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Coming Home (Edward's POV)

"Listen guys we are going to take a quick break to eat something and then we can go to the second part of the training if that is ok with you Cullen" chief Malloy said yawning and I nodded. We were tired of this training; it seemed endless! I stretched my legs in front of me and took out my phone to call Bella at home. It rang a few times and the machine took my call.

"Hi, this is Edward, this is Bella and this is Nessie, we are not home right now but you can leave us a message after the beep"

I waited for the beep smiling, hearing our family message on the answering machine because Nessie had made us do it her way.

"Hi babe! Hi Ness! I called to know if you guys were doing fine. Did mommy spend too much money shopping today? I hope not. Bella call me when you have the chance, please. I love you both, kisses" and I snapped my phone shut.

I exited the conference room, looking for something quick to eat because I could hear my stomach growling in hunger. Walking to the dining area, I dialed Alice number to check on her and Nessie because she had told me that she was going to take care of her today, but she didn't answered her phone either. I tried Bella's cell phone after I grabbed a turkey sandwich from the vending machine and a Coke.

"Hi baby! How's your training?" she asked as soon she answered her phone and I sighed of relief knowing that she was fine.

"Boring as hell, I'm having ass cramps, sweetheart. How about your day? I bet it's been better than mine…" I sighed again, making my point clearly. She laughed at me.

"I am so sorry baby. I'm shopping for Nessie's birthday in Port Angeles, Alice gave me a huge list of things she though we may need for our princess party"

"Leave a simple seven year old birthday party on Alice hands, and she would make a god dammed national celebration about it" I complained and she giggled.

"Nessie's with you?"

"No, she stayed at home with Alice"

"Oh yeah… I remembered she said something about babysitting today."

Malloy stood in front of me, tapping his wrist for me to look at my watch. I shushed him and waved my hand but he started to tap his foot on the floor. I stared at him, visibly annoyed for his interruption and the noise of his shoe, but I knew that I had to end my conversation with Bella and talk to her again later.

"Well baby I gotta run… Malloy is in front of me tapping his god damn foot to make me hung on you and is driving me fucking crazy." He snorted but kept going. She laughed again.

"Ok honey, I see you at night. Probably I can make a stop by Victoria Secret's store and grab something nice that you might like… since I'm shopping and I got free lance to spend your money today…" she teased making me shift in my chair. My dick twitched inside my pants and I had to clear my throat to answer.

"That would be… really well reciprocated baby, I love you"

"Me too, I call you when I get home."

Malloy was amused at my sudden nervousness and patted my back. We both walked back to the conference room to attend the second part of our training. When it was finally over, I called Bella but she didn't answer her phone.

It seemed so strange to me that Bella hadn't answered any of the calls I made when I left the headquarters about six forty-five or even called me back as she said she would do when she got home. The training had taken longer than we all anticipated and the situation of not knowing of them was starting to worry me. Neither do Alice had picked up her phone all day.

I arrived at home and everything inside was dark. Weird. Bella always leaves the front door light lit.

"Where Bella could be?" I asked, mostly to myself. I kept walking down to the front door.

At the main driveway, Alice's yellow Porsche was parked. I touched the hood of the car and it was cold, so the car hasn't been used earlier.

"If Alice's car is here, certainly Bella took her and Nessie to eat something" and I laughed about my silliness preoccupation. But a strange feeling inside me was growing… It was inexplicable.

I turned back to my car because I thought that maybe Bella picked them up and took them back to the mall to help her to choose our girl party decorations and favors. If they were shopping with Alice, they were going to take a long time to come back home, so I decided that I was going to my parent's house to check on them, they were supposed to travel the next morning to celebrate their wedding anniversary. As I walked back to my car, I dialed Alice's number once again... and something made me stop dead on my tracks. I stopped, almost frozen in the same position. I couldn't move my legs.

The ringing of Alice's phone came from inside the house.

I didn't like any of this.

I walked to the front door and it was closed, so I went through the back door and it was also closed. I dialed Alice's number once again to confirm that I wasn't hearing things, but the entire house filled with Alice's cell phone ringtone.

"Alice never forgets her cell phone. Never." I thought.

I got back to my car and took my keys to open the front door. Everything was too dark inside. Shit…this was so strange.

"Alice? Bella?" I called and didn't hear anything; all I could hear was the beating of my accelerated pulse.

