Second Time Around


OK. First off, a little bit about myself. I'm a dude. Yes. Not only that, I was a two year varsity starter in football and wrestling during high school. So for all the people who think that "jocks" aren't into this kinda' shit, WRONG BITCH! Devil May Cry is awesome. DMC3 was probably the best game I've ever played, and the anime wasn't bad either.

The plot line to this story is still a work in progress. It will have something to do with the Temin Ni Gru, but I'm not sure what. This will be my first attempt at this fan fic shit, so be easy. Rated M for Romance, Drama, Violence, VERY Foul Language. Enjoy!

Working Pains.

"What? You don't have any money?!" Dante blurted at the woman standing before him, as if she had broken one of the ten commandments. "Then why the hell did you even come down here?!"

"I..." the woman started, "I just really need your help, sir. Please-"

"Look," Dante interrupted, "I run a business, not a goddamn charity. If you don't have any money, hit the fucking road."

The woman dropped her head, let out a depressed sigh, and walked out of the office.

Dante had been a bitter prick the past month. He was in debt up to his knees, he was having trouble sleeping, had not had contact with any of his "friends" in weeks, and was starting to question the whole, "Let's kill demons until the end of time" thing. It was very monotonous, and in the end, everyone was happy except him. Come to think of it, he couldn't really remember the last time he was truly happy. Perhaps it was when his mother was still alive. All he knew was he was getting really impatient and pissed off with his current situation. He needed something, but WHAT?!

"Fuck!" Dante screamed, as he shuffled his bills on the desk. "I might as well just rob a damn bank and get it over with!"

Just then, he heard his door opening, and widely considered shooting whoever it was in the face...until he saw it was her face. Those brown and blue eyes, those long, dark bangs, those brilliant red lips...

"Hey there Devil-Boy." said Lady

"Well look who it is," Dante remarked, "If you're here to collect money, Lady, forget it. I don't have a cent to my name."

"Wow... something new and different for you!" Lady Replied. "Relax, I'm here because I got us a job, and yes, it pays extremely well."

"Yeah?" Dante said, "Well, I'm sure I'll get hit with the old 'you knocked over a stop sign so that's gonna' run you about thirty grand' horse shit."

Dante had a bad habit of getting himself screwed out of his paycheck, which was one of the main reasons for his financial cluster fuck, along with the opening of the Domino's just down the street.

"Don't worry. This job won't be in a public place. Actually, we'll encounter this demon near the river. Apparently, a lot of ships from the dock that are carrying really important goods have been disappearing, and a few unfortunate souls who cast lines into the river wound up missing, too." Lady said.

"Ooo, under water demons. Lent is coming up, you know. How bout' we can kill this thing and have a nice big fish fry." Dante joked.

"Yeah, whatever. Get your stuff and let's go." Lady demanded


The ride to the other side of the river was mostly silent, save for a few remarks from Lady about Dante's financial troubles, only adding to his already foul mood. When they finally pulled up next to the short husky man who was the dock boss that hired them, it didn't seem like too much activity was going on.

"There's only TWO of you? I'd have thought you'd of had more people in your faction than this!" remarked the dock boss.

"Well, if we aren't appreciated, do it yourself you pudgy mother fucker."

"Shut up Dante!" shouted Lady. "Trust me, if there are two people you want to do this job, it's us."

"Hmph," retorted the boss, "We'll see."

Indeed they would. Lady caught something out of the corner of her eye – a rather large shadow moving underneath the water. Taking Kalinna-Ann from her back, she fire a rocket into the river. The underwater explosion forced the aqua demon to reveal its self. To say this demon looked odd would be an understatement. Kind of a barracuda type angler fish-faced dragon with giant fins.

"Oh, that's cute," said Dante. "Maybe we can catch it and sell it to the aquarium. But then again, I doubt anybody would pay money to see this ugly piece of shit."

