Open book

Watashi stared at the cakes behind the glass window.

"You're thinking…'Those cakes look good.'"

Watashi glanced behind him to see Kao. He straightened from his crouched position. "N-No, I wasn't." He muttered, walking away.

"Now you're thinking, 'how'd he know that? Is he a mind reader?'"

"Stop doing that!"

"Doing what?"

"Reading my mind!"

"I'm not. You're just so easy to read. Like an open book."

"I'm not an open book. I'm more of a closed book. A tightly closed book."

"Not to me. I can read anything you think."

Watashi stopped and faced the younger. "Oh, really?"


"Anything I think?"

"Pretty much."

"Okay. What am I thinking now?" Watashi gazed at Kao calmly.

"You're thinking…can I k…" Kao stopped.


"Can I ki…"

"Go on."

Kao blushed, glancing down as he fidgeted. "Can I kiss you, Watashi?"

"Yes, you can, Kao."

They both kissed, ignoring the people passing them or several that stopped to stare at the two. They were only paying attention to each other.


Short and cute.