The One

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Rating: PG; Summary: Qui-Gon, in death, discovers the truth that eluded him in life.

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The One
by pari106

Irony…so terrible he struggled to comprehend it. Despair…

These things flooded Qui-Gon's senses. He was not dead…though he knew his "life" had ended. He was
in that place where the immortal soul shrugs off the trappings of mortality. Where the souls of Jedi became
one, finally, in being as well as thought, with the Force.

Where certainty replaces conjecture, and the truth is revealed.

The truth about Anakin Skywalker. And what he had done by starting the child on the path of a Jedi.

"He was not the one…"

A lament…felt more than spoken. A lament too powerful, too painful, for words or even thoughts. And
yet…somehow…it was received. And responded to.

"No…he was not," spoke the voices of Jedi, dead and gone long before himself.

Anakin had not been the one…the one to bring balance to the Force. He was the one who would prove its
greatest threat. That bright, beautiful boy… Qui-Gon had only wanted to help him realize his own
greatness. Instead he had ensured his destruction. And that of their race, as well.


"I thought I'd found the one…"

An excuse. An ineffective one, he knew. But the only he could give. An excuse for having let his own
ambition blind him to the danger others had seen more clearly. The danger the council had tried to warn
him of. The danger that even his own padawan had seen more clearly than he had.

"You had," came the voices yet again.


Qui-Gon did not know what they meant. And then…a vision…a memory… A face. One that had been
very dear to him in his mortal life. A face…so familiar. And yet he'd never really seen it for what it truly
way. Until now. The face of salvation.



It was Obi-Wan's face.

"He was the one?"

Irony…and shock so strong he felt the very Force quake with it.

"He was the one…"

For once the voices remained silent. They did not confirm Qui-Gon's statement.

They did not have to.