Too young

A 19-year-old black-haired male glanced at the 26-year-old purple-haired male beside him. The black-haired male's name was Kao, a fire Bount with orange and red tips at the end of his black hair. The other male, Watashi, had icy blue eyes and blue tips at the end of his purple hair. Kao leaned on the table, watching Watashi contemplate something.

"Whatcha doin'?" Kao asked, carefully sliding one hand toward Watashi's free hand.

"Nothing. Just…thinking." Watashi tapped his pencil against the table, his left hand hanging at his side.

Kao kept watching Watashi, his right hand reaching toward Watashi's. He had only touched his love's fingers when something caught his attention.

"Hey, Kao, you think you can…" Watashi glanced around, wondering where his lover went, then spotted the fire Bount pouncing at something shiny. He sighed. "The attention span of a squirrel." He turned halfway around, watching Kao continue to pounce on the shiny spot like a cat. "Love, you know that's just a ray of sunlight, don't you?"

"I know." Kao placed a paw-like hand on the spot of light. "But it's so fascinating!"

Watashi sighed once more. "Kao….I'm through."

Kao glanced at Watashi, stopping in mid-pounce. "What do you mean?"

"I don't want to have a relationship with someone as young and immature as you are."

Kao gave a shocked gasp. "I'm not immature!" He hopped in front of Watashi with sad eyes. "I can be grownup!"

"No, you can't."

"Yes, I can! I'll prove it to you! I'll show you that I can be an adult!"

"You can't try to be an adult."

"Watch me." Kao smiled.


Watashi headed into the kitchen the next day, but stopped at the threshold. The kitchen he had seen yesterday had been extremely messy. A pigsty as some would call it. The kitchen he saw now was unearthly clean. Watashi slowly started to back up. "Is this my kitchen? Is this even my house…?"

"Oh, hello, Watashi." Kao stopped near the middle of the kitchen, having entered the other door. "Like it? I spent all night cleaning it."

Watashi carefully entered the kitchen, looking around. He finally glanced at Kao as he stopped in front of the fire Bount. "You did this?"

Kao nodded.



"Oh, well, great job." Watashi was about to pat Kao on the head as he usually did when the younger did something correct, but Kao backed up.

"Adults don't get pats on the head." Kao stated. "Great job" suits me just fine."

"Oh." Watashi lowered his hand. "All right."

"I'll make lunch soon. First, I wanna clean the bathroom!' Kao walked past Watashi, whistling softly.

Watashi glanced after his boyfriend, utterly dumbfounded at Kao's transformation.


After a few weeks of Adult Kao, Watashi, who had enjoyed the peace, grew tired of it. Kao rarely spent time with him and didn't even touch or hold Watashi's hand like he used to. Watashi missed the young, immature, but cute, Kao. Watashi headed toward Kao's room and knocked before he entered to see Kao alphabetizing his bookshelf. "Kao."

Kao glanced at Watashi before turning to face the water Bount. "Do you need something, Watashi?"

"I'll give you another chance if you stop acting so mature."

"But I thought you wanted me to act this way."

"I did." Watashi stepped closer to the fire Bount, forcing the young to back up until his back was against he bookshelf. "But I changed my mind."

"You want me to go back to being immature?"

Watashi leaned down slightly, placing his hands on either side of Kao. "Yes."


Watashi glanced behind him, Kao following his gaze.

"Do you mind?" Watashi asked threateningly.


Seems like Watashi likes privacy.