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The Ancient

So long have i been searching for the one that called to me such a long time ago. In all of my mundane existance I have never met a being of such compassion and conviction. I remember so clearly when i saw him. It was not his blood that called to me, but his soul.

When that young man found the coven i was curently using to ease my bordem. My first thought was 'damn what a foolish man!' however I was quickly taken back by what i saw in his eyes. I knew that instant there was something more to him. He was meant for MORE.

Soon chaos insued as i took my normal stance to just observe. In my long meaningless existance...hell let me just be blunt about it i was bored out of my mind. That was until i saw one from the coven charge at said man .

I don't know what came over me that instance in the street but knew he was destined for more than a brutal death at the hands of the vile being. I lept from the shadows in which i was hiding and grabbed the vampire off him, turning the vamp to ash instantly.

I know first hand how dark our kind can be but there was still no reason to be so dare i say ... cold?

I looked down on the poor man bleeding out in the street and my cold dead heart ached for him. I knew if i didnt act quick everything i sawin him would be a waste. I haven't bitten anyyone in so long but knew my bloodlust was long since a concern for me, but it still tore at me causing such a soul pain.

Hearing more of a commotion i knew i didnt have long to save him. i leaned down and apologized, and proceded to bite him in all the strategic places pushing as much of my venom into him as possible. I knew from my senses the coven would be coming back soon and with him in full swing of the change knew they couldn't harm him.

I had to run before it got out who and what i was. Hoping for the best i left him there changing. I still feel like in my haste to hide it was the worst thing i have ever done. I knew he was ment for more and HE WOULD SURVIVE!

Now, so many years later, i regret that one thing and am searching desperately for him. Hoping nothing has happened to him.

I have come across more and more of my kind as the years have past. In many ways i know what they do is natural, but a part of me sees only mydark and twisted children. How i long for things to be different. Were we not once human with familes and loves hobbies and so on???

None of my said children bother me more than the sadistic group that "try" to rule our kind. I have come across them numerous times. Always careful to keep things shielded from them. God only knows what those power hungry maniacs would do or say if they knew what & who i was. They were the prime example of what i didnt want from my children.

At least from the brief encounter i have had with them i found the most important clue to finding my speacial child. They knew of a speacial man, one they deemed quite strange and outlandish. A man i knew deep down was the one i was talking about. I still didnt have his REAL name but knew one he went by

Stregoni Benefici

This lead will take me to the child I gave up so long ago. I have a strong clue to whom would know more of this man and thus leads me to where i am now. Moldavia. Romania. To two men i know would help me... wether they want to or not.

I still must keep my true identity hidden for now only harm can come from it in a world driven by power crazed mythological beings. Nothing good could come from it. I prefer to not us my wills towards anyone but with this issue im not above anything.

I checked into my hotel room, grabbed my bag and found my contact case. God how i hated these damn annoying things, but as it is i cant risk my kind seeing my stark blue eyes knowing it may give away who i am. I grabbed the blazing crimson ones and placed them in. Now all i have to do is wait to catch them out at dinner time. The perfect time to get my answers and not have to worry about...my wills.


Dressed to the 'T' i stepped out of my hotel building and searched my senses for them....Ahhh 4 blocks down, perfect. I walked at fast human pace to the next alley turn down it as i check for any one watching. Seeing now one, I take off for them.

As i approach closer to where they will be i slip into the shadows and wait for the perfect moment to make myself known. I soon see them dragging two young women into the dark alley way. It was obvious they would be there dinner. However, not now, i need my information and im determined at all costs to get it. Little did those poor girls know how lucky the soon would be.

Slowly i ease out of the shadows chuckling darkly at my own sad joke and hoping to instill a lil fear into the unsuspecting vamps. If they thought they were menacing...Ha! They have no idea who they were about to mess with.

As if on cue Stephan droped the panicing girl and called out to me.

"Who is ther?! Show your self!"

I materialized infront of him quickly and picked his terrified prey up from the ground and cooed her into a relaxed state. I dusted her off and told her to run home.

Stephan outraged at his lost me caught me off gaurd and grabbed my neck unknowingly at how little he could do if i didnt want him to. i didnt fight him at first. lord knows i didnt want to raise suspicion to anything just yet. That didnt mean i couldn't taunt him for some fun first...

"Ha! do you really think your barbaric ways can scare me off Stephan, think again!"

I quickly grabbed his wrist and threw him off of me and onto his ass.

"Call your brother away from his prey and over here NOW!"

