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by Luinthoron

Christmas. Again. And yet, Harry Potter was not as happy as he shouls have been. Oh, yes, everything, everybody was fine. Dumbledore had greeted the whole school in 7 different languages, from German 'Frohe Weihnachten!' to the standard English 'Merry Christmas!', Dobby had knitten his friends socks as he always did (and as always they were different, yet beautiful), even Dumbledore had gotten a pair. Dobby, who was baking something for the Christmas Feast, was really flattered, when the Headmaster came with Harry and his friends to thank him.

But still Harry felt that something was missing. Sure, the gifts had been great - the standard sweater from the Weasleys, a practice Snitch from Ron and the twins (who were quite successful with their 'Weasleys' Wizard Wheezes'), the said socks from Dobby, and a new quill from Hermione. Even Draco (who would've thought that he'd turn away from his father and the Dark Lord, and become one of Harry's best friends?) had gotten him a present: a nice clasp in the form of a 'Firebolt' for his cloak. But there was something the 16-year-old boy missed. Or someone…

Everybody around him was happy - happy with someone… But he was alone. Yes, he had friends, that wasn't the problem. But he felt lonely since Ron and Hermione had become a couple. And Draco with Ginny! He couldn't understand the fact that Draco was still alive. Maybe Ron was too busy snogging with Hermione to notice what was happening around him… At least it seemed so, considering the amount of snowballs hitting him in the fight this morning.

The hours passed, the feast began, continueing with the Christmas Ball for the older students. Silently Harry watched all the happy couples. He saw Seamus and Parvati dancing, Ron whispering to Hermione something that sounded surprisingly like 'You're looking quite nice this evening. Either that, or someone spiked the egg nog.' And Draco and Ginny grinning behind them, making Harry think that maybe Ron was right with the spiking bit…

And then he saw her. Someone as lonely as he was, sitting alone at a table. His heart seemed to miss a beat. It was Cho!

Harry sat down by her. "You're lonely too?" he asked. She nodded slightly. "Dance?" That was all Harry could think to ask.

"Sure, why not!" she smiled, maybe for the first time since her fifth year.

Time seemed to fly too fast for the two. They danced, talked, danced again. They weren't lonely anymore. And when suddenly standing under mistletoe they kissed for the first time, they realized that they were in love.

And finally as happy as they deserved to be…