Too Much Light

By : Kana


"Right. The oven works. At least we'll have garlic bread…"

There's a slight tone of accusation to be heard in the blond haired boy's voice.

"It's not my fault the freaking fire is flipping. I mean, come on. We followed the manual. Touch the switch-on-button. And then these freaking horizontal bars appear. And they just won't disappear again…"

A fist is slammed down hard on the marmern table and the boy flinches slightly.

"Right. Try again…"

Everybody can see that the blacked haired boy is getting angry. A normal person would silently back away and leave him be, until his anger has cooled off. Or until he came to ask for help. Though everyone knows that that will never happen.

Calmly Hitonari walks over to where the manual is lying. That idiot always needs help.


"I'll go give the others the garlic bread already."

There comes no reply, except for Tachibana's drumming on the electric fire plate that really refuses to work.

Silently the blond player puts the plate back down. Gently wrapping his arms around the frustrated youth.

"Come. Let's first eat this with the others. We'll figure it out together after that."

A light kiss placed in his neck is enough to get him a little relaxed and to bring him to the living room.


"Hmm. Delicious garlic bread."

The entire team nods and they all look up in surprise when Tachibana, who hadn't said a word since they came out of the kitchen, suddenly stands again and walks back towards the stubborn fire.

Questioning glances are shot towards Hitonari, who ignores it all and calmly eats his last piece of bread, before he too stands up and walks back to the kitchen without uttering a word, and closing the door behind him.

"Argh! Stupid thing! Why won't you work?!"

Shaking his head he walks back towards the manual, flipping the pages back and forth. Truthfully, he can't find what's going wrong. Tachibana did indeed do what he should. So… Theoretically, it should be working…

Until his eye falls on a small frame somewhere at the bottom of a page. A page that has nothing to do with how to start the fire.

"If the lights go up and down in the horizontal way, there's probably too much light in the area for the system. Self check before start up."

They look at each other. A disbelieving look in their eyes.

"Too much light…?!"

It's shouted in unison. Followed by a clear laughter of both of them.

Still shaking Hitonari walks towards the door and puts out the light.

"Try again…"

Silence that isn't broken for a couple of seconds. Both of them curiously waiting.

"It works!"

Switching the light back on he watches Tachibana's happy, nearly childish actions while preparing dinner.

Every now and then he hears a soft muttered 'too much light' either followed by a 'ta' or a soft 'snort'.

Shaking his head he opens the door again.

"Dinner's ready in ten minutes. Pick a movie already."

In the living room they can hear the arguments beginning on which movie they would see tonight.

"Honest… These bungalows…" Followed once more by a soft 'too much light'.


The End


AN : Well, the too much light thing really happened to my best friend and me. And it was just such a perfect setting for a fanfiction ... ^^ I couldn't resist writing it down ... *grins*