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Edward Pov

I opened my eyes to a bright morning in Jacksonville, Florida . I looked to my right. Ugh! That bitch Tanya again. How come I always seem to wake up in bed with her? I never used to be this much of a man whore in till me and my Bella got take away from each other. And yes I still call her my Bella because she will always be mine!

I remember perfectly how it happened... Her dad didn't like me and frankly I didn't like him either. I was 19 and a rebel, Bella was my life and more. Bella was 18 and the sweetest thing in the world, I was also her life and more. We were in love! People used to say "you cant fall in love that young" oh but we did and they know that now... One morning I went to go get her like I always did, but she wasn't there.

The gardener told me they packed up and moved far away during the night, because Mr. Swan didn't like the love between me and my Bella...

Tanya moaned and rolled over and said "Good morning, Baby!" Snapping me back to reality.

My response was cold "I told you to never call me that bitch now get out of my apartment and you might as well never come back!" I used a little emphasis on the word NEVER.

"Well Hmph! I guess I wont come back again then! You know what Fuck You!" Tanya stormed out but just before she was out I yelled " You already have multiple times skank!"

I Know That wasn't right but I really don't care. She'll get over it.

I was now 25 years old and it has been 6 years since I have last seen the love of my life... Bella.

Bella Pov

I woke up to the guy I think I love but I'm not so sure because this is the guy my dad approved of... so I don't know if this is forced love I have for Jacob. I still wonder everyday about my love for Edward it was still there the love I mean. I was taken to live in a small town named Forks in Washington when I was 18. It was so hidden that I know why Edward hasn't come for me yet. It's because he doesn't know it exists.

I also wonder if he remembers me at all? and if he remembers finding me gone that next morning?

I know I remember everything from that night when my dad dragged me off to Forks... "Bella... Isabella wake up now!" My dad Charlie was saying that night.

"Dad? What time is it?" I looked at the clock it was 1: 40 P.M. "What are you doing up this late?" I asked in confusion and sleepiness.

"We got to go Bells we are leaving this place." Charlie said I stared at my dad dumb strucked.

"What? I don't even get to say goodbye?" I choked out while the tears started running down my face. I couldn't believe he was doing this to me and Edward!

Jacob Moaned and rolled over and said "Good morning, Baby!" I was pulled back from my memories. " Good morning." I said less cheerful than him, it was almost actually cold tone of voice. " You okay babe? Was last night not wonderful? i just love your dad Baby!" Jacob said Happily. I was not happy at all anymore and that's how I knew it was forced love towards Jacob.

At this point was when I always compared them; Jacob has long black hair, brown eyes like me, a way to built body and was really really tall with a smart ass attitude. Edward has bronze hair to die for, killer green eyes, a perfect built body, and was only a head taller than me with a the perfect bad boy attitude that only cared for me. I'm always hoping that he still felt the same way as he did then like I did now.

I'm now 24 years old and it has been 6 long years since I was taken away from the love of my life... Edward.

Edward Pov

I slowly got up from my bed to take a shower. Once the water was running down my body, my thoughts traveled back to where they left off when Tanya interrupted them.

I dropped to my knees almost crying "no how could have happened". Suddenly I got up and ran I don't know where I was running to I just ran. I realized I was running to Bella's mom's house. Bella's mom and dad split up when she was 5 years old. Charlie got custody.

When I got to Renee's house I just pushed the door open she doesn't mind she liked me unlike Charlie.

"Where- Where did he take her?" I yelled. "What are you talking about Edward?" Renee answered.

"You know where Charlie took Bella, you know tell me now!" I kept yelling in pain.

"I cant tell you that Edward I'm sorry he'll kill you and if you love Bella you won't go and get yourself killed." Renee said in a caring voice. That's when I broke down.

I was crying and I couldn't stop murmuring " Why me? Why my Bella?"

Another interruption! The doorbell...

I got out of the shower wrapped a towel around me and went to answer the door.

I looked out the peep hole. Renee? I opened the door. "Renee what are you doing here?" I asked sounding confused.

"Edward I think it's time I tell you about Bella." Renee said in a calm voice.

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