Spider Girl

Chapter 1

Bella POV

I remember the horrifying night. The night my parents were killed.

My parents and I had just finished our late night movie and were walking back to the car. When we were all pulled into a dark ally by a man. A beautiful man I must say. He had blonde hair, and pale skin. But he had red scary eyes. He asked my parents for money but they refused. Right in front of my eyes he killed them. I couldn't scream my mouth was to dry I was so terrified. I tried to run but I was a very clumsy human, and he grabbed my hand. "My name is Dimitri. What is your name?" He had asked. I tried to get out of his grasp but found it to be hard as rock and freezing cold. I didn't answer. "What is your name?" He growled.

"Bella." I whispered. He smiled. "Well Bella, I am a vampire." He continued, "A blood drinking vampire." I do not get scared the easily. Vampires are not real. And even so I kind of want him to kill me. "Now I killed your parents but I think you should live. Someday you might join the Voultri. So I am going to change you." Dimitri said. Before I could say anything I felt him sink his teeth into my neck and I blacked out.


When I woke up I found that I was not in the dark alley but a beautiful apartment. I was laying on the wood floor. I stood up and looked around. My vision and hearing were enhanced. There was no furniture in this apartment. There was French doors that led to a balcony. That had a nice view of times square in New York City. The kitchen has brown cabinets, black granite counter, stainless steel appliances. It was just gorgeous. Then I saw a note. It read:

Isabella Swan:

You are now a vampire. Vampires hearts do not beat, we are super strong and super fast, have super hearing, and eyesight. We have cold and hard skin. We do not age and we live for eternity.

The Voultri decided you are not quite ready to become a member so we are going you time. The apartment you are standing in is yours. We bought it for you. We checked to see if you had any family left and you did not so you can live here if you want.

By the way the Voultri live in Italy. We are a huge royal group of vampires that take down any humans or vampires that are a threat to us. Aro is the leader.

You have to feed. I feed on humans. But there is another way. Aro didn't want me to tell you this but you can also feed on animals. If you want, of course.

Some vampires have abilities. Myself, I have a tracking ability, and can tell what powers others have. And you are probably wondering, Do I have any powers? Well you do. You are immune to human blood. Which is why I told you that you can also drink animals. You have a mind shield. Meaning that nobody can attack your mind and other vampires powers that have powers to do with the mind don't work on you. You can see the future and you have human qualities. So you can cry, get hurt, and sleep. But only if you want too. And you have one last power. It is very unique I have never seen it before. You can spin webs. Like spider-man! Ha-ha.

We would be very honored to have you here when you become older.

From, Alec Voultri

P.S. You are going to have to change your name. And sorry about not having furniture in the house. There is a credit card waiting to be used once you change your name. It is on top of the microwave.

If you want anything from your old house you better go get it. You may also continue school and everything. If you ever need anything, next to this piece of paper is a cell phone. Our phone numbers are in there for you, and it is yours to keep.

And I am sorry about Dimitri changing you. He feels bad.

I put the cell phone in my pocket and ran to my parents house.


At my parents house I grabbed some luggage bags and searched for things of importance. I ended up packing some photo albums, my stereo, CD's, and all my favorite books. Then I packed the blanket my mother knit for me, and all my clothes. Then I ran out of the house leaving my past behind me. But not my memories.