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"Theo!" a voice yelled over the din of the crowd. "Theo, over here!" a boy waved to a girl, looking for a place to sit in the stands of the high school football stadium. She saw the boy, waving madly, while trying to save two seats next to him. The girl, Theodora, but better known as Theo, laughed. She started up the stands, and met the boy half way. As they walked back to their spot on the top level, they started talking.

"So, Justin, have you been staking out our place long??" Theo asked the boy teasingly. He looked at her sideways, and slid onto the bench. Theo sat next to him, and they made room as if expecting another.

"Theo, you know that I have been here since five!" he mock glared at her. She laughed again; it was a beautiful sound. 'She is awfully pretty,' Justin admitted to himself, although he would never tell her that. Theodora had beautiful auburn hair that was always a mass of curls. She was tan, with freckles that told of summer days in the sun. She was fashionable, with out looking snobbish or preppy about it. Justin could never figure out how she could always look like she had stepped out of a teen girls magazine, but never where makeup, not be interested in other guys, and never acted like she had it all, even if she did. They had been best friends since grade school, and now, sophomores in high school, he was just starting to like her more than just a best friend. He was sure that she did not feel the same way, so he would never share his thoughts, however often they swam to the surface of his thoughts.

While he had been thinking, Theo had looked back at the football field, where the opposing school was mutilating their JV football team. Theo winced as an opposing linebacker tackled their quarterback, and looked up at Justin, then past him. Her face broke into a wide grin as she greeted her long time friend.

"Hey Sara! How's it going?" she asked the newcomer happily. The two talked, while Justin looked out at the field not really seeing it. He was thinking about Theo, something that he did often these days, and it didn't exactly make him happy. He knew all of her secrets; they shared everything, apart from his crush on her. He knew her deep love of reading, even if he couldn't understand it. She had always been a straight A student, endlessly reading; mostly books about fantasy, and princesses' getting the prince, or wizards and witches saving the day. Her favorite books now were something about magic, and female knights, and girls who could talk to animals. He didn't really get it, and didn't need to. He had never liked reading, and it had always been his worst subject. His love in school was math, and Theo hated it, as he hated reading. He was always trying to tutor her in math, and she was always bugging him to read more. Their friendship was the proof that opposites attracted.

As Justin was lost in dreamland, the JV football game had ended, and there were many more people in the stands now. The Varsity was the only reason people came to the games, and tonight was homecoming game, and the stadium promised to be more crowded than usual. Other friends of Theodora and Justin began to sit around them, and soon everyone was occupied in a conversation, even Justin. All, except one. Theodora was now thinking, ignoring everyone else. Unlike Justin, she did not stare blankly on to the field. She stared at Justin, and a warm, tingly feeling came over her and she was suddenly giddy. She started noticing for the first time as a girl, how his blond hair just fell into his gorgeous blue eyes. And his Tommy T- shirt showed off his deep tan from trying to learn how to surf that summer. 'When did he become so cute?' she asked herself absently, 'and when did I start noticing that he was? OH NO!' her mind screamed when she realized what she had been saying, even if it was to herself. 'I can't like Justin,' she reasoned with herself, knowing she was lying to herself. 'He's my best friend! What would he do, or say for that matter, if I told him?' she knew she couldn't tell him this newfound crush, or whatever it was. She was convinced that he would laugh at her. She continued to think about this strange new feeling, until Justin nudged her shoulder. She turned sharply, startled.

"Hey Theo," he started, "you want to come with me to get some pizza or nachos or something?"

"Sure!" she answered, secretly happy for a chance to be alone with him, and hating herself for that thought. They told their friends where they were going, and miraculously, none of them offered to come with them. Justin was surprised, but immediately saw that they had probably guessed that he liked her, and wanted to get some time alone.

They started down the stands, fighting and dodging other people trying to get to their seats, or down to the ground like they were. Halfway down the stands, a large man, with a tray full of nachos, a pizza and two drinks, knocked into Theo, who Justin happened to be holding onto so they wouldn't loose each other. They started to pummel down the concrete steps. After a few seconds, both of the teens noticed that it did not feel as if they were crashing into concrete steps and tons of people, but rather like being pulled swiftly down, or falling. Both only saw a blur, and felt a tug on their stomachs. They landed in a heap, sprawled on top of each other.

Theo was confused. She should be drenched in coke and aching after falling all that way down the stadium, and lying on a disgusting gum encrusted concrete floor. Instead, she didn't hurt, and she felt as if she was lying on fresh grass on a spring night. When both teens got their vision back, and could sit up and look around they did so. Theo sat up with her eyes closed, rubbing them. She heard Justin draw a ragged breath, as if he saw something that frightened him. She opened her eyes quickly, looking up, and screamed.