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I knew that I would never be the same person ever again. I remained seated in my bed, just waiting for your return. I spend hours, days and months watching at the door. I yearned for you with all my forces. I beg for you to return to me, but you never did. I wanted to think that you had gone to a long trip and that someday, you would return home. To a dark and cold house, but still was ours. I know that I must not have left you faced them alone, but also I know that no one would change your mind until you reached what you fight for. James, I miss you so much babe, more than I never thought. My pain is still greater, because I have remained all alone; full of anger and loneliness, and also left me without you. But that doesn't last long, I am going to take charge them, at any cost, if I have to lose my own life, if is as well as should call him to what I am, what remains of me without you. I was looking for my revenge, our sweet revenge.

Gone (Victoria POV)

I used to work in a women's prison in Washington State, and my life was focused on the misfortunes of others. I was the director of the prison guards in a private institution for women, where the inmates have to work and earn what they eat. Work for basic needs and for their own protection. I never wanted to work in any institution, but after what happened, I did not want to go back to my old life. I wanted to radically change what I was, what had been, and work and earn money the honest way. Not how I was earning it before. Nobody knew about my past or where I came. Not arousing suspicion among my colleagues, although they knew that there must be some reason for been as I was, on their words, too cold demeanor. No, I did not want to remember my past. It wasted too much time and caused so much pain that still continues hurt. But I missed him that much, it was almost unbearable to breathe, eat or even sleep.... This feeling of guilt, having to grapple with two things inside me: being a drug smuggler and missing my partner, my love, my James. What an irony of life! No longer worked at the prison, but was now part of the inmates. I came here because I wanted to complete my revenge. I went to Forks where the cause of my misfortune lived: Edward Cullen and Isabella Swan.

Guilty (Victoria POV)

Edward Cullen was the senior commander of the DEA (Drug Enforcement Administration) in Seattle and his wife was Isabella Swan. Just remember their names, freezes my skin and boils my blood in anger. I would go after them and kill them both with my own two hands, and take revenge in the death of my beloved James. Withstand any punishment, even if I had to die, in order to have the satisfaction of feeling their blood running through my hands. That thirst for vengeance was so terrible! I suddenly felt all my body tense, to the point of being unable to move. I put my hands to my face and try to breathe deeply.

- "Victoria, you have to calm down, take it easy and think with a cool head" – I told myself as I looked at the reflection in the bathroom mirror.

- "Your time will come, and you can see your revenge completed" – that's what I always thought.

The call (Victoria POV)

I had finished my shift at the penitentiary, when I decided to get something to eat and then go home to watch a movie. I walked around the parking lot heading for my car in the direction of my red Audi TT.

- "How much James loved this car..." – I thought running my hand thru the passenger door to the front one. I was absorbed in my thoughts when I heard my phone ringing.

- "Hi" - I answered.

A thick and strong voice left me breathless at the other side of the line.

- "Victoria, I am"... – the voice said. Instinctively I asked back.

- "Who are you?" A bit stunned by the question, he answered.

- "I'm Jacob Black; you didn't remember an old friend?"

- "Sure… ummm… how can I help you Jacob?" – I replied.

Across the line, is likely to be heard a smile.

- "I'm not the one who needs help. In fact, you are who needs me" – he said.

I laughed loud. I was getting nervous and anxious.

- "Really? And what makes you think I may need your help?" – I said with irony.

On the other side of the phone I heard a sigh of annoyance, a silence in which I thought that Jacob had hung the line. That's scared me even more.

- "You want to take away Edward Cullen for what he did to James isn't? Just like me, so I think that's why you need my help" – he answered after a long silence.

I closed my hand and had to instantly stop the car to avoid a crash. I regained myself control, my anger, my pain.

- "Jacob, I'm not playing games anymore, and that theme in my life is already forgotten, I beg you..." –

But Jacob immediately stopped what I was saying.

- "Look Victoria, all I can tell you by phone is that I'm going to Seattle in two days, so I hope to meet you there if you're staying in the same address" – he said.

- "Yes" – I said in a whisper.

The next thing I heard was the voice of Jacob calmly saying.

- "Well, until then Victoria" – he said and the line cut.

I didn't longer stop to buy anything. I wasn't hungry anymore. Instead, became that feeling of bottomless pit again, a hole that filled the center of my chest. There was a long time since I heard from Jacob Black, more than I had figured. He was one of the few trustful and loyal colleagues who work with James. He managed to flee to London when Edward Cullen and his DEA and SWAT teams raided our house. That was the day my sky dyed gray forever.

Tonight has been a very long one; I not even see a clockwise movement. Unlike, it seems stopped at the exact time when…

I could not think more, so I'd try to get some sleep.

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