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Once they had been reassured, the teens quickly did as instructed. Soon they were lined up in this order: Harry, Hermione, Ron, Luna, Neville and Ginny. Once Themis was satisfied with the teen's line she turned so that she was facing away from them. She raised her arms towards the sky. "Thomas Marvolo Riddle, I call you forth so that you may be judged." Her hands started to glow brighter and brighter. As the glow brightened, the wind began to blow and swirl in the small clearing with increasing speed and volume. In the center of the swirling wind, the teens could see a figure begin to emerge until the wind stopped and they could clearly see who was standing there.

Thomas Marvolo Riddle had arrived.


Riddle looked around the clearing, trying to figure out how he got there. Then he spotted Harry. "POTTER! How dare you disturb me! I will teach you to mess with Lord Voldemort, the greatest wizard of all time!" He pulled his wand, pointed it at Harry, but nothing happened. Meanwhile, Harry's friends had flinched when they saw Voldemort pull his wand. "What is the meaning of this? What have you done?" He noticed Themis finally. "Who are you?"

Themis spoke. "I am Themis. Some call me the Goddess of Justice. Some just call me Justice. The only thing Harry Potter and his friends did was ask for justice." She pointed at Voldemort. "Harry Potter asked that I pass judgment on you Thomas Marvolo Riddle---"

Voldemort interrupted. "Do not call me that name. I am Lord Voldemort!" Before he could continue his usual tirade, he was silenced. His mouth continued to move, but no sound emerged. He stopped with a horrified look on his face. No one had been able to silence him since he had attended Hogwarts!

Themis continued undaunted. "I am here to pass judgment for your many crimes against Mr. Potter personally and against both the muggle and magical world. I have viewed Mr. Potter's memories, as well as his friends and am satisfied that you have committed the crimes that he has accused you of this night. I will need to view your memories in order to decide on a just punishment for you."

Voldemort would have paled if he could have. He tried to Apparate, but was unable too. He tried his emergency Portkey, but that didn't work either. He began to panic and attempted to curse Themis and the teens. But nothing he did worked. He felt her enter is mind despite his Occlumency barriers that had kept even Dumbledore out. He could see his life pass him by, all of his misdeeds, murders, tortures, and rapes; whether done personally, or ordered to be carried out by the Death Eaters. They finally stopped. He looked at Themis and saw his doom. She looked beyond furious, if that was possible. He suddenly found himself bound in thick ropes and his wand was floating into her hand as she paced back and forth. Evidently, she was trying to decide on his punishment.

She stopped and looked at him. "Thomas Marvolo Riddle I hereby find you guilty of multiple crimes against humanity. These crimes include; rape, torture, murder, and ordering others to carry out these same crimes in order for you to rise in power and create fear. You have no compassion, humanity or love left within your being. I have decided your fate. Before I viewed your memories I had been considering removing your magic and forcing you to live as a Muggle in a Muggle prison." Riddle appeared to scream in denial at this, but the teens weren't entirely sure because he was still silenced. "However, I have decided that you shall be placed in limbo for eternity with the representations of the people you are responsible for harming in any fashion; whether directly or indirectly. They will be as real to you as these six teenagers who are standing here. They will be able to speak to you, touch you and torment you. You however, will be unable to retaliate in any fashion. The only way out of this limbo is if you truly repent of your many transgressions and change your ways Mr. Riddle. I, however, find that very unlikely. Any last words before you go?" She removed the silencing charm.

"Potter, my Death Eaters will get you for this. Mark my words!" He vanished as he continued to scream about vengeance and other such nonsense. The teens relaxed when he had disappeared.

Themis turned to look at the teens with a slight smile. "Now, let us continue on our quest for justice shall we?"

The six teens looked shocked. When Harry had recovered somewhat; he spoke with a puzzled look on his face. "I don't mean any disrespect, but what do you mean continue with our quest for justice? We called you here for Riddle. According to our research, a summoner may have only one request."

Themis laughed gently. "Normally you are quite correct Mr. Potter. However, you have been poorly treated, all for the sake of a prophesy. Others wished to use you to their own ends, or they simply abused you. I am not going to pass judgment on all of those who have wronged you, just two people. Albus Dumbledore, who you believe, and I agree, has controlled your life with no regard for your happiness or comfort. As well as Severus Snape, who tormented you for no other reason than you reminded him of your father."

