice screamed as she fell towards the stone floor.

"Marie!" Logan yelled and ran towards her and caught her as she came down. She clung to his arms and hid her face by his shoulder. She was a fragile, young looking human woman with brown hair and a white streak to it in front. She wore pants, a blouse and long gloves.

"Oh, thank God. You're alright," she whispered. He stroked her over the hair.

"Shh. All is well now," he promised and kissed the top of her head. Seeing this show of love and affection a look of understanding appeared in Aragorn's eyes and he lowed his sword as did all save Boromir whose eyes held no understanding nor recollection of such love...only suspicion and longing.

"Strangers, from where do you..." Legolas began as yet another figure appeared from above. Unlike Marie and Logan the female floated peacefully and gracefully towards the floor, her long white dress floating in the wind.

"Logan. Rogue. I'm pleased to see you are well," the woman's voice held kindness and a wisdom beyond her youthful appearance. Legolas took an instant liking to her. And not only because they both had long white hair. There was something about her...and then he had never seen a human with brown skin. This woman was truly stunning.

"Ororo!" Marie said happily and gave her a big hug as she landed besides her and Logan.

Suddenly, just as the light above seemed to grow fainter, yet another figure appeared.

"Wha....Arrr" the man yelled as he realized he was falling towards stone floor. Ororo called the wind to her and quickly flew up and caught him and guided him safely to the ground. As his feet met the stone floor the light above died away completely. He wore black pants, a shirt and red glasses. He seemed very youthful in appearance though it was hard to tell when one couldn't see his eyes.

"Scott, are you alright, my friend?" Ororo asked kindly. Scott nodded and smiled at her.

"Yes, thank you. Are you all alright?"

"More or less," Logan complained.

Scott looked from Rogue in Logan's arms to Ororo by his side to the more or less battle ready figures around him. His eyes found who he believed to be a man in authority.

"I'm sorry if we have disturbed something. We mean you no harm," he promised, talking to the Lord Elrond. He nodded.

"No need to apologize though I'm interested as to know from where you come," he asked. "Please, do take a seat."

Rogue, Ororo, Marie and Scott sat down on the chairs some of Elrond's men had provided.

"Maybe we should start with the introductions," Scott broke the strange silence which had suddenly settled over the hall. "My name's Scott Summers. This is Ororo Monroe," his hand found Ororo's and held it for a little while. "This is Marie, called Rogue," with his right hand he indicated Marie who sat to his left side as Ororo sat to his right. "The man besides her is Logan, her husband of three years." Logan gave a small nod of his head at Scott's introduction.

"Allow me then to introduce the people present here. This is Legolas, Prince of the Elves west of the city," Lord Elrond nodded towards him and the young Elf gave a formal bow for them. "The human by his side is Aragorn, called Strider. My foster son, the love of my daughter Arwen Evenstar and the rightful heir to the kingdom of Gondor," at his foster father's words Strider also gave them a formal bow. "The human besides him is the warrior Boromir: eldest son of Denethor II, Steward of Gondor and Minas Tirith." Boromir merely gave them a half nod.

"Steward?" Marie mumbled confused to Logan who shrug his shoulders.

"He leads Gondor in the King's absence," Lord Elrond explained. Marie blushed. She hadn't intended for him to hear her. "The dwarf is Gimli, the Hobbit is Frodo Baggins, the Ring bearer and the wizard is Gandalf. I am Lord Elrond, ruler of the Elves and Rivendell," Lord Elrond introduced the rest of the nearest people around Scott. The others he noticed had to be Elves too as they had the same slim build and pointy ears as Lord Elrond who had spoken.

"A good question would be: where the Hell are we?" Logan demanded to know and earned a killer look from beneath Scott's red glasses.

"You are in the Elf city Rivendell on Middle Earth," Lord Elrond explained.

"Great. We're on another fuckin' planet," Logan complained.

"May I ask what we were interrupting as we…entered?" Ororo asked Lord Elrond. The Elf's eyes clouded with worry.

"I was to gather a fellowship to journey to Mount Doom to destroy the One Ring," he said grimly.

"What? Who? A Ring? What the Fuck is going on?" Logan said confused.

"The One Ring was forged...." Lord Elrond began.

"The short version, thanks. You," Logan pointed towards Strider. "Explain this Ring business to us in as few sentences as possible. I'll like to have this over with sometime before the next Millennium."

"The Ring is evil. It must be destroyed. It can only be destroyed in Mount Doom but the journey there is very hard and filled with danger. Furthermore the Ring has a will of its own. It can corrupt good men. It represents all negative things. Pick it up and those dark and evil feelings will consume you and finally destroy you," his voice was as pained as if he himself had failed to resist the Ring's power.

"That must be why we're here," Scott figured.

"Explain," Lord Elrond demanded.

"Well, my friends and I does not belong to this realm nor time. But I do believe we were send here for a purpose. That purpose I now see is to help you destroy the Ring and bring peace back to your world," Scott said.

"You get placed out of your time a lot?" Boromir asked, a hint of amusement and disbelief in his voice.

"It happens more often than you should think," Logan mumbled.

"I do not know if you and your friends should be on this quest. It is very dangerous," Lord Elrond said doubtful.

"We're not exactly helpless here," Logan complained.

"In our time we're called mutants. We have...special powers," Scott explained.

