Chapter 15

Bella POV

Autumn leaves just now being seen after a long and cold winter. Tall trees with bare limbs wavered in the soft wind. They also lay fallen, the cause from harsh storms. One arm through my right sleeve, one arm through my left. I walked ever so slowly putting on my new jean jacket. Roxy left two days ago. It has been 2 weeks since what happened. Roxy and I went shopping, a lot. I got a lot of new clothes, movies, and such.

Roxy is like a sister to me. Spending time with her makes me forget about everything horrible. She's gone now. And I have decided to make some changes in my life.

I am a 16 year old vampire girl. I am a hero worldwide. Though that may sound wonderful, it's actually a lot of crap. I love saving people and if I didn't do it, no one would. But it's a hard life to live. Especially without something to keep me going at it.

Today I am going to school, but I have a stop to make first. I drove my blue ultimate aero to the gas station. I pulled in and started pumping gas. A guy pumping his gas next to me, was staring in awe. I wouldn't have doubted him to do so. I have on a white tank top with a jean jacket, unbuttoned. Short shorts as well as leather high heeled boots. Don't forget my sunglasses which might I add you can't see my eyes with. They are black. Really black. I haven't hunted in a while. I stopped pumping the gas and walked inside to the counter. "Hello." I said, warmly. A man in his 50's turned around and gave me what I guess was supposed to be his "amazing smile." "What can I do for you, beautiful?" He asked. "Well.. Tim, see that blue ultimate aero out there. That's mine." I said. "And well, I need to pay and I also need something else from a handsome man like you." I said. "Anything." He responded, under my spell. I smiled, most evilly. "Well honey, I would really like a couple set of those cigarettes right there." I pointed to regular packs of Marlboro. "How old are you?" He asked. "Old enough, baby." I said, dazzling him.

Oh boy did I dazzle or what. He picked 5 packs of them up without another question and I also got one pack of marijuana cigarettes and he threw in a free lighter. "Thank you, sweetie. I'm sure, I'll be seein you soon." I said, giving him a sexy smile. I paid and walked out to my car. I put my key in the ignition and revved the engine. The clock read 10:05. I am two hours late to school. I took out my new zebra colored lighter and a cig. I rolled down my window and started to smoke.

Smoking does hurt me like any other human being. I am a vampire but I do get hurt still. And smoking hurts me but not as much as it would a human. It will make me cough and stuff but it's not like I care. And it will make me forget the stupid pressures I must deal with daily. It's my new amazing stress reliever. And so far I am loving it!

I drove home and quickly put all the packs but one in my top drawer. Then I headed off to school.

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Love, Vanessa

(Vanessa Cullen 17)