With that, Dante withdrew Ebony and Ivory from their holsters and began to unload on the demon. Lady joined in with her pistols, though the shooting didn't seem to have much effect on it. The demon whipped its tail out from the water and struck Lady, sending her rolling. As the demon took a swipe at Lady with its razor sharp fins, Dante pushed Lady out of the way, earning a nice gash on his ribs as a reward. Had he not acted, the demon most likely would have taken Lady's head off. Lady fired one more shot with Kalinna Ann, and the shot struck the demon in it's torso, causing it to duck it's head. Dante seized the opportunity, taking Rebellion from his back, and plunged it deep into the demon's neck. As he pulled his blade out, the demon shot up in the air and began to flail violently, shooting blood all into the river. And with an instant, it stopped and fell back down...right on Dante's car.

"YOU'VE GOTTA' BE FUCKING KIDDING ME!" yelled Dante as he looked over what was once his way of transportation. "I HAVEN'T EVEN FINISHED THE GODDAMN PAYMENTS ON THIS THING!"

"Well, I'm sure that with the money you earn from this job you'll be able to fix it. SEE YA'" said the boss as he got in his nice Mercedes Benz and drove off.

Lady had to stop Dante from shooting out the boss's tires. "I think we need to have a drink..." she suggested.

"Yeah," replied Dante. "Let's, let's do that."


The long walk to the bar only added to Dante's fury, not to mention the huge gash in his side. As soon as he and Lady sat down at the bar, he barked at the bartender, "Give me a shot of Jim Beam and a shot of Tequila."

"Sure thing," replied the bartender. "and for the Lady?"

"I'll have a Bloody Mary." said Lady. What an appropriate drink for her.

As Dante downed his shots in mere seconds, Lady, nursing her drink, said, "Look, I'll give you some of my pay to help with the car, OK?"

Dante whipped around and said, "I don't need a fucking handout from you, Lady! I'll pay for the damages myself, just like I do for every other fucking mission!"

"Alright, ass-hole! Sorry for even offering!" replied Lady.

She could tell he was in the worst mood of his life. But since he was being a dick when she tried to comfort him, she took the opportunity to make it worse. Sitting at the other end of the bar was a man, probably in his late thirties, finishing a beer. Lady got up and sat back down next to him, and began to flirt. Lady knew that Dante had a crush on her since they met. To make it worse for him, she even went as far as wearing shorter skirts and more open blouses, just to make him drool over her even more. So when Dante saw this, he finally snapped. He got up from his seat, walked over to them, and punched the man directly in the face, sending him toppling over the bar, and on conscious.

"Dante!" Lady yelled

"Hey, get the fuck out of here!" demanded the bar tender.

"Don't have to tell me twice." replied Dante, as he stormed outside, Lady following not far behind.

The bar they were at was not even a block away from Devil May Cry, so at least Dante would have a short walk home. But before he could get inside, he was stopped by Lady.

"What the hell is your problem?! Why are you acting like such a douche bag?!" she said

Dante gave no response.

"Answer me you big dumb-ass!" Lady demanded.

Dante turned to face her. Seeing her brown and blue eyes looking directly into his, he couldn't help it anymore. Without warning, he grabbed her by her shoulders, pushed her up against the door of Devil May Cry, and kissed her. At first, she struggled desperately to free herself from his grip, mumbling a "Get the fuck off of me!" into his mouth. But when she felt his tongue slip into her mouth and begin to massage her tongue, her struggle began to fade. Feeling her begin to relax, Dante released her arms and began running his hands up and down her sides, earning a pleased moan from Lady. Though she had never done anything like this before, Lady knew full well where it was heading.

"Wait!", she thought to herself, "What am I doing? I don't want to lose my virginity to Dante. Do I?"

Her thoughts were interrupted as they moved inside the shop and Dante turned his attention to her neck, licking and kissing the sensitive skin, his hands now roaming up and down her back.

"So gentle," Lady thought, "How can he be this caring? There's no way he cares about me... is there? I mean, he did save my life back there, and- No Lady! Get a hold of yourself! You can't be falling for this dick head! Oh... but his touch... his eyes..."