"Are you wizards?" Gandalf asked.

"No, we....It's easier if we show you," Scott said and stood up. "Stand up," he asked of Ororo, Marie and Logan who stood as well. "Ororo can control the weather and fly," Scott explained and Ororo let a wind lift her a few cm's above the stone floor and as her eyes turned white a small rain cloud appeared beneath her right hand.

"Very impressive," Lord Elrond said for all of them. Ororo dissolved the cloud and landed gracefully on her feet.

"Very much impressive, my lady," Legolas said softly and lifted her right hand and guided it to his lips. Ororo blushed prettily and Scott smiled at the young Elf's obvious fascination with his friend.

"Logan here can make claws come out from his hands," as Scott said it so did claws appear from Logan's hands.

"We saw this earlier," Boromir said dryly. Logan withdrew the claws again.

"Besides that he has heightened smell and hearing and he heals faster than any human. His skeleton is metal and he can survive almost any wound," there was no bragging in Scott's voice: just a stating of how things were.

"Like an Elf," Lord Elrond said. Scott looked puzzled at him. "Elves have eternal life but can choose a mortal one. They also have heightened senses," Elrond explained.

"Okay," Scott let that piece of information sink in. Especially the Immortal part could come in handy in a battle. "Rogue beside him can absorb the life-force from any one she touches and thereby gain their memories and powers."

"This is one power you'll not wish to see demonstrated," Rogue said grimly and Logan held her tight.

"That power is one I fear will do you no good. Our opponents will be Orcs and the sinister, black-cloaked Ringwraiths who are neither living nor dead but cursed to live in the twilight world of Sauron. I'm not sure what such beings would do to your warrior," Strider said and Rogue shivered. It sounded terrible should she be forced to absorb such beings.

"And yourself?" Lord Elrond inquired.

"I can shot through almost anything with my eyes. Like this," Scott took a coin from his pocket and threw it up into the air. He lifted his glasses and a beam of red energy left his eyes. As the coin landed in his hand again he put his glasses back on and held the coin up for the others to see. There was a hole right in the middle of it.

"You speak truth. You are great warriors," Lord Elrond agreed. "You can join the Fellowship with Aragorn, Gimli, Boromir, Gandalf, Frodo..."

"Mr. Frodo goes no where without me," a young male Hobbit suddenly appeared and said. Frodo lightened up in a big smile and the two men hugged.

"I should have known you would be here even when only Frodo was called to this secret meeting, Samwise," Lord Elrond said good naturally. "You can go with him."

"Us too," two more male Hobbits said in union.

"Pippin and Merry. You can come too," Lord Elrond gave in.

"Good for you need some intelligent people on this journey...quest...trip.." Pippin said.

"Well, that rules you out," Merry teased.

"By the way....where are we going?" Pippin asked, ignoring his friend. The others laughed.

"So, you 13 will be the Fellowship," Lord Elrond announced and people began to go to get ready to depart.

"Lord Elrond," Scott stopped him as he was to leave the hall.


"May I ask why you will not accompany us?"

"Sauron's forces have gathered. Soon they'll attack Rivendell. I have to stay and lead my people," Lord Elrond explained and Scott nodded understanding.

"Before you go pick up a sword each at the armory. Legolas or Aragorn can show you the way," Lord Elrond said before he departed with his helpers. Soon there were only Logan, Marie, Ororo and Scott left in the hall.

"I'll ask Legolas to show me to the swords," Ororo said and flew after the young Elf and Scott smiled warmly. Two such warm souls as those two were destined to be soul mates. As he watched he saw Ororo land gracefully besides the young Elf who light up in a brilliant smile as he saw her and they began to walk together towards the armory, deep in conversation.

"Okay, this is completely insane. I mean an all powerful ring? Dwarfs? Vulcan look-alikes?!" Logan complained.

"I know, Logan. This is a very strange place but I see no way back. We were sent here for a reason."

"Maybe it was just one of those very unlucky things which seem to happen to me whenever you come to visit me and Marie," Logan complained. Logan had known Scott for five years and he had been his best man at his wedding but though they were brothers in arms they disagreed on almost everything save one: they respected and trusted each other.

"Very funny," Scott complained but smiled anyway. He saw Legolas and Ororo come back towards them. Legolas carried all the swords for them but stopped a little away from them. Ororo smiled at him as to reassure him that all was safe and flew towards Scott.

"We better get going or else we'll fall behind," Ororo warned as she landed besides him. Scott nodded.

"Let's go," Scott said and they went to Legolas who handed out the swords. After some trouble with how to get them on they began to go towards the others. Strider had a horse with him but the others walked on foot. All save Legolas carried a sword with them. Legolas had only his trusted bow and two very fine daggers. Also Boromir and Aragorn carried daggers; Aragorn's was made by the Elves while Boromir's was from his own people.

"Half-dead bad guys, the world about to end....yep, it's just another normal day at the office," Logan bummed as Gandalf began to lead the small band out of the beautiful Elf city and towards the mountains. As Scott turned around to take one last look at the Elf city he saw a beautiful young Elf woman wave towards them and Strider lifted his hand and waved back before he turned around and walked on.

"At least there's no statues or train stations around here," Scott comforted with a teasing smile.

"Oh, shut up, Scooter."

Laughter could be heard as the Fellowship walked towards the mountains.