Harry was flabbergasted at this gesture by Themis. He bowed. "I would be most grateful for justice to be meted out to both of them. Snape was able to get out of going to Azkaban after the last war thanks to Dumbledore, because Dumbledore claimed Snape became a spy. Dumbledore is very powerful in the wizarding government, and would be very difficult to charge with the things that I know he has done."

Themis nodded knowingly. She had realized this as she had viewed Harry's memories. He was correct; this would be the first time she ever gave a summoner more than one judgment. However, she had been appalled at how Harry had been treated throughout his life, and as the Goddess of Justice, she could not let the guilty get away with their crimes, even if it went against her usual rules. Themis looked at Harry and the others. "Prepare yourselves; I shall call both, Albus Dumbledore, and Severus Snape, at the same time. Remember, that they can do nothing to you here. And, if you like, you may speak at this hearing."

She raised her hands and just as Riddle was summoned, Dumbledore and Snape were brought to the clearing. They both looked around in confusion until they spotted Harry. Snape spoke irately, before Dumbledore could. "Potter! What is the meaning of this? How did we get here? Did you use Dark Arts? That must be it! I will have you expelled this time!"

Before he continued with his rant, Dumbledore placed his arm on Snape's shoulder to silence him. "Now Severus, I'm sure that Harry has a perfectly simple explanation for this, one that does not involve Dark Arts." Dumbledore said this calmly, but one could tell that he was concerned with the circumstances as well. "So, Harry, my boy, would you care to tell us what this is all about?"

Harry smiled. "Of course, I will Headmaster. You see, we," indicating his friends, "decided to find a way to rid the world of Voldemort."

Snape interrupted Harry. "How many times to I have to tell you do not say his name!"

Harry shrugged and continued. "I found a ritual that would help. It is called the Ritual of Justice." Here Dumbledore gasped, and paled. "I see you have heard of it Headmaster. Hermione, Ron and I did some further research on the ritual and what it would entail before we decided that it would suit our needs. You see, I really didn't want to kill Riddle." Harry smirked at Snape. "Nor did I want to risk being killed by him. I did want him stopped and would have faced him if I had to, but I figured that there had to be a way to stop him without risking not only myself but my friends. See, I knew that they would not let me face him alone, and I am not willing to sacrifice their lives if I can help it. I realize that this is their fight too, I'm not an imbecile, but if there was another way, why not look for it? And we found it. So here we are." Harry smiled. "Voldemort is gone. He has been consigned to his own kind of hell." His smile faded. "Now you may be wondering why you two are here. I think that I will let Themis tell you, since she is the one who decided that you should face her." Harry turned to Themis. "Let me introduce the Goddess of Justice herself, Themis."

Both Dumbledore and Snape paled; though the teens were surprised that Snape could pale any further than his already sallow complexion. Actually, his skin looked rather translucent, with a very sickly looking quality to it.

Themis looked at the two men before her with some anger. "I have viewed Mr. Potter's memories and found that each of you have behaved in a deplorable manor towards Mr. Potter. Albus Dumbledore, you are responsible for manipulating his life so that he grew up not only unloved, but abused and neglected. You allowed him to face many dangers in your school, and for the Dark Lord Voldemort to be resurrected in order for your plans for be fulfilled. Severus Snape, you have bullied and abused not only Mr. Potter, but many other students who did not belong to Slytherin house. I will view your memories so that I may pronounce judgment against you."

Before she could proceed Dumbledore spoke. "Everything that I did, I did for the Greater Good. It was an unfortunate necessity that I undertook, but in order for Voldemort to be defeated, Harry had to be prepared." Harry snorted when he heard this. "I'm sorry that you feel that what I have done was unnecessary my boy, but I assure you that it was."

Harry scowled at Dumbledore. "Feel that it was unnecessary? It was unnecessary! Didn't you hear what I said earlier? Voldemort is gone. There was no great confrontation, no battle, no need for me to go through all of the things that you put me through!" By this point Harry was yelling. Hermione grabbed his hand as well as started to rub his back with her other hand hoping to calm Harry down.

