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A.)Jared imprints on Kim when he meets her at the masquerade ball as his IM friend but does not find out who she is until later in the story.
B.) Jared imprints on Kim but resents it because he is in love with his IM friend. Then meets his IM friend who is kim.
C.) A strange combination of the two?

Chapter 4

The weekend had unsurprisingly passed without major event. Kim had told Andorra that her father had simply left a message on the answering machine as she was afraid that Andorra would have thought that she had told her father all of the things Andorra had done.

She saw it pass briefly in Andorra's eyes as she told her in fact and was positive and thankful that she had done it, it didn't really matter, it wasn't like her father had actually talked to her anyway.

On Monday morning she got up for school and went through her normal routine. Yesterday had been boring because again Runaway92 failed to make an appearance on her IM and Brett was with his family doing something nice and family-like that nice people with nice families did.

What a great weekend. Not. At least she could look at Jared today. She had double English after lunch.

Except when she arrived late due to a rather silly debate with Brett over mustard and ketchup, he was nowhere to be found.

That morning Jared had sat up out of bed only to lie straight back down again. The room was spinning and the blood was pounding in his skull. What a great way to start a Monday morning. He hadn't been feeling good for a few days now, especially yesterday but this seemed to be much worse. He had no appetite and was running a high fever.

He went to get out of bed again and made to the top of the stairs but was assaulted by a wave of tremors that wracked his body. His mother chose that moment to come to the stairs and sent him right back to bed.
He was sick but for probably the first time in his life he wanted to go to school. It was bad enough that he could be missing opportunities from being in a different class or walking another route to class never mind not going to school. He was getting more desperate to see her.

He hadn't managed to get on to his IM last night and he worried that he had maybe failed her. What if she had needed him? They often talked about their problems to each other and offered advice.
He had to admit though she was much better at helping that he was though she always seemed to be appreciative. She also never gave many details about it and he wondered whether it was because she didn't trust him as much or she was strong that she didn't need him as much as he needed her.

Neither of these seemed all that great to him so he decided to put it down to her not needing sympathy because she always got on with it regardless, that was admirable and she still came for him to help. He liked that, the thought that she came for him to help like he could…protect her. He liked that a lot more than he thought he would.

Maybe more than he should, especially since he didn't even know what she looked like. He didn't even have her name but he found himself contemplating again the nature of their relationship and after not talking to her in over two days he realised that he wanted friendship badly but the scary part was he wanted more than that.

That had to be wrong. He would be the first to admit it: he was shallow. He really only saw girls that were pretty. But wasn't it only natural to like someone that you were physically attracted to? He wasn't saying other girls weren't pretty because he was pretty sure if you bothered to look you would find someone truly beautiful or naturally pretty not with a lot of make-up. But he was a teenage guy and that hadn't occurred to him before.

And he knew he wouldn't have known that had he not been looking at every girl he saw in school and wondering if they were her. He supposed it was stupid. He didn't know her name or what she looked like but he felt, perhaps stupidly, that if he saw her he would just know. But what if he had already looked at her a dozen times already? Or even worse what if he didn't like her? Or what if he didn't like her friends?
He was positive she hadn't been looking for him as he would have noticed someone looking around and scanning every face that they came across like he did.

Probably because she didn't crave to know him as he did her. Probably because she really didn't need him that much or didn't feel as strongly as he did. And then he knew how she felt, to have your own love unrequited.

Unable to deal with his depressing thoughts any longer he shut his mind off and turned to get to sleep.

To say Kim was dissapointed would be an understatement. Jared hadn't turned up at school today at all and she had stayed online waiting for Runayway92 and he didn't appear either. She hoped he was okay. Both of them. She hoped they were both okay.

Their absence had made her wonder whether they were the same person. She would have laughed out loud had she not felt so depressed. They were so different. Jared was the football star that was funny and always spoke his mind but Run (as she had come to call him) was more reserved, he listened or well, read? anyway they seemed to be opposites.

Could it be possible to be attracted to two people who were totally different? Was she only attracted to Jared because of his good looks? She immediately disagreed. Her infatuation with him was more than that. He was laid back and care free and had a comforting boyish charm.

Kim closed her eyes waiting for sleep to relieve her from her confusing thoughts.

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