This is based just before the end and after "The Kingdom Of The Crystal Skull." I do not own any of the characters except Rose and the taxi-driver. Hope you enjoy. Please comment.


Rose stood in her doorway staring at her stairs. She had received an envelope in the post which looked unusual. No one wrote to her, all she got were bills. She had been at work all day but it was still bright outside. She sighed and ripped open the paper with her small hands:

"You are cordially invited to the wedding of:

Henry Jones Jr.


Marion Rivers"

Rose stared at the paper. Her father was getting married, finally. Rose pushed her short black hair behind her ear. The wedding was in two weeks. She had to find a dress a flight and somewhere to stay.

She immediately picked up the phone. "Hello?" Murmured a familiar voice, he was obviously working. "Congratulations dad! Finally tying the knot with Marion?" She screamed back. "Rose! I'm so glad you called. I was just about to phone you to see if you can come."

"Of course I can come. I wouldn't miss it for the world." She grinned. Her fathers voice was like music to her ears.

"There is something I have to tell you. I have a son. Henry Jones III. He's the same age as you actually. Marion didn't tell me she was pregnant before I left. Rose? Still there love?" She was shocked but happy.

"Yeah dad I'm here. Well I suppose I should call you Indy now you have a real family instead of me." There was a slight bitterness in her voice.

"Rose. You maybe my adopted daughter, but you are still my daughter. You will not be forgotten.""I already have been dad. What happened to my birthday hmmm?" The bitterness had gone from her voice, humour had returned.

"Mistake I'm sorry. I'll make it up to you. Why don't you come home for the wedding? You can stay in your room we have Mutt in Marcus's at the moment.""Mutt?"

"My son. He chose it." She could almost hear him roll his eyes.

"Tell me more about him. So I can prepare to meet my, step brother?"

"He likes motorbikes, he did have a Harley Davidson, but we lost it on our adventure."

"Excuse me? You took him on an adventure?" Her voice became cold, jealousy seeped through her.

"I didn't know he was my son at the time. You can come on my next one, make it a family business. He's good at fencing, doesn't like school, fancies himself as tough. Not much else to tell you can find out when you meet him." He paused for a moment. "How's the job going?"

She groaned, "It's fine. I hate the kids. But it's fine.""You got fired didn't you?"

"It was a stupid job. I didn't like being a waitress anyway. I may have spilled boiling hot soup on a man, and a woman the next day. It was an accident. I'm too clumsy." She sighed, "I can't live here either. I have no money to pay the rent and I was kicked out of college. I'm so sorry, dad."

"Don't worry, come home we'll sort you out. I'll get you a plane too. For tomorrow." She had never heard him be so kind. He loved her and she knew it but he had never been this accepting. Marion was a good influence and obviously so was Mutt.

"I'll call you later about the flight. Speak to you soon." He put down the phone before she could reply. She busied herself with packing all of her things. Not that she had much. After finishing she turned to tidying the house.

She heard the phone go, ran to the phone and heard her landlord's voice. "Get out of there tonight, Rose or I'll get the police." He put down the phone and she started to cry into her hands. How did it get so bad?

She heard it ring again this time she heard her father. "Get the plane at ten o'clock." He gave her all the details and added, "In the picture of me and you at central park there is a credit card in the frame. Use that for everything. I'll come and pick you up at the airport." He put the phone down again and she found the card. Either he knew she wouldn't last on her own or he was looking out for her. She didn't care today she had to leave so her dad's help was welcome.

When leaving the house she put her keys in a pot next to the door and called for a taxi. Putting her small amount of boxes and suitcases brought the gravity of her situation down on herself. She burst into tears and gasped the words "the airport please."

She thought about the day she was taken by Indy from her house to his. Her parents had died on one of his adventures six years after he had left Marion. He felt so guilty that he asked to be her guardian, she was five. She remembered his young face full of sorrow smiling at her and holding her as she sobbed. The immense proportions of his house and how she would run around in it. The first day she called him dad stayed in her mind vividly. He stopped what he was doing at looked at her big green eyes. "Sorry, I meant Mr. Indiana." She said looking at the floor. "It's alright, rose. You can call me dad if you want to." He couldn't hide a secret joy that she had called him "dad" and that had been his name ever since.

"You leaving your husband? That's all I seem to get these days." The taxi-driver was obviously bored and had a thick cockney accent.

"No I've been kicked out of my house, going back home to my dad." She started to explain all of her troubles to the poor man. He listened the whole way through, without saying a word.

She arrived at the airport half an hour before it left. She said "I've only got a credit card." When they arrived.

"Don't worry, love. You keep it, you need it more than I do."

She smiled and thanked him. She got out of the taxi grabbed her stuff and went to buy a ticket.

The plane-ride seemed so much longer than it was. Rose sat reading the whole time. A man sat next to her was snoring and the woman on the other side of him kept tutting. She tried to sleep but was constantly awoken by the tutting woman and the sound of announcements.

When they landed Rose felt sick. It was twelve-thirty her dad had probably forgotten about her. He was stood waiting for her with a huge grin on his face. "Rose!" She threw his arms around his neck. "Marion is so excited. She wants you to be her maid-of-honour and to help out with the whole wedding." He had a glint in his eyes that meant he was as excited. "I would be honoured dad. But I have to meet her first, she might not like me."

Indy ruffled her hair, "She'll love you as much as I do." He kissed her forehead and took her heaviest bags.