I don't own twilight. This is short.



My little sister is coming for a visit today and it is going to be so much fun but right now I wanna play xbox with my sister of a brother.

I walked up to jasper and he fucking ignored me and stared off into space thinking god knows what and I got more and more stoked about beating him so I asked him if he wanted to play and he agree.

We started to play and I know he was cheating because he was winning and when I won I told him this he started to yell at me. That bitch had some nerve.

Then bella walked in looking like she was about to laugh in my face and then she made fucking fun of me. So I told her she could suck it and she said to wipe it out and I could have sworn that she got laid to get this damn bold.

I wonder if Edward was that good or if she was cheating on poor eddy


What do you think?