Sticky fingers, Bright Smiles
by pari106

Disclaimer: not mine; rating: G; summary: drabble of exactly 100 words. Irene
Hansen's thoughts.

Author's note: This is an old idea…and I know I've been out of this fandom for a long
time… But here it is. Please review.

Sticky Fingers, Bright Smiles
by pari106

She liked strawberry tarts, you know.

But not just for the taste. She liked getting the jam all over her fingers, and licking it off.
Then she'd giggle when I teased that I'd gobble her up she was so sweet.

I wonder what happened to her?

The little girl who liked those tarts and the color red. Whose eyes danced and whose
laughter was like song. Who used to stamp her feet when she was angry.

Don't get me wrong…you're a lovely young woman, Seven. But I miss that girl. I miss
sticky fingers and bright smiles.

I miss Annika.