Themis spoke. "There will be no more talking. Both of you gentlemen have now been silenced so that you cannot upset Mr. Potter or his friends again." She turned to look at Harry. "My apologies Mr. Potter; for not silencing him before he had a chance to upset you. I did not expect him to say what he did."

Harry had calmed by now. "Your apology is appreciated, but unnecessary. The old man will always think that he knows what is best for everyone. I think it comes from being practically worshiped since he defeated Grindelwald."

Themis nodded and turned back so that she could finish what she had started. First she viewed Dumbledore's memories. She appeared to be angry when she finished. Next it was Snape's turn. By the time she had finished with him she was livid.

"Albus Dumbledore, you are guilty of stealing from Mr. Potter. Allowing Sirius Black to remain in Azkaban, even though you knew, and could prove; that he was innocent." Harry drew in a sharp breath. She continued. "You placed him with his relatives against his parents will, allowing him to stay in an abusive environment, even when you knew exactly how he was treated there." Hermione gasped in horror at that. She had known it was bad, but not that bad. Themis continued. "You orchestrated his little adventures at school in order to test him. You bound his magic." All six teens gasped at that. She turned to them. "I will fix that before we leave, don't worry. You even orchestrated his last year, and were glad when his godfather died so that he would stop trying to interfere with Harry's placement." At this point Hermione and Ron had to hold Harry back to keep him from attacking Dumbledore. Themis turned to look at Harry. "I am sorry Mr. Potter that you had to find out this way. He will be punished, please be assured of that." Harry took several deep breaths to try and calm down. Finally he had himself together. She turned back to Dumbledore. "There is more, but it really does not concern those standing here this evening. You are a very foolish old man to keep a written record of all of your deeds." Dumbledore turned grey. "This record has now appeared on Amelia Bone's desk with a note detailing where to find further evidence against you. You will be forced to face the Wizegamont and be tried for your crimes. You will be unable to run. Your phoenix will not help you." Fawkes appeared in the clearing at that moment. "One of your crimes is against this magnificent being. You tied it you with illegal compulsion charms. That will also appear on the charges against you."

Before she could continue, Fawkes landed on Harry's shoulder. They began to glow a fire red. "My, my, I believe that Fawkes has found his true companion."

Once Harry and Fawkes stopped glowing, Harry looked up at Fawkes with a huge smile. "Thank you for the honor, Fawkes. I just hope that Hedwig doesn't get jealous." He and his friends laughed. Harry turned back to Themis. "Fawkes is very grateful to you for freeing him." Harry bowed.

Themis returned the bow. "You are most welcome, Fawkes." She turned back to Dumbledore. "One last thing before I move on to Snape. Your wand if you please." As she spoke, Dumbledore's wand floated out of its pocket, and before he could grab it, Themis had it in her hand. She turned and handed it to Harry. "This wand is now yours Mr. Potter. It will work well for you. I know that you already have a wand, but having a second wand never hurts." As she was giving the wand to Harry, you could see Dumbledore screaming at them. The teens were glad that they could not hear him. "When we are finished, I will deliver you to Madame Bones." Dumbledore was quickly bound in ropes.

Themis turned to Snape. "Now it's time to judge you, Severus Snape. You are a despicable excuse for a human being. You blame everyone else but yourself for your problems. You were bullied, you become a bully. You are single handedly responsible for many students avoiding careers that require potions because they did not want to continue to be subjected to you! The acts that you performed as a Death Eater are beyond comprehension." She turned to Dumbledore. "Despite what you thought Dumbledore, he was not truly reformed. He was not loyal to you. He despises muggle-borns, and half-bloods. He believes in the pureblood rhetoric. He just did not want to serve a madman." Dumbledore looked shocked at this news. The teens shook their heads. What an arrogant idiot Harry thought.

