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Note: In this version, Harry told both Ron and Hermione the entire prophesy at the end of fifth year so that they would know what he was up against. Both had pledged to help Harry defeat Voldemort. They didn't think that he needed to do it alone.

The Ritual

Harry was standing in a small clearing just inside the Forbidden Forest. He was preparing for a ritual that he hoped would rid the world of Voldemort once and for all. It was called the Ritual of Judgment. The summoner, himself, would request that judgment be passed by magic on a specific person, Voldemort. The catch was if the "judge" found the summoner's case lacking, than they would have to pay a price of the judges choosing.

He had enlisted the help of his friends Ron, Hermione, Neville, Luna and Ginny, or the Ministry six as some were calling them now. The ritual required at least four people to carry it out, but implied that more was better. While Harry and his friends were preparing the field with Runes and stones placed in specific locations, Harry thought back to how he discovered the ritual.


Harry was sitting in his room on the fourth floor of the Black Family Manor doing some serious thinking. He knew that he was the one that had to face and defeat Voldemort, but the adults seemed determined to keep him in the dark, even after what happed last year. He was sick of it. He decided it was time to start looking for a way to get rid of Riddle on his own since the adults weren't going to be of any help. He got up with determination and headed for the library. He tapped on Hermione's door on his way.

"Come in." He heard.

He poked his head in her door. "I'm headed to the library to start looking for ways to defeat Riddle. Do you want to help?" He quirked an eyebrow at her in a silent question.

She bit he lower lip in thought. "You know, Mrs. Weasley isn't going to like that we are going into the library. She thinks that we are too young and the books are too dark."

Harry opened the door some more and leaned against the frame as he crossed his arms across his chest. "Yeah, I know, but I don't care. We know the prophesy; it is clear that I am the one that has to defeat Riddle in the end, not the 'adults'." Harry made air quotes around the word adults. "Besides, I asked Remus to remove the really nasty, cursed books while I was at Dursley prison." He scowled as he said that. "So there is nothing that will harm us in the library." He stood up to leave. "One last thing everyone needs to realize. This is my house, and that is my library, therefore no one is going to tell me that I can't use it. So are you coming or not?" Again the quirked eyebrow.

Hermione stood up. "You bet I'm coming. I told you that I would always be here to help you anyway that I could when you told Ron and I about the prophesy, and I meant it," she said firmly as she walked to the door. Harry held the door for her, and they walked to the library together.

When they arrived at the door, they found it locked and warded. Harry scowled as he shook his head. He stepped back and spoke. "I, Harry James Potter, the head of the Most Ancient and Noble House of Black, claim this house and all that is within it." Both students could feel the change in the magic of the house. "I hereby order the wards allow only myself, Remus Lupin, Hermione Granger, Ronald Weasley, and Ginerva Weasley into the library. The remaining wards and defenses on the house will remain the way that they have been set up." The house seemed to vibrate and then settle. Harry could feel the wards on the house now, where before, he could not. He was vaguely surprised at how strong they were.

Before the teens could enter the library an irate Molly Weasley could be seen descending on them. "What do you two think you are doing, hmm? This library is off limits to you children."

Harry turned to look at Mrs. Weasley calmly. "Mrs. Weasley, I mean no disrespect, but need I remind you that this is my house, therefore this is my library. Secondly, Hermione and I are not little children, haven't been for awhile. We are both responsible and relatively mature, last year withstanding." Mrs. Weasley made to interrupt, but Harry held up his hand. "I am perfectly capable of making rational decisions when I have all of the information available, and people are not hiding things that pertain to me." He pointed to himself. "You may think that I should not be involved, however, I have been involved in this war since Voldemort," he paused for the inevitable flinching, "killed my parents. You may choose to try and keep your children in the dark, which I believe is foolish. Voldemort will kill you whether you are an adult or a baby. Getting back to the subject at hand, you can try and keep your children ignorant, however, need I remind you, that neither Hermione, nor I are your children; therefore you have no say about where we go in my house. Third, you are a guest in my house, and I would appreciate if you would remember that fact."

Mrs. Weasley stood there gaping for a minute before she recovered. Her face had turned red. "You may not be mine, but I am responsible for you and you will follow the rules that I have set forth. There will be no arguments about it."

By now, they had attracted the twins, Mad Eye Moody, Remus, Ginny, and Ron. Harry was now annoyed and his voice showed it. "Mrs. Weasley, you do not have the right to make the rules in my house. You have the right to make the rules in your house. Since you seem to have problems with this, maybe you and your family should go back to the Burrow. Hermione and I will be perfectly fine living here on our own. Remus lives here as well, so we will not be alone."

