A jacket for protection.

By : Kana


"It's cold..."

His red eyes are big and innocent. Curiosity written all over his face.

"That's usually the case when it snows. Beside... We're in Russia... And it's winter..."

A smile graces his lips. The new little one is cute. He can hardly believe it's the grandson.

Gently he takes off his jacket. And with a care many think impossible of the Ice-Wolf, he drapes it over the small Phoenix' shoulders.

"But! You..."

He places two fingers against the younger boy's lips.

"I'm fine. I'm used to it."

He smiles when he sees Kai's disbelieving expression.

'You'll need it here...'


His eyes that suddenly open are the only indication that he has woken up.

Why did he remember that? Why that particular memory?

His gaze travels outside. Through the window. Snowflakes are slowly falling down.

He knows now why the blue eyes were so clouded when he gave him the jacket. He already knew what was bound to happen. And happen it did...

Standing up he walks to his closet. Trembling fingers graze over the fabric that actually isn't his.

Taking it in his arms he lays himself back down. Carefully cradling it. As if it's alive. As if it's...


The arms that hold him close are strong yet gentle.

Tears are silently running down. He hates this sign of weakness. Even before the Wolf. Even after all these years.

"You still have it."

No question. No answer needed.

A gentle kiss is placed on his bare shoulder, while a soft chuckle leaves the older boy's lips. He must taste blood because of it.

"Your back looks horrible..."

There comes no reaction. There never comes one.

And just when he wants to withdraw, a trembling hand takes his.

It tells him everything he needs to know.

'Please, don't leave me...'


He didn't just give the jacket because of the cold.

It meant more.

He wanted to give the little boy something to hold on to. In the world of cold and darkness that he was about to enter, there he wanted to give him hope, warmth, and perhaps even light.

But the little boy had disappeared. Just like the child in him had died so many years before. It seemed so much longer.

And they moved on. Both of them.

Little did he know that next door the little boy, that was hiding inside, was cradling his jacket. Nearly crying...


There has been a time where they were together. Well, as much of a couple you can be while living in the Abbey...

There used to be a time they were 'happy'. A time where they could love.

Kai's memory loss changed everything. The Wolf still doesn't know if he finally remembers. The Phoenix is as cold and emotionless as ever.

So probably he doesn't. Or perhaps he doesn't show it because it means nothing to him anymore.

Has it ever?

A tear rolls down and surprised he brushes it away.

Why does it hurt still? After all these years...



His eyes narrow when the red head ignores him and walks past him.

Without a second thought he takes off after the Wolf. His hand on the blue eyed blader's shoulder, roughly spinning the captain around.

Both their eyes are flashing dangerously.

"Don't ignore me Wolf."

A flash of surprise crosses the Ice blader's features. It earns him a rare smile of the Phoenix.


Without wasting another second, Kai pushes him against the wall. His lips firmly descending on those in front of him.

Nails are digging in his back and he pulls back. Kissing away the tears.


The End.