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Chapter 1

"KIM!!!!" At the sound of the shrill scream of her name the girl sitting at her desk trying to finish rushing her homework gave out a sigh and reluctantly got up from her old rickety chair and climbed down the ladder from her bedroom in the musty attic.

Her shoulders slumped automatically at what was to come as she entered one of the many spacious living rooms of the first floor.

"Yes Andorra?" She asked trying desperately to keep her tone pleasant and polite. But considering the woman in front of her could only be described as false and what that woman was undoubtedly going to do made it very hard for anyone even the most patient and compassionate Kim, be civil towards her.

"I have to go and get my nails done, and it's your fault! I had to bring my shopping bag up the stairs since you weren't there to take it and I chipped a nail! See?" Andorra said in her abnormal nasally voice. It sounded like a reindeer from 'The Santa Claus'.

Oh how she would love the woman to go to a surgeon to fix that repulsive sound that came out of her mouth. Unfortunately Kim doubted there was such a thing and wouldn't that take time away from her Botox?

Kim looked down at the bleach blonde woman's hand. Sure enough there was the tiniest chip on the nail of her smallest finger.

More like talons Kim thought trying to control her smirk. They were much longer than normal nails. They were a disgusting whole inch long and she always had them painted to hide the fact that they were slightly discoloured.

Kim was surprised she didn't poke her eye out trying to put on her eye shadow, but then again that would explain why she had large clumps of coloured material hanging off her eyelids.

"Anyway," Andorra continued. "You have to clean this place up and make the dinner since I won't be here to do it." Kim stood and stared at the older woman in shock for a few seconds. Even if she were here she wouldn't have done it! Kim did everything here! There wasn't a chore in this house done by her stepmother or stepsisters!

Once Kim had regained her composure from her shock and fury she simply nodded.

Andorra stood up from her ugly leather couch and stumbled towards the door in her huge size 10 pink stiletto heels that she could obviously not walk in.

Kim gave out another sigh and fell back against the sofa. When was she supposed to get time for this? She had school in…she checked her watch…20 minutes. Crap!

She dived up and raced up the stairs and then up the ladder. She stuffed her unfinished homework into her bag and raced back down again. She wasn't too worried, the place was already pristinely clean since that was all she seemed to do in this house and she could make dinner easily when she got back.

She was looking forward to school, not because she was some nerd who loved doing homework and learning, well not much of one, but really that was the only time she got to see him. She cut herself off from her thought of him knowing that they could cause an accident as they had done many times before if she continued her fantasies and walked out the front door.

Kim walked down to the end of the huge drive where her friend, Brett's beat up old 1983 Chevrolet Malibu Wagon was waiting for her. She gave him a bright smile that he returned and climbed in.

Her stepsister twins had already left in their convertible that they got for their seventeenth birthday and among many other things while Kim got only money sent from her dad who was overseas and nothing from Andorra. Surprise surprise.

They were late due to Kim trying to do her homework this morning in between getting everyone else's clothes ready, cleaning and making breakfast.

She only gave Brett an apologetic smile as no words were needed, Brett understood, he didn't like it, not one bit, but he understood. He was one of the few people Kim felt comfortable telling her problems to.

He was without a doubt her best friend. He was one of the three people she felt closest to, well four but the fourth was him and she had never said more than three words to him. 'Him' was the school 'Hottie', the star of the football team. He was the king of the school and everyone loved him. Kim had liked him for over two years now, since she first came to high school. He was one of the 'In Crowd' and she was the unnoticed girl in the background who was hopelessly in love with him. How Cliché. She thought as she waved goodbye to Brett and walked to her first class, English literature.

Another of the three people was her dad, of course she didn't tell her current problems to him, he didn't know anything about how miserable her life was now so she supposed she couldn't really consider them close, but she loved him more than anything. He worked all around the world except for here, La push Washington, of course so she didn't see him often. In fact she hadn't seen him in over eighteen months and the last time she had a long conversation with him was before her mother died.

A familiar ache settled into Kim's heart thinking about her parents and she quickly erased all of her thoughts to prevent a breakdown of tears and sobs in her favourite class.

Unfortunately this didn't give her a chance to think about the other person that knew her secrets but she didn't really have a name for him anyway.

English literature was her favourite because of two main reasons. One, it was interesting to her so she was quite good at it and two, she sat behind the object of her affection and dreams, the, as mentioned before, 'King of the school', the Jared Talin.

Of course she never hung out with him because he was popular and she was not, or held a conversation with him, or even talked at him, or even have her stare returned…

Kim sighed again and she was now sick of the sound of her sighing. The sound that showed clearly, even when her words of expression did not, that she was unsatisfied with her own life.

English literature was too slow for her liking, this was the only class she could really stare at Jared without anyone thinking that she was infatuated with him. Sure it was only the back of his head but it was nice. His dark hair was past his ears and it always was slightly dishevelled making him look completely sexy all day long. Oh, how she wanted to run her hand through it and…. WOW, too far! KIM! Stop now.

Kim sighed again as the more rational part of her pulled her out of her thoughts of Jared because when she was her own world with him she was oblivious to her surroundings and this unfortunately led to accidents and time slipping away from her.

This disappointed her greatly because she loved thinking about him, it made her feel complete and happy and simply content, feelings that she didn't associate with the house that she lived in.

She refused to call it home. Torture chamber was a more appropriate name in her opinion.

Before she was even aware of it she was sitting in her fourth class before lunch and had missed her favourite part of the day, when Jared would walk to his locker where some girl would hang all over him, of course she didn't like that part but then he would be late and have to run right past her.

She cursed herself for missing his glorious figure jog towards her and the pass and for missing her classes. She now had no idea of her homework. How utterly great.

She walked to lunch feeling quite depressed, she sat in her usual seat staring out the window until Brett joined her stuffing his face full of food. Jared came in with his closest friends, Paul, Mark, and Max.

Paul seemed a lot taller and more built but this didn't hold Kim's attention for long. Jared was scanning the cafeteria for something…or someone. His eyes flitted over their table but they never landed on her, they never did of course and Jared sat down seemingly disappointed that his search was unsuccessful.

Kim went back to eating and talking to Brett.


Meanwhile Jared sat staring at his tray. His food was unappealing to him, this was a rare occurrence. He hadn't been feeling good today at all and it had nothing to do with another failed search for her. Of course he didn't know what she looked like so he could have talked to her today for all he knew. Maybe she was on a different lunch?

He looked across the table at his best friend, Paul Harris. He sat with his head in his arms on the table ad his tray pushed far away from him. He was trembling slightly.

"Paul?" Jared asked slightly concerned for his friend.

"Paul?" He tried again. The shaking of his hands got worse at Jared's disturbance and he eventually looked up.

"What!" He snapped

"You don't look so good. You wanna go to the nurse?" Jared offered. Paul seemed to think about it but nodded and Jared walked him out, his thoughts on his mystery girl.


The day finished faster than expected thought as Kim walked out to Brett's car. He always gave her a lift home and she loved him for it.

He dropped her off and she dreaded what awaited her in the house. She waved to him and turned to face the house. It was bigger than most on the reservation but it wasn't the biggest. Kim didn't care for it at all; they had moved out of her mother's house into this after her father had married Andorra. It was decorated horribly. It was all over the top and false. The best description form Kim's family life.

The screeching she heard before she entered the house making it clear to her that the other favourite part other day was just put on hold. The only time she got to talk to this mystery boy of hers.

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