The twins looked gleeful. Very few people had the nerve to stand up to their mother. Ron and Ginny were in shock. Mad Eye was impassive, though Harry thought he detected some humor. Remus definitely had a glint of humor in his eyes, he had always thought she was a little too controlling and was going to find that she was not going to get her way. He knew Harry was not going to be controlled anymore, and Molly was about to find that out the hard way.


Before she could continue Harry had had enough. The air crackled with his magic. "SILENCE!!!" Harry had never raised his voice to Mrs. Weasely, and because he was angry, he didn't need the sonorous charm to be heard over Molly Weasley, his magic amplified his voice nicely. She stopped in shock, gaping like a fish; nobody interrupted her when she was in one of her rants. Harry took a deep breath to calm himself down or he would say something he regretted. "Yes, you and your family did treat me as one of your own, and I will be forever grateful for that, since I had never been accepted at the Dursleys. But I really don't think that you want to start adding up debts do you? Especially life debts?" Molly paled as she clamped her mouth shut. "You and your family are welcome to stay here as long as you realize that I will not be controlled, I am not a child, and that this war affects us as well as it does the adults. Now I am going to into the library and begin what I had planned on doing before I was so rudely interrupted." He turned around and entered the library with Hermione on his heels. Everyone else in the hall was shocked with the exception of Remus and Mad Eye. They had seen both James and Lily in a temper before and knew that Harry would have inherited one or both of their tempers. Though they were impressed; Harry had effectively cut Mrs. Weasley off at the knees. Nobody had ever done that before that they had ever seen.

After Ron recovered from his shock, he looked at his mother. "You know Mum you are really lucky you didn't make him really mad." Everybody looked at him. "Well, don't you remember, he blew up his aunt before our third year when she made him really mad. Course, she insulted his parents." He decided to join his friends; he knew that they would be trying to find ways to end the war.

End Flashback

Harry smirked to himself. Mrs. Weasley had left them alone after that episode. Not even Dumbledore came to reason with him. He guessed the old man was trying to get on his good side. Harry snorted, like that was going to happen. Not after he had learned about the sealed will, stolen money and other issues that the goblins were investigating for him.

Harry couldn't remember how many books they had looked through before Harry had found the book that contained this ritual. Once he did, he researched it some more with Hermione's help before he considered using it. They decided that this was the best option. Both realized that Harry didn't want to kill anyone if he could help it, and this would be defeating Voldemort with his own hand since he would be leading the ritual.

The field was ready. Now they had to prepare themselves, Runes would have to be painted on their chests, backs arms and foreheads.

Harry had raised a barrier so that the girls could prepare on one side in privacy and the boys could prepare on the other side. Fortunately, they could wear their shirts for the actual ritual. The runes had required a specially prepared paint, which would be applied with a wand rather than a stick or paint brush. Once the boys were finished Harry spoke. "Are you girls ready?" He heard several "Yeses."

Harry waved his wand and removed the barrier. "Now, does everyone remember where they are supposed to stand?" The others nodded and moved into place as did Harry. Harry stood at the north, Hermione at the south, the others formed a circle with Ron opposite of Luna and Neville opposite of Ginny. "Good. Now, is everyone ready?" They nodded. "Any second thoughts?" The others shook their heads with conviction. Harry smiled. "Alright. Let's get this show on the road then."

Harry raised his arms and the others bowed.

Harry began to chant. As he chanted, the other five bowed at the end of each line.

"Themis hear our call."

"Themis answer our plea."

"Themis come forth to bring judgment for those who have been silenced forever."

"Themis we are looking for justice that only you can give."

"Themis we need your help to find peace."

All six bowed when he finished this line.

As Harry had begun the second line of the chant; the wind began to blow in the clearing. As the chant continued, the wind blew harder. By the time he finished, the wind was whipping around the clearing, tearing at their clothing. It started to swirl like a small whirlwind the center of the quartet until it coalesced into what appeared to be a woman. She wasn't transparent, but it was evident that she was not solid either. She had substance, but was not completely solid.

She slowly turned in a circle looking at the teens. She stopped as she faced Harry. "I am Themis and you have called me here. Please tell me why someone so young is looking for judgment."

Harry bowed. "I am Harry James Potter and these are my friends." He pointed to each teen as he introduced them. "This is Ronald Weasley, Ginerva Weasley, Hermione Granger, Neville Longbottom and Luna Lovegood. We have come to you to ask for judgment against Thomas Marvolo Riddle, who calls himself Lord Voldemort. He is a self-styled dark lord who is responsible for the deaths and/or serious injuries of thousands of magical and non-magical alike, either directly, or through his followers. He justifies his actions by preaching that only those who are pure of blood should be allowed to practice magic. His followers are those who are what the wizarding community considers purebloods. Those that he and his followers attack are either muggle-born witches and wizards, 'blood-traitors', who do not follow the pureblood rhetoric, or non-magial people. "