They had made their way to Dante's desk, where he swatted away his bills and a box of pizza. He sat Lady up on the desk, and continued his treatment of her. Nipping at her ear, Dante had somehow managed to remove Lady's blouse, skirt, and booty shorts without her even realizing it. She was so lost in what Dante was doing to her, she had nearly lost all focus of what was even going on. Lady responded by pushing off Dante's coat and pulling his shirt off, revealing his rock hard chest and abs. She began to explore with her hands and mouth, kissing his chest and running her hands all up and down his back, while Dante removed her bra, revealing her nice, perky, C-cup sized breasts. He gazed at them as if they were the best two things he had ever seen, which they were. He began to massage them, earning another pleased moan from Lady. Then, he began to submerge, kissing Lady's breasts and her fine, flat stomach as he made his way down to her white panties. With one fluent movement, he grabbed the waistline of the panties, and slid them down and off of Lady, tossing them to the corner of the office, revealing Lady's untouched, well kept, and, to Dante's surprise, shaven pussy. After a few moments of staring at it, Dante looked up to Lady's lust filled eyes, as he knew what to do next.

"You think killing demons is a thrill babe?" said Dante, "That's nothing compared to what I've got for you."

At that, Dante stuck his tongue deep into Lady's tight cavern, and let it explore and caress whatever it wanted. Lady's cries of pleasure were only amplified once Dante hit her G-spot. As Dante's tongue licked and twirled, Lady need to keep herself supported with one hand on the desk, while the other roamed through and yanked Dante's hair, making him groan into her walls. As the orgasm hit her, Lady tossed her head back and arched her back, letting out a loud cry of pleasure while letting her wetness spill to the floor. After gathering herself, she got off of the desk and proceeded to remove Dante's pants and boxer shorts. She wasted no time, pulling them both down with one quick yank, and her jaw dropped at the enormous size and length of his hardness. Probably better that it did drop, because seconds later she found her mouth around his dick, sucking and pumping.

"Man," Dante thought, "How is she this good? I know she's never done anything like this before. Damn!"

Dante was moaning in a manly fashion that encouraged Lady to 'keep up the good work'. As Dante felt his climax coming, he leaned forward and put his hands on the desk, mumbling an "OK" letting Lady know he was about to come.

"Wow. I was expecting him to just shoot in the back of my mouth like an ass-hole." Lady thought to herself, surprised. She finished the job with her hand, making Dante grunt in deep pleasure.


As Dante carried Lady upstairs to his bedroom, his eyes were locked with Lady's. Not a word was spoken. He laid Lady on the bed so she was face down. He began to massage her neck and back, earning more pleased moans from Lady. He was rather proud of himself, taking time to make Lady enjoy it other than just fucking her brains out. He turned his attention to Lady's ass-that sweet, nice, round, firm ass that Dante would day dream about. He began to massage it, making Lady laugh at his immense interest in it. After a few moments of having her cheeks rubbed about, Lady rolled back over and splayed her legs, indicating to Dante that she was ready. Dante bent down to kiss her, and run his hands through her beautiful black hair, locking eyes with her again.

"Lady..." Dante said

"Yeah?" Lady replied

"I love you."

Everything that Lady thought she knew about Dante shattered. His macho-ass arrogant attitude, the idea that he cared about or loved nobody but himself, all washed away with those three words.

"I love you too, Dante." Lady whispered into Dante's ear.

He was nearly hyperventilating, hardly believing that what he had wanted for so long was about to happen. Lady took it upon herself to calm Dante down by giving him a pinch on the ass, letting him know to relax and get to work. Dante thrust his rock hard cock into Lady, making her gasp with pleasure. He started off at a slow but steady pace, hastening as he continued. Lady moaned excessively, and once Dante found her G-spot again, she couldn't help herself.


Not stopping, Dante replied, "As you wish, my Lady."

He increased his pace and force to an unbelievable high, causing Lady to scream out in pleasure. Tears were streaming from her face, as she arched her back and threw her head back. She was in complete ecstasy. "Nothing could be this good in the world." she thought to herself. After a few more minutes of this, the orgasm finally hit her, hard but not fast. Dante felt Lady's warm wetness surround his length, and he kept going until the orgasm had exited her completely, leaving her fully satisfied.

"Oh. My. God." Lady said "Why did it take you so long to do this?"

"Hmph!" Dante responded. "If I had any sooner you probably would have shot me in the head...AGAIN!"

OK. Again, go easy on me. This is my first try. Definitely more chapters if the response is good. The sex scene, incase you're interested, was inspired by the song Feed My Frankenstein, by Alice Cooper. Good tune.