Grace heard a little girl's scream. She was in her office sorting out some paper work. Oliver was out. Grace thought for a second "annie" she stood up and rushed up the stairs. She opened the door to see punjab and a few maids gathering around and comforting Annie. Grace went over and sat next to her. Annie hugged her tightly.

"Annie, what's the matter?" she asked worridly

"Sandy's disapeared"

"oh don't worry we'll find her" she smiled. They all went searching. The sun was setting. Oliver would be home in about 3 hours. They took all the torches they could find in the house. They all split up. Annie was looked after by Grace tried really hard to find him. If he didn't turn up she would be heart broken. She thought. She carried on walking. She heard Sandy's bark. She carried on walking when...A man had hold of Sandy's lead. He was walking down a dark alleyway.

"Excuse me. Thats my dog" She walked up to Sandy and ruffled her head. She turned to look at the man. He looked familiar, but she couldn't tell.

"where's Annie?" he said sternly

"what?" she asked afraid

"you get the dog when i get the girl" he demanded. She stood up slowly.

"i don't know who you are but, I can't let that happen" she said

"oh Grace, i don't want to hurt you" he said while he laid his finger under her chin and lifting her head slightly. She backed away. How did he know her name? Until she felt the cold wall.

"you will not lay a finger on her!" she told

He sniggered

"rooster!" she realized that laugh any where

"clever girl, Mr. Mil..Billionairewouldn't want you to get hurt now would he?"

"what do you want with Annie anyway?" she asked

"oh just some buisness i need to take care of"

"you will not touch her" She wasn't as scared as he thought she would be.

"is that a threat or a promise?" he asked getting closer to her. She gasped.

"a promise" her voice trembled.....