i'm sorry to everyone who thought this was going to be an update... but i need to get this all out, all at once. this is being posted in every unfinished story on my profile, so if you follow more than one, ignore this after the first time. okay, here we go.

I have the WORST case of writer's block EVER! So here's what's going on. I have some stories I'm going to tear down and repost, or maybe not repost... here's what's happening:

Piano Man... l've gotten some PMs wondering when I'm going to finish it. Truth is, as of right now all it needs is an epilogue (that I've written and rewritten like twenty six times and am never satisfied with) and some serious editing. So I'm going to do that. I actually sort of hate that story right now, so I'm going to majorly tweak it, maybe. I do all my twilight stories without a beta... if I had one it would be nice, though.

I am going to tear down The Reason as well. It also needs serious editing. And I might change the point of view. I feel like first person POV is a bit more engaging.

The untitled one I started as a Carlisle/Esme slash Edward/Bella is lost. I lost my notebook. So I don't know when or if I'll repost or update that. I was completely winging that story in my notebook, no outline, no nothing... Just a vague idea of Carlisle and Esme having a son and what their lives would be like.

I also have half a chapter for a story I was inspired to write by a nightmare I had, and it is going to be an E/B story entitled 'The Swanson Keep'... I have it outlined and ready to write when I'm done with all my other projects... and there are plenty as you can see.

One more thing: the YouPOV story I started called 'If I Were You' I'm completely blocked on. Those of you who have written or read rosalie/emmett stories that have heard the title song (by hoobastank) might have an idea where I'm going with it... help me out with some suggestions. I've scrapped my outline of this story dozens of times, and I'm sort of wondering what to do. So yeah.

On to 'Instant Star' Stories. Only Hope also has to be reposted... and I lost the notebooks for that too. So I don't know when I can finish it. That makes me sad, because I had two thirds of the story written when I started posting it. but i will finish it. this i promise.

I took down all of 'The Hunted' parts one, two, and three. They might be rewritten... most likely not. I sorta hate them right now too... I think they need to be ferociously readjusted. In the very distant future, with a little help, perhaps, I might edit and repost them. We'll see.

'Come Out, Come Out...' is going to be taken down; it won't be edited or reposted.

So, next topic: I recently had a burst of inspiration to write fanfics for my childhood favorite TV show, Kim Possible. I have all the chapters finished and ready to be edited (I finished the whole thing in like... three weeks, I think). I do have a beta for my KP fic, his name is Sentinel and he's quite the sidekick. The story is called 'I Lost A World the Other Day' and it's sort of romance, it's got some, okay a little bit more than a little bit of angst, it's got some suspense sections, a little bit of humor... yeah. i'm in love with it. i hope you will be too.

I wrote a KP tragedy, entitled Cold. I am writing an alternate ending/extension of that story, and I've hit a bit of a block on it... okay, i'm totally blocked. i type three words and i'm this close to throwing my cool tablet thing across the room. frustrated a bit, but that's part of life i guess. in any case, I'm up to chapter thirteen out of maybe somewhere between 25 and 30, so there's work to be done in all of that. Suggestions and reviews will help!

I also cranked out a first chapter for yet another new story... this one involves genetic experiments. I have a lot of research to do in this topic, and I'm very sure it will take a lot of time and subscriptions to iTunes University to get this story down right. I want it to be sci-fi-ish, and romanc-y, and action/adventure-y, and humorous, and all kinds of good stuff that will keep you all reading.

All of this being said, you might wonder where I'm going to find time to do all of this... I will. I have recently come into a whoooole lot of free time due to some health issues I'm experiencing... a long story that begins and ends with stress leading to out of control physical symptoms. Maybe it's been a case of 'biting off more than I can chew' seeing as how I work now in addition to school full time in addition to my mom's illness which I've explained already in some author's notes... talked it over with my folks and have made some changes: I reduced my work hours majorly and took the rest of the semester off in lieu of some counseling and treatment for all the other stuff happening to my body as a result of all this... like I said, it's out of control, and I figure it's time to take a step back and help myself before moving on with my education. So now I've got two appointments a week, one day of work a week, and the rest of my schedule is rather empty.

So. Slowly but surely, tackling one thing at a time, I will get this stuff done. I don't really know what order I'll get them done in, it sort of depends on my current inspiration. Right now, I'm doing KP fics. Maybe, when I watch BD2 I'll be inspired to write twifics again, and switch back to that. I don't know. In the mean time, if you want to read what's out so far and make suggestions... I will greatly appreciate it.

in any case, this is all the news for my stories right now. if you want to try something completely different, drop by the Kim Possible fanfiction archive, there's some pretty cool stuff going on there... I've got all new pals, Sentinel, Levi, this guy writing the most complicated and intense and engaging story I've ever read, entitled 'Fractured' and a whole bunch of funny stuff about drunk villains and manly male teachers in cheer uniforms... yeah. It's getting funky in KPville, so check it.

I've also written one shots for movies, which are small in number and rather random bursts of inspiration... so if you like, check those too.

If not, and you're simply obsessed with Twilight... you should see about some therapy while you wait for me to fix my twifics... just kidding.

Hope you have a wonderful rest of the day... week... month, year... whatever. I'll try to be as efficient as possible with all this. pm or review with any questions, thanks.