"Vladimir drop your shit and get over here now!"

I'm sure it was supposed to be his dark dracula menacing tone but i was bored with it already. Within seconds Vlad was standing near stephan hand ready to help him up but snickering at his brothers predicament.

"What the hell, Stephan!"

"Vlad, i didnt fall i was knocked down by that bitch!"

At this point vladimir noticed i was standing there clearly not amused and seething at the dumb ass stephen. Wrong move buddy!

Within a split second i had them both by the throat and crashed them into the nearest wall. Lifting them both off the ground. I was growing impatient with their twisted views of who they where and the better than thou attitudes. When i next spoke i spoke firm.

"I have no qualms with you, but deserve more respect. I'm searching for someone and know you two can lead me to him. A man of our kind with exceptional compassion. Sometimes he is refered to as Stregoni Benifici..."

Both were still in some shock that i was able to capture them both so easily but i did't stand down. Vladimir was first to speak.

"Why should we say shit to you. You can't come into our territory, cost us our meal than make demands! What makes you think i shouldn't tear you limb from limb!"

At that i laughed. They always have to try to be such creeps, but they forgot one critical thing...

"Do you two seriously think you are in any position to thraten me?! It is i who have you both at my mercy & i suggest you quit your macho b/s unless you really want to piss me off!"

With that i decided to show them just a bit of what im capable of

I sent my senses and powers crazy. All too soon the wind picked up and began to howl and an erie fog rolled in around us. i knew my eyes would glow about now and was the catilyst to show them im not one to mess with. All threats aside I calmed and stated firm again...

"Stregoni Benifici.... you know where i can find him or not!"

after a few seconds of silence Stephan spoke up.

" I may know of who you speak, but may I inquire why you are looking for him?"

"I just need to find him"

Vladimir was quick to speak next

"What are your intentions with one such as him?"

" I don't plan to harm him if that is to what you are refering. I believe he is a....long lost friend."

They both looked skeptical to my statement and i was growing tired of the games i quickly sensed the weaker minded one and used my will to coax him into talking.

"I believe he is now residing in Forks,Washington with his family"

Stephan gasped at his slip his hand quickly covering his mouth. Shocked to say the least that he said anything.

"Thanks" i muttered darkly still agitated by their attitude

"YOU WONT HARM THEM" Vlad roared in my ear.

"Why do you care"

I responded in kind. I never would harm them but wondered...

" The man is strange i give you that, but we respect him. Many of us do. Those of us that aren't jealous of him"

that last part vlad barely whispered, if i wasnt who i was im sure i would have never heard it.


"Many covens show loyalties to him as well as many nomads..."

"of course... I asure you i mean him and his family no ill will."

Still weary they both hesitantly nodded.

Stephan was quick to speak next.

"i trust you for now just know any harm and many of our kind will hunt you down and dance around your pyre!"


With that i released them from my hold and they fell to the ground and walked back to my hotel, on my way i called the airline and got a flight from london to washington. I grabbed my bags and checked out early. Once out of sight I ran at twice the normal vamp speed, normal to me but a blur even to them. I arrived in london with a few minutes to spare befor my flight to the americas and undoubtedly my child.


I arrived in washington before even I realized. and set off in search of my child. It wasn't long until i came across a two smells in the forest one a vamp and the other a....Human ?! The humans heartbeat was staggering and once again my curiousity got the best of me.

I ran for them as quick as possible. I hoped it wasn not another twisted tale, but what i saw there was even more strange than i had imagined. A beautiful male vamp and a rather angelic brunette. The Adonis like creature apeared to have some sort of relations with the human. Not that i cared mind you. One can't help who they love. However the next thing i knew was that he was telling her she was pratically a pet to him.

That made my cold heart ache much the same as it did when i first saw my child. She tried following the poor boy but only found herself lost and alone. i was at war with what to do. I wanted nothing more than to run to her and comfort her but new now was not the time. As a strange new sent came to me i realized to late what was coming and left in search for my child.

Not much later i came to the adress that was supposedly where he resided but much to my disappointment no one was there. i was at a stand-still. When i realized that i might have to converse with the poor girl seeing as how she seemed to know the residing vamps, she may be my only lead.

I'm close, i can feel it. For now tho, i watch and wait for me to make my presence known. The girl was a catatonic mess. Her love for him was unbelievable to say the least. It bothered me even more at how dark my children can be. She didnt deserve her pain. I came to a conclusion then, to protect her. To watch her silently from the shadows.