A/N: Half credit goes to my brother .crayons. This is something that came about when we were being crazy at midnight.

The phone rang and Buddy cheerfully skipped to pick it up. "Buddy the Elf. What's your favorite color?"

There was dead air for a long moment before a rasping, eerie voice answered, "Red."

"Really?" he exclaimed joyfully. "That is a very interesting choice. Coincidentally that is the exact same color of my favorite flavor of jello."

The rasping voice on the other end laughed mechanically. "Oh, yes. The jello of DOOM!"

Buddy giggled. "hehe…that's a funny word. Doom. Hehe…"

There was once again dead air on the other end for the eerie voice did not know what to say. "Doom" he blurted out and then the dial tone sounded.

Buddy shrugged and skipped away muttering 'doom' to himself followed by bouts of laughter.

A/N: Kinda random, but I love the idea of someone evil having their evil plans foiled by an obnoxious person. :D