Chapter one: Due to certain situations

The two half brothers looked up at the huge twenty story apartment complex and Sesshoumaru, the eldest, sighed heavily. He pushed a clawed hand through his long waist length silver hair and studied the building with his golden eyes. He was two years the elder and it showed in his height and control of his emotions.

His brother was treating their latest situation with less grace than his elder half brother. He was growling low in his throat and his fists were balled at his sides. His golden eyes were narrowed and his silver dog ears were twitching atop his head.

The women who walked past turned to gape at the stunningly good looking boys. It didn't matter that the two appeared to only be in their late teens; the point was that their combined gorgeousness had even women of over thirty drooling.

They both for once shared the same thought: this sucks.

"The letter said take the elevator to the penthouse" Sesshoumaru said in his usual soft yet cold voice that commanded attention.

"Yeah I know what it said" Inuyasha snapped jumping down Sesshoumaru's throat as per usual.

Sesshoumaru sighed "Your emotions will one day be your downfall Hanyou" he told him coldly "Follow me"

"I don't follow your orders" Inuyasha grumbled but followed after his half sibling anyway

They walked through the foyer and past the service desk where the guards surveyed the two handsome teenagers with mild interest.

"They must be going to see Megumi-san" Shippo remarked to his fellow guard

"They don't look like models to me" Genkotsu the older and more astute of the pair remarked "sure they're good looking and all but they look too angry"

Sesshoumaru rolled his eyes and hoisted his backpack onto his shoulder as the lift shut soundlessly around him and his half brother, the two guards gossiped like old women and it wasn't as if he couldn't hear them with his sensitive Inu Yokai hearing, even the baka Inu Hanyou could hear them.

The lift arrived at the penthouse quickly and the door slid open to reveal a lushly carpeted interior that led to a locked door. Sesshoumaru strode without preamble to the door and rapped loudly on it.

It swung open instantly and they looked inside to see a red walled foyer with a impressionist painting hanging on one of the walls, an old fashion coat stand and a small green and leafy plant. For a moment Sesshoumaru wondered where the person who had answered the door was and then he looked down.

Gazing up into his gold eyes were a pair of equally beautiful chocolate brown eyes that were currently in the possession of a small black haired female of the age of around ten. She blinked at him and frowned at the crescent moon on his forehead before glancing across at Inuyasha and his dog ears.

"Oba-san!" she called over her shoulder in a soft voice "there is a moon man and a dog boy here!"

With that she turned on her heel and skipped back into the penthouse leaving a stunned Inu Yokai and Hanyou in her wake.

"Moon man?" Sesshoumaru questioned in shock

"On your forehead" said a new voice and the two teenagers turned to see a woman in her mid thirties with short black close cropped hair approach them. She had light hazel eyes and a calming presence and she ran her eyes over the two boys like she was appraising cattle at a livestock sale.

"What?" Sesshoumaru asked coldly

"There is a crescent moon marking on your forehead, hence she called you moon man" she told him rolling her eyes "Sesshoumaru and Inuyasha I assume?"

"Yeah and?" Inuyasha asked "what the hell are we doing here lady?"

"My name is Megumi" she told him sighing at the rudeness

"The question still stands" Sesshoumaru said. He tired of his half brothers rudeness but he appreciated the need behind the question. The lawyer had simply dropped them outside the goddamn building with a scrap of paper.

Sesshoumaru was still trying to get over the fact that his family had rejected taking either him or his half brother in. He had yet to come to terms with the fact that this woman whom he had never met before seemed to now be looking after them.

"You are here because of your late father's debts" she said with a frostiness to rival Sesshoumaru "You would have been cast out into the world in debt and homeless if I hadn't decided to take you in"

"Did you pay off our debts?" Sesshoumaru was curious

"Hai" she said "you will be living here and working off the debt from now"

"What?" Inuyasha growled "we owe you nothing, it was Otosan's fault not ours"

"Shut up Hanyou" Sesshoumaru abruptly grasped how lucky they were and did not particularly want to be kicked out onto the streets.

Inuyasha took to grumbling under his breath as the woman led them into a huge open plan sitting room of which one wall was made entirely off glass and revealed an awe inspiring view of the city beneath it.

A small phone began to ring on a coffee table that was apparently made of driftwood and she picked it up.

