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Plan Implementation: Phase two (Jacob's POV)

"Ok, got it Jaz"

Jasper called me to let me know that he was on his way to the hideout with Renesmee Cullen, Edward's daughter. Phase one of our plan was already accomplished, and I was feeling excited for the little reunion I planned to have with my sweetheart Isabella Cullen Swan. I couldn't wait longer to touch that glorious body of her… to smell her hair… She was so damn sexy… and she was going to be all mine…

Poor bitch! Isabella wasn't aware of the price she was going to pay for her beloved husband intromission in our business.

The trip to Edward Cullen house was shorter than I expected. I was deep in my thoughts when I finally realized that I was in front of the house.

I made a few calls before I got out of the car, the first call was to confirm the flight tickets for Victoria and Renesmee, and then I called Jasper.

"Yeah, I already called the travel agency and the flight tickets with the girl and Victoria's names are ready to use in case the shit hit the fan" I explained Jasper as I closed the car door and ran to the back of the house. I looked around to familiarize with my new surroundings and to watch if any unpleasant neighbor was around. I kept walking through the deserted backyard and reached the backdoor. I already knew that Jasper had left it opened for me.

I walked in the kitchen and laundry area in a stony silence, making sure that in fact, no one was there. When I entered the living room, I saw a naked girl lying on the floor unconscious and badly injured.

My phone vibrated in my coat pocket.

"I'm already inside and…" but Jasper spoke back.

"Did you found Alice? Is she still breathing?" he asked and I knelt on her side to try to catch her breathing, it felt kind of erratic. I pushed my index and middle finger to her throat to check her pulse.

"Ummm let me see if she's still breathing. Yes she is, but she is still unconscious. You bastard, you fucked her pretty hard!!" I suppressed a laugh.

"No, you asshole, I didn't touched her."

"Oh… you don't? You're evil man, you lose your chance!!"

"Fuck you Jacob"

"Pardon me man" I hung my phone and put it back on the pocket inside my coat.

I had to confess that when Jasper told me that he hadn't rape the bitch, I felt kind of relieved. She was only a young girl, or at least that's what I thought only looking at her small framed body. Alice face was bruised and swelled, her beautiful features tainted with her own blood. I looked around to see if I could find somewhere to hide and wait for Isabella to arrive home, that's going to be fucking easy. My plan consisted on once she got inside the house I would be hiding, so when she entered in the living room and watched Alice lying on the floor, I could catch her unaware.

I was looking around when I heard a car park at the house driveway, so I ran to one of the living room windows. To be sure that she had arrived, I slightly move the curtain to the side and I saw her picking something from the trunk. Isabella was carrying several packages in her hands, some bags that seemed heavy for her to carry. She left all her bags on the floor and put the key in the doorknob. I moved quickly and hide behind a wall next to the hallway that leaded to the kitchen. She opened the door pushing it with one of her legs.

"Alice... Renesmée… I'm home!!" she called, her voice running into the silence that filled the house.

Nothing. She furrowed her eyebrows and gave another cautious step forward.

"How strange, well maybe they are playing outside" I hear her speaking to herself then I heard that she put the packages on the floor once again.

"Alice… Nessie… where are you naughty girls?" she called once again.

Silence. She took a deep breath, visibly annoyed and took her phone out of the purse.

"This is not funny Alice… Renesmee" her voice was trembling and she tried to keep at bay the growing concern. Isabella turned around to take the packages inside and closed the door behind her, kicking it. She stared at her phone, dialing numbers on it while walking to the living room.

"ALICE!!" she tripped with her own feet when she saw Alice motionless body and her phone slammed on the floor.

"Alice!! Oh God! Please talk to me Alice!! What happened?" I was well hidden and she was so terrified that she didn't noticed any of my movements behind her. I was trying to be death silent… I knew damn well that she wasn't going to be an easy target.

"Alice… no!! OMG, and where is Nessie?!" she gasped, taking Alice's head in her lap. "Oh God, where is my baby!" she started to sob, taking a cushion placed over the sofa and reclined her head on it.

Isabella ran to the kitchen with her purse still clutched in her hands. She threw all the contents of her bag on the floor, scattering all around her looking for her phone. "Where is my fucking phone?!" she shouted desperate. Isabella saw her phone on the floor and ran to take it but she stumbled and fell hard face down on the floor.

That was cue. I was only waiting for the opportune moment to attack her. I grabbed her neck and put over her nose and mouth a handkerchief soaking with chloroform. Chloroform can immobilize a victim and it falls completely asleep in just a couple of minutes. Isabella tried to fight and make a run, but she quickly fell asleep. I grabbed her motionless and numb body and pushed the contents of the carrying bags fall scattered in the living room. It were girl's birthday items, candles, balloons and Princess decorations.

I knew this was going to freak the hell out of Edward when he found this mess when he gets home. I took a quick glance to the front of the house, but no one was around. I took Isabella on my shoulders and left the house, walking into the woods to get the car. It took me a little longer to reach the abandoned house because it started to rain and it was like a fucking hurricane. When I arrived, Jasper helped me and we left Isabella in a locked room we had fixed for her. It was only a matter of time, when Edward found out that his beloved wife and his little daughter were disappeared.

Several hours later, Isabella woke up. We were having something to eat when we hear her screaming. As soon as she opened her eyes, she started shouting and kicking the room door to no end. She was pounding the walls around her like crazy and I was starting to have a massive fucking headache.

"GET ME OUT OF HERE!!! Fuck!!!" I run upstairs and kicked her door; I could hear her getting out of the way.

"Shut the hell up bitch or you are going to be sorry not to" I shouted back and wined, my headache getting even worse. She remained quiet for a minute and when I was turning my way downstairs, she yelled once again; she clearly wasn't willing to cooperate.