She turned back to Snape. "Now, let us get to your punishment. I had considered this for Thomas Riddle, but I think that this will suit you much better. I will remove your magic, making you a muggle. You will serve your time for your various crimes in a muggle prison. You will be unable to speak about the wizarding world, but you will remember it." The teens could see the horrified look on Snape's face, and then he began to scream what they figured were threats of all sorts. He tried to move towards Themis only to find that he couldn't move. Themis waved her hands at him. The teens could see the magic being drained from Snape. It looked like a transparent silver rope flowing from his body to Themis. He struggled, but it was no use, it continued until it looked like a string, and then it stopped altogether. Snape slumped defeated. "Now, you will be sent directly to a Muggle prison. The paperwork will already exist for your crimes, and how long you have been and will be there. The memories will also exist for both you and the people there. You will never see the outside of the Muggle prison Severus Snape." With that, he vanished. Once Snape vanished, so did Dumbledore.

Themis turned to the teens. "Do not worry. A letter will appear on Amelia Bone's desk explaining what happened to Snape." She smiled at the teens. "When you return, you will also find evidence that will help you to convict some of the other death eaters. This will help you to bring about the peace that you are willing to work towards."

"Now, Mr. Potter, for your bound powers, let's take care of that. Please step forward." Harry did as instructed, as Fawkes flew off his shoulder to a tree branch. Themis touched him on his head. Harry felt like chains were being unwrapped from within his body. When she removed her hand he fell to his knees, feeling a little lightheaded. Hermione and Ron rushed forward to help him. "How do you feel now Mr. Potter?"

After Harry was standing, he thought for a moment. "I feel like chains have been removed and that my power is freer, if that makes sense."

Themis and the others smiled. "It does Mr. Potter. I suggest that you practice with you new power levels. You will be an even more powerful wizard than you were."

He smiled ruefully. "Ah, another thing to set me apart from the masses." Hermione slapped him lightly on the arm. "I'm kidding, I'm kidding, shesh. I'm glad that the block has been removed. I also intend to find out why Poppy didn't do anything about it my first year."

Themis nodded at Harry. "Well, it is time for me to go. Good luck to all of you." She then started to fade away, before stopping. "One last thing before I go. This is for Mr. Longbottom. All three Lestranges have been returned to Azkaban, and they will not be able to escape again. I have removed their magic, so that they are merely Squibs now."

Neville nearly collapsed at this news. The others rushed to help support him. Once the news had sunk in, he stood straight, and bowed deeply to her. "On behalf of the Longbottom family, I thank you." He straightened. "As for myself, I will always be grateful for what you have done. Thank you."

Themis smiled. "You are most welcome Mr. Longbottom. Like Mr. Potter, you have lived a difficult life. I hope that this will give you a measure of peace." With that, she disappeared.

The six teens looked at each other, not quite sure what to do with themselves now that it was finished. Ron smiled, and then started to laugh with relief, and some joy. Soon the others joined him. Before long they were sitting on the grass because they were laughing so hard they couldn't stand up anymore. Tears were streaming down their faces. They would try and stop, but one look at each other and the cycle would start again. Finally, the laugher began to wane, and die down completely. Their faces were wet, their cheeks hurt from the smiling, and their sides hurt from laughing.

Harry spoke. "It's finally over. I can live my life the way I choose." Fawkes let out an affirmative trill from a tree branch. "No more Dursleys! YES!" He pumped his fist in the air.

Hermione agreed smiling. "You're right Harry. You can decide what you want to do and where you want to go."

Ron sat up. "I don't know about you guys, but I'm hungry."

While laughing, Harry picked up some leaves and threw them at Ron. "You and your stomach. Is that all you can think of at a time like this?"

Ron brushed the leaves off his shirt with as much dignity as he could muster. "Well, I was too nervous to eat before we came out here to do the ritual, so now I'm hungry," he whined. Everyone laughed.

Harry stood up, offered his hand to Hermione who accepted. "Alright, Ron. Let's head back and get something to eat. We'll probably have to go to the kitchens. It's a good excuse to see Dobby. Haven't seen the little guy for awhile. Maybe he and Winky would like to work for me, and they could clean up Grimmauld Place." The others stood up as Harry was talking. Fawkes flew from his perch on the branch to Harry's shoulder.

"That's a good idea Harry. I think that Dobby would love to work for you. I think that it would be good for Winky too." Said Hermione as the six friends began to walk towards the school.

Their conversation continued as they went towards their unknown future.


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