"Mushi, mushi" she said into the receiver "Hai, I'll be right there" she hung the phone back into the cradle and looked at them apologetically "I have to leave, but my daughters will show you around"

"Daughters?" Inuyasha was curious despite of himself

"I have two daughters and an adopted daughter" she said smiling tenderly at the thought of her children "Kagome! Kikyo! Rin!"

She picked her coat off of the long red sofa and pulled her arms into the sleeves. "I'll be back soon" and the woman left.

"Did she just leave two teenage guys in the house with her daughters?" Inuyasha was incredulous

"Filthy thoughts depict a filthy mind" said a smooth silk like voice and they both turned to see a girl come down the stairs and into the living room. Apparently the penthouse was split into two huge levels.

The girl stepped forward without smiling and grabbed the cat that was laying along the back of the sofa before dropping the overweight tabby onto the floor. The girl was around Inuyasha's age with long black hair that was straight and perfect with a long equally black fringe that hung into her light hazel eyes. She was slim and slender and showed barely any signs of any womanly attributes, this seemed to compliment her ethereal quality. Her face was ivory skinned and her eyes had pale lilac lids, her cheek bones were cut high and haughty and her lashes were long and brushed against her cheeks when she blinked. She wore a black summer dress with black tights, against the back drop of her palest skin and coal coloured hair it made her look like she existed in black and white.

"Who are you?" Inuyasha asked and Sesshoumaru fought the urge to roll his eyes when he realised that the child was attracted to the girl.

"Kikyo" she stated coldly looking him over and then smiling almost imperceptibly. It was a fractional twitch of her slim lips.

"Ne, ne Kikyo-chan" came a happy and care free voice and they all turned again to the rather grand staircase to see another teenage girl of the same age as Kikyo descend the staircase.

She may have been the same age as Kikyo but she was the polar opposite of her. Whereas Kikyo was tall this new comer was short. Whereas Kikyo was straight up, straight down this girl had an hourglass figure that was accentuated by the red wrap around dress she was wearing that had a circular neckline that revealed her shoulders and some of her back and cleavage. It was fitted at her waspish waist before it tapered out at her knees to flow around them like burning water. Her skin had a slightly healthier glow to it that Kikyo's staunch white and cold be described as creamy. Like Kikyo her hair was long and passed her waist but in gentle silky waves, her eyes were wide and a fathomless blue with long lashes and the same haughty cheek bones as Kikyo. Her lips were plump and a walking advertisement for lip gloss.

"Oh" her eyes rounded as she set her eyes upon the two distinctly non human guests. Her gaze drifted from Inuyasha's dog ears, which she had to fight the urge to rub, to the smouldering golden eyed gaze of the taller Sesshoumaru.

Sesshoumaru had felt nothing upon setting eyes on Kikyo, but this girl was evoking emotions in him that he had up until now repressed. He was attracted to her.

Nice. His beast was approving as his gaze flickered over her body.

How'd you get out? He asked the beast. It was usually trapped in the cage at the back of his mind, but had apparently freed itself

Carnal desires bring forth the beast.

Leave me

How do you propose I do that?

Go back to your corner.

I'll be back.

"Can I help you?" the voice of the female snapped him out of his revere and he fixed her in his icy stare letting none of his attraction to her seep into his gaze.

"Hn" he said arrogantly tilting his chin

She put a hand on her hip "Don't 'hn' me" she said rolling her eyes "you were staring"

"So were you" he said coldly

"Kagome" Kikyo put a hand on this 'Kagome's' shoulder to calm her

"Who are they?" Kagome asked and then she snapped her fingers as something seemed to occur to her "Those guys that Okasan said would be living here?"

"Seems like" Kikyo said shrugging her delicate shoulders.

"I'm Inuyasha and he's Sesshoumaru" said Inuyasha smiling at them both.

"I'm Kagome and she's my twin Kikyo" Kagome shrugged "Do you want to see your room?"

"You mean that I have to share a room with the half breed?" Sesshoumaru intoned darkly, a killing aura seemed to be radiating out of every fibre of his being and the twins, unused to this backed off slightly.

Inuyasha growled "I don't particularly want to share a room with you either dear brother" he said in a pissed tone.

Kagome picked up a cushion from the red sofa and hit them both upside the head with it. "Quit complaining, it's the only room available unless you feel like sharing with us" she said

"I wouldn't mind sharing with someone other than the self proclaimed lord" Inuyasha said

"Hentai" Kikyo said coldly her brown eyes hard "like I would allow you to stay in the same room as me and my little sisters"

"Where are the rooms, girl?" Sesshoumaru asked Kagome

She hit him with the cushion again "I have a name moon man"

"So do I and it isn't moon man" he said coldly

"Ah, but you were dubbed that by my cute little Rin-chan" she said gesturing to the small female who had opened to door and was now standing on the stairs watching them with mild interest in her chocolate eyes.