I walked stealthily and drew my gun out. Maybe it was a thief; I hoped this wasn't a joke the girls were making at me, because I'll be really pissed off. I was turning on the lights as I passed slowly to the foyer. I heard a murmur coming from the living room.

Definitely… someone was inside my house.

"Bella? Alice? If this is a fucking joke, stop it already! I'm getting on my nerves." I shouted back once again. If this was not a joke… what else it could be?

And then… the whisper became a fainted cry. A thousand thoughts filled my head at the same time; all my senses were on alert. I carefully entered the living room and flipped the lights on.

What I saw just shocked the hell out of me.

"Alice?!" I said when I saw her on the floor.

"What happened baby?"

"Ed… Edward…" Alice said, her voice was almost a whisper. She had been beaten and apparently she had been… I couldn't even say the word.

I looked for my phone on my jacket and dialed my father's number.

"Dad… I need you… I'm home, but you have to bring mom… HURRY!!" I said and threw my phone over the couch.

I ran upstairs to see if I could find Bella and Nessie hidden somewhere.

"Where are you Bella? Where?" I shouted when I didn't found them upstairs. I look in our bedroom, in Nessie's room as well but they were nowhere to be found.

I grabbed a blanket from Nessie's wardrobe and used my home phone to call 911. I went down and covered Alice's naked body with it. At least, I had to protect her dignity.

"Everything's going to be all right Ali Bee. I promise." I said trying to comfort her. I turned around trying not to move her too much.

"Ed… go… save them… they… Bella… Nessie" she whispered, her mouth trembling and she started to cry. I could see the pain reflected on her eyes.

"Who the fuck did this to you Alice? Who took them?" I asked clenching my hands into fist. I couldn't imagine what was happening to Bella and Nessie in those lowlife's hands. I shook my head trying to get rid of that sudden fear.

"My... my friend Jasper... he attacked me... Edward he... he…" she said whimpering and start crying again.

"Sshhh sis, I already called 911. They're on the way, please hold still…" I said as hate flowed through my veins and took all my willpower and control and threw it a thousand miles away from me. I wanted to take Alice in my arms and take her to the hospital myself, but I knew that I couldn't move her from the floor. I heard footsteps outside. It was Carlisle and Esme.

"Edward… Edward, what happened?" I heard Carlisle shouting.

I stood up and ran to the door. I closed the passage trying to prepare them for what they had to witness.

"Someone entered the home and took Bella and Nessie, they were abducted…" I said breathless.

"Edward… How?" my mom said holding her tears back. My dad opened and closed his mouth; he was speechless.

"We need to call the police squad Edward. They are going to assist us in the search, those people should not have gone too far from here" my dad said.

"Alice was also in the house mom…" I said and my head fell almost to the ground. My mom wasn't going to take this horrible news easily...

"Alice? Where is she? Noo, please Carlisle" my mom began to cry and Carlisle hugged her back.

"I called 911, she's inside. Alice had been brutally assaulted and beaten. Who took Bella and Nessie, abused Alice." I made a thread of voice, tears began to form and my sight was clouded.

"What? No, no… that's impossible Edward." Carlisle said running inside, my mother was on his heels. And I couldn't stop them.

"Alice!!" that was all my mother could say before she fainted.

I took mom in my arms and placed her on the couch. When she recovered, the three of us were waiting for Alice's ambulance to take her to the hospital. My mother held Alice hand and my father was extremely straight at her side.

Paramedics soon arrived and took my sister along with my mother in the ambulance, heading to the hospital. Carlisle stayed with me to help with the investigation into the disappearance of my wife and daughter.

"I swear to God… if those fuckers hurt Bella or Nessie in any way, I…" I said running my hands into my hair, getting more desperate as more minutes passed.

"Edward, we have to remain calmed. I need you here, ok?"

"Dad, I felt that something was wrong… I only hope that Bella and Nessie are together. I know she's not gonna let them hurt her." I said, finally letting my tears flow and run down my cheeks.

My father came up to me and held me tighter until no more tears escaped from my eyes. We needed to move fast, needed to find them alive and unharmed.

Carlisle and I went to my headquarters office to look for information about this man named Jasper. I typed his name on my computer criminal data base system, praying that a match came into the screen. After some agonizing minutes, we finally had a result. Jasper Whitlock had a succulent police criminal profile; he had been arrested for the slaughter of five people in Michigan about six years ago. But he had managed to escape the charges for a technical error committed by the prosecutor of the case.

