There was once a world like no other; where evil dwelt in secret unseen by ignorant eyes. Anyone that tried to overthrow it failed. It was the shadow world of Nalrod, possessed by death and despair. Nalrod was by the archipelago of Listoval. The Listovalians were diligent warriors trying to quiet the evil of Nalrod. But the Black Lord Yaldorf annihilated the Listovalian forces. Listoval died and it its place grew Iorek and the Yaldorfan Army Base. Yaldorf and his loyal army of Zarkoffs raided the Islands and left none alive.

However, one Listovalian escaped the wrath of Yaldorf. He fled the Islands of Lorek and went through Nalrod. But before departing, he gave Yaldorf... The Listovalian charged the capital of Losidre to Yaldorf's fortress. He kicked Yaldorf to the ground and stabbed his chest, removing his heart. Yaldorf got up and broke the Listovalian sword with his staff. Before he received the final blow the Listovalian had a glimpse of the future:

I have removed the heart of Evil,

But 'tis not enough.

For a proxy grows more terrible

And will haunt Mankind,

Elves, Dwarves, Goblins alike

Thus challenging their courage to fight.

'Til born are two girls, faces the same

With tresses of black and tempers of flame

Born of noble parentage

They shall wield the Sword of Light

To vanquish all Evil

Or lead to the destruction of Galamara

From its ashes shall rise Amarth Arda.

Then he received a blow on his forehead. Yelling and cursing in agony, he writhed and decided that he was never again to be known as Prince Thëolión of Listoval.