Harry paused for a moment in thought. He continued. "You asked why someone so young called you. I have told you why Riddle needs judgment, now here is why I and my friends have called you. I have been prophesied to be the one to stop Riddle, one cannot live while the other survives, is the basics of the prophesy. Now, you may be thinking that I'm trying to pass off my responsibility to you, but I'm not. I don't think that I can kill anyone, secondly, I think that Riddle should be judged and that he should face true justice, not just the end of my wand. I am not the only person that he has harmed. You see, he killed my parents in an attempt to prevent the prophesy from coming to pass. Unfortunately for him, it backfired and the prophesy was put into play when I temporarily vanquished him. One of his followers is also responsible for the death of my godfather. The others in this circle are also affected by Riddle in one way or another." He pointed to Ron and Ginny. "The Weasley family is considered blood-traitors because though they are pure-bloods, they do not believe in the pureblood dogma. They believe that ability, not blood, makes a talented witch or wizard. Also, their mother's brothers were killed in the last war with Riddle before I temporarily vanquished him." He pointed to Hermione. "Hermione is a muggle-born witch. She is the brightest witch in Hogwarts School for Witchcraft and Wizardry, but the purebloods call her Mudblood, and other awful names because her parents are not magical. They consider her less than human simply because she cannot trace her magical blood back generations." He pointed to Neville. "Neville's parents were tortured into insanity by three of Riddle's followers. He was the other boy who could have fulfilled the prophesy if Riddle had not attacked me first. Also, his family has always fought for the Light, and against Riddle and dark lords like him. So, he and his family would be a target anyway. Last, but not least, we have Luna. She is brilliant, but considered odd, or loony by many because of her beliefs. She also does what is right versus what is easy. This makes her a target of people like Riddle. She has been my friend, and followed me into danger simply because she is my friend. This would make her a target of a madman."

He paused again then bowed. "I hope that you consider our plea for justice. The adults around us don't seem to want to help, or are too afraid of Riddle, or are too enamored of Dumbledore and will follow him blindly to be of any real help. All the six of us want is Riddle gone, and peace in our world. We realize that we will have to work for that peace, because Riddle had plenty of fertile ground to work with, but we are willing to do that part ourselves." Harry bowed again and waited for Themis to speak.

Themis looked pensively at Harry. "May I see your memories Mr. Potter? It will help me make a decision before I bring Mr. Riddle here." She looked at the others. "Actually, I would like to see all of your memories, if you have no objections."

Harry bowed his head in acceptance. "If that is what you require, than I have no objections." The others quickly agreed as well.

Themis raised her hand palm facing Harry; it started to glow gently. Harry could feel a slight tingling sensation in his head. He had been half expecting the bludgeoning that Snape put him through during his Occlumency "lessons". This was nothing like that. He did relive all of his memories of his encounters with Riddle; but this search was gentle and if he could put a word to it, kind. He relived his time with the Dursleys; the punishments, "Harry hunting", the friendless childhood. He relived his Hogwarts years and all of his adventures with his friends. She seemed to pay particular attention to his conversations with Dumbledore and the abuse he suffered at the hands of Snape. She saw what happened at the Department of Mysteries and how Sirius had died and what he had tried to do to Bellatrix. She also felt his shame afterwards. She saw his visit to Gringotts Bank when he discovered many of Dumbledore's lies and theft of his money. When she was finished her hand stopped glowing and she lowered it. During the process of viewing Harrys' memories, she had been pensive, now she appeared to be angry..

She turned to face Ron when she had finished viewing Harry's memories and repeated the process. She did this with all of them until she had viewed Luna's memories. After Luna, Themis' expression was one of fury. "All of you have been sorely mistreated by those in this school and in your society. You were right to call for me, Mr. Potter. I will help you, your cause is just. There are those in your position, who would be seeking vengeance, yet you have chosen justice; not only for yourself, but for all of those whose voices that have been silenced forever. You have surrounded yourself with some dedicated friends, I applaud you." She looked at Harrys' friends. "Please move so that you are standing next to Mr. Potter. You no longer need to be standing in the ritual circle. I would like you to be facing Thomas Riddle when he receives my judgment." She noted that a couple of them were a little nervous at the prospect of Riddle being brought here. "Have no fear; Thomas Riddle cannot harm you while I am here."

Once they had been reassured, the teens quickly did as instructed. Soon they were lined up in this order: Harry, Hermione, Ron, Luna, Neville and Ginny. Once Themis was satisfied with the teen's line she turned so that she was facing away from them. She raised her arms towards the sky. "Thomas Marvolo Riddle, I call you forth so that you may be judged." Her hands started to glow brighter and brighter. As the glow brightened, the wind began to blow and swirl in the small clearing with increasing speed and volume. In the center of the swirling wind, the teens could see a figure begin to emerge until the wind stopped and they could clearly see who was standing there.

Thomas Marvolo Riddle had arrived.

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