"I dare you! Who are you? Get me out! HELP!! Please someone help me!!! Please!!! Where is my daughter? What the hell do you want? Why you abuse Alice that way?" Isabella continued shouting, getting me out of my nerves.

The girl heard her mother's voice and started to cry too. Fuck my life!

"I want my mommy!!!" the girl cried. Isabella heard her and started to yell again, this time even more loudly.

"Renesmee, Nessie! It's me baby, is mommy. Where are you?" she was still kicking the door so hard, that I thought that she would take it down.

The girl continued to cry, calling her mother's name and Isabella began to cry and whimper on the other side of the door.

"I'm here baby… calm down honey… Mommy is here with you, don't be scared" she tried consoling her daughter. Suddenly, the girl stops crying because Victoria gave her a few candies. But Bella became hysterical when she couldn't longer hear her anymore.

"NESSIE!! I want my daughter!! Do me whatever you want, but don't touch her!! Don't you dare to touch her!!" her crying began to fade.

Half an hour passed and Isabella's cries began to fade, but when we thought she would remain quiet, a new kicking and shouting extravaganza began. Jasper and I got tired of that shit; we couldn't allow her to keep screaming because someone may hear it from outside. This still was a camping and hunting zone and we couldn't take that risk. I took the keys and headed upstairs, I opened the door with the gun drawn in my hand.

"Are you going to shut the fuck up or what?!! I swear to you if you don't, I am going to kill your fucking daughter right now!!" I threatened her; she was seated in a far corner of the room, watching me closely.

"No… please!! Don't… harm her" Isabella knelt on her knees, begging for her daughter's life.

"Well Isabella, to get this party started, your beloved husband just need to find out what happened on his house. I can't imagine the look on his face when he finds his poor little sister Alice raped and beaten to death, that is going to be so sad. And then when he realizes that his lovely wife and daughter are missing. I bet that would be great to see" I jested, walking toward her.

"Who are you?" she asked, taking her knees to her chest.

"My name is Jacob Black, at your service" and I took her chin in my hand.

At one point, Isabella stood up and tried to run towards the door. I managed to grab her hair and throw her back on the floor. I pushed her on her back and stranded her legs with mines, grabbed her neck and she choked, she barely could breathe.

"Ple…ase... I can't bre... breathe…" she said wrapping her hands on mines.

"You will pay for that courage of yours bitch!! Your daughter is already death, thanks to you!!" and I stood up and turned to left the room.

Isabella took her hands and covered her throat, she stumbled on her feet and tried to run behind me but she slammed on the door, she yelled inside.

"Bring me that freaking girl" I shouted and smiled, because no one was there.

"NOOO!! Sorry!! Sorry!!" I hear Isabella screamed inside.

I closed the door again and moved to the other side of the house where Victoria was. I asked her to give me the pajamas the girl was wearing. She looked at me steadily.

"Do you think I am a fucking child molester or something you stupid? I need the pajamas to shut the fuck up her mother for a while" I said.

Victoria changed the girls clothing and gave me her pajamas. I walked down to the kitchen where Jasper was talking on the phone, playing with a can of soda.

"Here Jasper, take this knife and cut yourself. I need you to stain these pajamas with your blood" I ordered him, he fixed his eyes on me for a few seconds, he was talking on the phone with Rosalie.

"Rose, is time. I'll wait for your call" he said putting the phone on the table.

He took the knife on his hand, run one fingertip over it and in matter of three seconds he cut himself on the shoulder and cleaned out all the pooling blood with the pajamas.

"That would be good..." I said, taking back the stained pj's.

"This is going to freak that woman"

I took the girl pajamas from him and went to the room where Isabella was still screaming. I started to speak out loud in the hallway.

"Come here sweet girl... look what I have for you, come here" and I opened another door in the hallway. I slammed the door shut behind me and shoot out the window.

"Noooooooooo!!!!!! Noooo!!! Please!!!! Nessie!!!" I hear her screaming.

It was a huge bullet hole on the pajamas. I went back to Jasper to re-wet it with his blood so I could take it to Isabella. I carefully opened the door and she was kneeling on the floor, she seemed almost fainted. When she saw me, she began to scream again.

"...DAUGHTER?" she slapped me on the face and grabbed my shirt.

"Look what you made me do Isabella" and I threw her daughter bloodied pajamas. What happened next was heartbreaking... even to me. I have never seen reflected on someone face thousands of emotions as I did saw on Isabella's. She was suddenly infuriated, scared, sad…

Isabella took the pajamas in her hands and scrubed her chest with it. She was stained in Jasper's blood. Her pale face turned red tainted with the blood and she looked at me, her eyes were full of fear; she slowly got up the floor and walked towards me.

"No... You didn't do anything to my daughter… Tell me this is a fucking LIE!!!" she claimed but I remained calmed and quiet.

"Isabella, your daughter is dead. Do you want me to bring you her body?" I asked her. "That's something you don't want to see, trust me." She began to tremble and mourn and shouted Edward's name.

"Kill me!!! Please!! Kill me..." she said kneeling in front of me.

"I don't want to kill you yet. I am hoping that your beloved Edward discover what happened in the house and came running to try to rescue both of you" I laughed at her, looking at her eyes. But I couldn't see anything inside them. She was devastated.

"No… Edward… Alice... my daughter... my baby... how could you?" she kept begging, she was curled in a fetal position on the floor. Her legs and arms were visibly shacking and her face was beginning to swell in bruises.

I approached her and pointed my gun to her head. She closed her eyes and wrapped her head with her arms. I could hear her mourning Edward's and Renesmee names.

"I love you Ness… I love you Edward"

And she fainted.

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