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Panting in spite of himself Shinichi shoved the door open, not at all surprised to see that Kid was waiting, absently juggling his prize between one hand and the other. Stepping out into the moonlight Shinichi shoved his hands into his pockets, smug smirk tugging at his lips.

"And so we meet again, Kaitou Kid-san."

"Indeed, Meitantei-san. You put up a wonderful effort. I believe this is yours?"

The reaction to grab the jewel tossed to him was automatic. Shinichi, however, was staring at the thief as something a little like cold numbness settled into every corner of his being.


No more Tantei-kun, of course. Why should he have expected Kid to acknowledge him the same way? But, of course, that single simple phrase made it all hit home a lot harder than anything else, even as he'd realized it long before.

Kid didn't know him like this, and Shinichi was back to square one where his involvement with the thief was concerned.

The thief was giving him an odd look, as though unable to comprehend why he wasn't making any motions to apprehend him, but, Shinichi just couldn't seem to bring himself to move. Finally, a little stiffly he turned away from Kid and tossed a wave over his shoulder. His voice, when he spoke, didn't even feel like his own, "Until next time, Kaitou Kid-san."

Ignoring the baffled stare drilling into his back, Shinichi stepped into the building with a viable lie already on his tongue.

Still, he knew now that he'd doomed himself from the start. In the end the only one who had been seduced was Shinichi himself.

End Seduction I

To be Continued in: The Seduction of Kudou

After all, if a thief who steals only to return is baffling to a detective, what is more baffling to a thief than a detective who doesn't bother to try and catch him?


To Shadow At Midnight: As you reviewed anonymously I couldn't respond to our review the normal way, and, as such, will answer your question here. Yes, I am well aware that I could have shortened (maybe, considering my penchant for ridiculous fic lengths) Seduction by making the 'chapters' longer. However, Seduction isn't a chapter fic. It is a drabble series (as was mentioned in the very first drabble). It is meant to be a series of 100 drabbles, so, in the end, it is exactly the length it is meant to be. No more, and no less.

DEAR READERS: Though this is the end of Seduction of Kid, it is merely the beginning of another story as I have said, and as it says above. I'm not sure, exactly, when I will begin to post The Seduction of Kudou, but I do already have around 30 drabbles complete for it. However, at the moment I am working on another fic, and would like to finish it first, as it is one for the Halloween season.

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