He growled at the little girl who merely looked at him like he had broken her teddy bear; with tears in her huge eyes.

Kagome hit him with the cushion for a third time "Leave Rin alone"

He grabbed her wrists as she made to hit him with the pillow again and they both glared at each other.

"Desist at once" he told her

"Make me" she challenged tossing her hair

They glared at each other; fire in their eyes.

"Let's go" Kikyo said grabbing her twins other wrist "if Sesshoumaru dies then you have to clean up the mess after"

Kagome grinned and stuck her tongue out over her shoulder as her sister dragged her up the stairs.

Insolent little girl. Sesshoumaru was not amused but Inuyasha was having a hard time hiding his laughter from his sibling.

The two siblings followed the twins up the stair case. Kagome stopped half way stooped over and picked up Rin balancing her on her hip before continuing after Kikyo.

"This is your room" said Kagome throwing the door open.

The room was very large and white, one wall like the living room down stairs was made entirely of glass and had motorised blinds across it. The room was divided by a strange low slung yet long wooden cabinet and there was a king sized bed on either side of the cabinet. There was a computer in the room along with a flat screen television with a games console. Each bed had a wooden chest at the foot of it and each half of the room gloated a large white mirrored wardrobe.

Sesshoumaru chose the side of the room with the computer simply because he was the more studious and more intelligent of the pair and the computer would help him in that aspect. But as his brother celebrated over getting the half of the room with the games console he rolled his eyes; he should have known the idiot half breed would enjoy a games console.

"I guess you like it?" Kagome asked as Inuyasha proceeded to reveal his mental age by bouncing on the king sized bed. She put Rin on the floor and Rin walked up to Sesshoumaru. She stood around thirty centimetres away from him and stared at him.

Sesshoumaru had never been very good with small children and he didn't really get along that well with humans so he had no idea how to deal with the child called Rin. Her chocolate brown eyes fixed unwaveringly onto his golden ones.

"I wouldn't engage in a staring competition with Rin" said Kagome dryly "she doesn't blink"

"Ne, moon man" Rin piped up in her soft voice "why is your hair silver?"

"I am an Inu Yokai" he told her coolly


"So my hair reflects the colour of my pelt when I transform" he told her

"You turn into a doggy?" she asked

"Hn" he said

"You're pure Yokai" Kagome said glancing at him

"And you're a Hanyou" said Kikyo gazing coolly at Inuyasha

"How would you know that?" asked Sesshoumaru

"Miko's" Kikyo said chucking a thumb in between herself and her sister

"I sense no aura" he said coldly narrowing his eyes at them and concentrating his energy. He sensed nothing coming from the two sisters.

"If you can sense our aura it means we're seriously pissed" Kagome said shrugging

A cell chirped and Kikyo pulled a small cell from her pocket and glanced at it.

"I've got to go, the shoot starts in thirty minutes and Naraku hates when I'm late" she told her twin

"How are you getting there?" asked Kagome whilst serrupticiously dragging Rin away from the Yokai who was cracking his claws in annoyance.

"Um..." she paused and then looked at her sister with doe eyes "maybe I could take Ocean Beauty?"

"Touch my bike I break your face" Kagome was emotionless which simply made the statement even more threatening.


"The last time you took her out I had to buy new fenders" she told her sister growling slightly. This made the two guys smirk; humans growling wasn't exactly scary to them.

"Fine, I'll take the car" she shrugged and disappeared out of the door

Kagome let go of Rin and chased her out of the door.

"Don't forget your bag!" she yelled after Kikyo

"Hai, Okasan!" she sniggered and the front door slammed after her

Kagome snarled under her breath and walked back into the room and grabbed Rin again. She was still staring at the steadily angrier Yokai.

"She probably shouldn't have left you in the house with two guys she doesn't even know" said Inuyasha frowning at how the women seemed not to grasp how screwed they were if either he or his brother let their beast loose.

"Bite me" she said seemingly reading his mind.

It would be my pleasure. Sesshoumaru's beast reared it's head as she departed from the room and he sighed. Looks like the younger girl would be testing his self control.

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