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Investigations (Edward's POV)

As soon as I accepted my new position in the DEA agency, the hard work quickly took over all my available time. I worked from early morning till dawn. The office had many incomplete investigations, even more pending tasks and lots of unresolved cold cases waiting patiently over the office stock. Definitely, the office was a complete mess and I couldn't stand that. The last leader in the unit, Harry Clearwater had suddenly died of a massive heart attack a few months ago and all the pending assignments stayed untouched until I came, and to make matters worse we couldn't find the vital information we needed because he had all those files hidden God knows where. So, I had to get down to work. Primarily the house had to get in order right away and secondly we needed to begin with the prime drug dealing investigations that remained cold stone over my desk. Angela Weber was assigned to be my personal assistant in the new office. It almost took me over two months of arduous and interminable work to put the agency back on track and distribute all the accumulated work between my different unit teams. I started to feel the pressure of the hard work straight onto my shoulders. I closed the folder I've been working in, threw the pen on the desk and put my hands over my face, sighing heavily. I was beyond tired by now.

"Thanks Angela, you can go now. We are done for today… finally." I said pinching the bridge of my nose between the thumb and index finger.

"Well chief, therefore… I take your word. I'm dying to see Ben my soon-to-be husband; he told me he felt abandoned because of my work" she said laughing while she was collecting all her belongings and turning off the computer we were working on. She turned and glanced at me from the other side of my black wood desk.

"I think you should go home too Chief Cullen. Don't stay here for too long, is really late already and you have to get some rest, you look tired. We have been working hard these last couple of months and also you have a family to take care of too…" she said, honestly concerned. I gave her a smile.

"I will Angela, don't worry. Have a good night and sorry for the work overload" I said trying to apologize myself.

"Nahh! Don't worry, that's why we all work here, right? To fight back and catch the bad guys" she said closing the office door behind her.

I was exhausted. I rubbed the back of my neck and took a big breath. There wasn't anyone else in the office, hell not even one person besides me still in the building. Well, maybe there were some night guards and janitors somewhere. I leaned back on my leather chair staring at the ceiling, resting my eyes, it sting like a bitch. All I wanted to do was to take my things and go home with my queen and my princess. I have been working so hard these past couples of months that I barely can spend time with them. Just like Angela and her fiancé. But my new job required too –dammed- much time from me and I wasn't like that, I was a beloved father and husband, and I know I had abandoned them a little. Well, more than a little, to be honest. Bella didn't liked that either, she was more than displeased with the situation. I looked at the clock, 2:15 am. "Great! I am late once again… Bella is so going to kick my skinny ass".

I have been working almost for 24 hours straight! I can't even remember if I ate lunch… Do I? Dammit, that's why I felt like shit! I was about to get out of my office when the phone rang.

"Yes? Cullen speaks" I answered a bit pissed off and then I recognized the voice on the other side of the line.

"Would you please tell my husband Edward Anthony Cullen Platt, that it's almost two thirty of the morning and his family is still waiting for him at his home?" Bella asked her voice full with annoyance. Thank God she couldn't watched me rolling my eyes at her.

I felt Bella's tension on the phone and that make me felt needless tensed too.

"Sorry baby, I was on my way out of the office when the phone rang. We had a lot of work to do here today and…" I was trying to explain but she cut me off.

"Ok. Get out of that damned freaking office right now and I will wait for you…" she angrily spat.

"That is not necessary Bella, go to sleep I'll be there shortly. I don't want you…" she interrupted me; again. "Here we go" I thought rolling my eyes.

"Edward… I said that I'll wait for you" and she hung the phone.

Bella could be very stubborn if she wanted to and I was not in the mood for a confrontation with her. I took my bash, my gun and the laptop computer. I was just leaving the office when the phone rang again. "Shit! You got to be kidding me!"

"Please I said…" I answered thinking that was Bella calling again.

"May I speak with Edward Cullen please?" a male voice asked in the other side of the line.

"Yes?" I said a bit annoyed. Great! Now Bella was going to be really mad when I get home.

"I have important information for him…" the male voice demanded.

"Cullen speaks, I'm listening" I sentenced back.

"I have first hand information of the Mexican drug cartel that came to establish here in Seattle. Does that sounds interesting to you?" the man said.

"Go straight to the point… is too late for games. Do you?" I said trying to make him speak as soon as he regrets making the call.

"Yeah, you are right" the man continued speaking.

"The drug cartel of Sinaloa Mexico is established in Seattle area for about three months now. Sam was the first leader, but right now he is a subordinate of the group that took control of the drug business around here. I know that a man named Jake is behind the new business administration" the man took a breath and continued talking.