"No, this motherfucker can't be Ali Bee friend" I told Carlisle, slamming my fist on the desk. All the things on it scattered on the floor.

"Yes, I think I heard Alice talking to Esme very excited about that guy" he told me.

"We need to find more information about him." I said typing his name on the Interpol data base system.

We called our friend Felix, who worked at the Interpol headquarters to verify if there were any passengers or a train ticket with the name of Isabella Swan, Jasper Whitlock or Renesmee Cullen. We had to wait until he returned the call with the information we asked him for. I was dying looking at the phone, getting more desperate every second. Finally the phone rang back.

"Edward. I found a reservation in Continental Airlines. One of the tickets is under the name of Jessica Summers and the other one with your daughter name, Renesmee Cullen. But it is not possible to verify if they are in that flight, we have to wait until the plane lands. My people are already there…" Felix explained.

My heart just stopped and I felt anger rising inside of me again.

"They took my daughter! Fuck!! Where?" I asked slamming my swollen fist again and again onto the desk getting out of control.

"New York City. Don't worry Edward, I will watch that plane and as soon as I have news, I will let you know…" and he hung up.

I was beyond furious and still we didn't have news about Bella. We returned to my house to investigate a little further around it. Carlisle toured the rear of the house and I took the front.

"Edward, I think I found something. You see the mud? Here are footprints of some kind of mountain boot. People probably came from somewhere in the woods around the house" he said. I knelt to see the boot print on the soil and in front of the backdoor.

"You think so? I'm not that sure about…" I said.

"There must be a way. I don't think it is possible that in such a short time they could have assaulted Alice, waited for Bella and attacked her when she arrived home... you saw the things she bought scattered on the floor, that's a signal that she struggled. Then take Nessie, arrive to the airport, and wait for the flight departure... That doesn't make sense Edward," he said and he was right. But maybe that was teamwork. That was the only thing that came into my mind.

"You're right. Then they are probably still around here. We need to bring more cops to search the nearby area; I think they could be a team of at least three or four people." I said turning to watch a strange car approaching my house. It made a sudden stop and I ran outside, dragging my gun out and aiming directly to the car.

"Bella?" and I ran to open the car door.

It wasn't Bella; it was Emmett. When I opened the door he dropped himself on the sidewalk. I saw that he was bleeding profusely; he had an open wound on his right side, on his tight, another one on his shoulder and got some other superficial ones.

"Edward… help me," he said, his jaw clenched in pain.

"Em, bro! What happened? Carlisle!" I called my father. He came running and stopped when he saw Emmett bleeding seated on the sidewalk. This was obviously a vendetta against my whole family.

First, they attacked my sister, kidnapped my wife and daughter and then they attacked my brother to death.

"Edward, Rosalie tried to kill me. She stabbed me but I… fuck!" Emmett explained showing me exactly where the wounds were. I took my shirt and rip it to shreds to grip it around Emmett's tight and shoulder and trying to lessen the bleeding.

"Rosalie?" I asked and he nodded. Dad looked at me; I knew what he was thinking right away.

"When did she return?" Carlisle asked him.

"Today... shit! This hurt like a bitch in hell… I was having lunch at a restaurant, she called me and I met her there. I don't know why the fuck I accepted to see her again. Fuck!" he shouted, laying his head on Carlisle's lap.

"And where is she now?"Carlisle asked him. His face faded and he started stuttering.

"I... I… think she… I think she is dead," he finally said.

Emmett told us what had happened in Rosalie's apartment on the way to the hospital. And we explained him what we have found in my house. We didn't tell him about Alice, the rape wasn't confirmed anyway. And I told him about Bella's and Nessie abduction. He needed stitches in the arm and tight, and also on his side. Although he had lost a lot of blood his condition was stable, the fucker was strong like a Mack truck.

Esme, Carlisle and I were waiting for news about Alice when the doctor came in and informed us that Alice had two broken ribs, a dislocated shoulder bone, multiple head traumas and abrasions on her body. We all listened attentively to the diagnosis, preparing ourselves for the worst part of it. My mother took our hands and prayed silently as the doctor continued speaking. He told us that fortunately Alice had not been sexually assaulted, but he said that she might have been touched in some way, for the bruises in her body. That was a great relief for all of us. Alice was in intensive care unit, but she was conscious.

It was only a matter of time for her to heal properly.

Now that we know that Alice and Emmett were fine, our attention was entirely devoted to try to find Bella and my daughter.

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