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Lavi Bookman's Junior never threw away paper. Whether it be old newsprint, scratch, parchment or fine vellum, it would never see a wastebin my his hands.

Allen wondered why.

"Dammit..." Lavi muttered as someone from the science department bumped the table he was working on. The ink made a huge smear across his paper, ruining it. Lavi never made mistakes on his own, Bookman had thwacked him enough times to never commit such an atrocity.

"Why don't you just throw that away and start over?"

"The paper's too valuable."

But it was just a piece of scratch.

Allen left, confused.

Lavi mused to himself.

Allen, you're just a blot of ink on paper.

You don't know how lucky you are.

You've be recorded

You are ink..

The lives of Bookmen are not recorded in the Secret History.

No one ever looks at the paper when they're reading something.

They only look at the words, the focus of their mission.

No one ever sees the fine weave of fibers, the delicate colouring, the feel of vellum or newsprint under their fingers....

The Bookmen don't exist.

Even the exorcist "Lavi" doesn't really exist. After the war, after the Bookmen leave the order.... or even of Panda Jiji dies.... "Lavi" will cease to be.

That which isn't recorded, never existed.

No one cares about the parchment.

All they see is the ink.

Bookmen are nothing but parchment for the world to be recorded on.

"Lavi" is nothing but parchment.....

...."I" am nothing....

....Nothing but Parchment.