"Apparently Jake made all the connections to his boss, whom I still don't know the name or haven't met him yet. Everything has changed greatly in a short time period, since they're taking control of all our business…" and then the man remained quiet.

First, that information was excellent for our drug dealer's investigation, the distribution of illegal drugs and weapons in the region. I needed a name for my informant and get as much information as possible, being very subtle.

"Ok, I understand that and thank you for providing such important information to us. I really hope that all the things you're telling me are indeed true. How was your name again?" I asked hoping that this man says his name.

"Mike" he said.

Bingo! I had a name that was probably real because when I repeated it, the man sighed heavily.

"Well Mike, we need to dwell on the subject. Tell me when we can meet in person to speak" I said knowing that I was pushing his limits, but this information was valuable and important for our current investigations.

"Hey! Hey! Cullen, calm down mister. I'm not an asshole!" he said a bit disgusted about the offer I made him.

"I 'm not saying that we have to meet in my office or look for you with a contingent of armed police officers. It is just you and me and the only opportunity we have is tomorrow night" I said as my last offer. Bella probably will kill me but I have to do this.

Mike was still on the line, silent. I hoped that he was considering the offer and I insisted, pushing him a little further.

"Well this is what I can offer to you right now Mike. If you don't want to talk to me you can just wait until we fucking find you, or maybe you can agree to talk with me. I give you my word that whatever is going to happen you are going to be safe, well that is if you decide to cooperate with me" I told him.

Mike was breathing heavily. A few minutes later, he finally agreed.

"Ok Cullen, I'll see you. But remember what you said when the right time comes" he said still undecided.

"Of course Mike. Got a pen?" I said. Then I gave him directions for our tomorrow night meeting.

The address I told him was of a small bar on the outside of the city. I knew that we could talk there without any problem or sudden disturbances.

"Mike, be there tomorrow at 11 pm sharp. No excuses" I said.

"Whatever you say boss, I'll be there" he said hanging the phone. I tried to trace the number but it didn't worked, it was blocked. But I knew that I had won 75 percent with Mike already.

Now the huge issue was going to be when I set a foot home. I preferred to fight with all the criminals in the continental US that to have to listen to one of Bella's discussions. The worst thing of all is that she punished me with her silence and that really hurt me.

"Shit!! Now I am so fucked up…" I said looking at the clock. It was already 5 am.

I arrived home to find Bella along with Nessie in the sofa, both asleep. I approached slowly. I didn't want to scare them. I called Bella but she didn't responded.

"Bella, why you like to make things so difficult for me?" I sighed looking at them sleeping peacefully.

I took Nessie to her bed first, and immediately afterwards I took Bella to our room.

"Humm Edward?" she said groggy, her voice full with sleep. I put her on the bed.

"Yes love, I'm already at home" I carefully said. Bella stood up from the bed and I closed our bedroom door.

"Shit… no fucking way I am going to fight at fucking 5:25 in the morning" I thought really annoyed at the situation.

"Can you give me one convincing reason or explanation of why have you delayed that much tonight? This is the fifth time that I almost have to entreat you to arrive home and I'm starting to hate it…" she said angrily raising her voice and pushing her finger into my chest. "Damn she looks hot when she is pissed off" Stop Cullen, she's mad, really mad.

"Bella, you have to understand that I don't have a common job from 8 to 5. The office consumes a lot of time, more than I really wanted. There are too many things to put in order and…" I tried to explain but she interrupted me again. I sighed and ran my right hand through my hair.

"I understand that Edward, honestly I do, but it bothers me to death when Nessie ask for you all the time and then she falls asleep tired of waiting for you" she said poking me in the chest. I let out a breath that I was holding.

"Bella please…. don't do this, not now. You know is not my intention to abandon both of you" I said trying not to get angry at her reclamation. The worst of this is that I knew she was right.

I turned and sat down in the bed to remove my socks and shoes. Bella knelt by my side to help me.

"I'm sorry babe. It's just…" she trailed. "I just worry about you. I will not bother you again with this shit ok? I promise" she said and kissed me. "I know you are working hard and you don't deserve this from me" she said again. "Sorry…"

I wasn't in the mood for a fight and she knew it. I showered and Bella gave me a pair of black sweatpants. Nessie woke up when she heard us speaking and came running to me.

"Daddy!" She came running with her little arms spread in front of her.

"Hey princess" I told her as I picked her up in my arms. I hugged her tightly. "Sorry for making you wait sweetie. I love you!" I kissed her cheeks and her forehead.

"Love you too… can you play a bit with me daddy?"

I was too tired for playing. I felt bad seeing my princess face fade as I told her that I was too tired, but honestly I wasn't able to play.

I lay down in the bed and I placed her by my side. Bella lay down with us. Immediately, I fell asleep.

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