Nothing but Trouble

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Chapter Five: Me and my mouth!

Mizuki laid face down on her bed trying to suffocate the memoires of last night out of her mind, she had even stayed home from school to avoid seeing him. It was impossible, each moan echoed through her mind bringing with it a fresh reminder that her life was over. 'Ugh! It's his entire fault! Sugureta-senpai…I'll kill you.' She still hadn't gotten use to calling him 'Sesshōmaru' and it only further reminded her about last night.

'At least it's over now,' she thought with relief. Sugureta-senpai had taken her home and left without another word to her. She preferred it that way honestly. He was a sick, perverted asshole and the least she had to do with him, the better.

A beeping noise interrupted her thoughts. 'Ugh…,' she thought as she removed herself from her bed. She walked into the bathroom and opened the medicine cabinet. The blank label on the only pill bottle in the cabinet seemed too stared at her with accusing eyes.

"I wonder when I won't need you anymore…" she said sighing as she twisted the lid open and dropped one large white, scentless pill into her hand before heading downstairs to get a glass of water. She wasn't counting on the large body standing around the corner as she turned. Mizuki hit the ground, hard, and looked up into cold golden eyes.

"S…Sugureta-senpai! What are you doing here?" This was the last thing she had wanted. 'What was the point of even skipping?'

"You stayed home from school, I hope I wasn't…to harsh with your body last night," he replied with a slight smirk on his lips. Sesshōmaru watched as the female's face light up bright red and she sputtered to say something. "Nice attire," he commented after a moment of taking in her appearance.

Mizuki looked down and saw her teddy bear tank top and pajama pant outfit. She could feel her ears burn. "Whatever! Why are you here? And how did you get in?"

Sugureta-senpai frowned down at her, "Why did you stay home from school? You couldn't possibly be avoiding me."

Mizuki sought for a good answer, but she couldn't find a good excuse, "That's right I am avoiding you! I want you to go away and leave me alone already!" She knew she shouldn't say things like this to him, but maybe if she just told him the truth he would lay off.

"Such bold words coming from someone who was so…obedient last night," Sugureta-senpai said while his gaze burned holes in her eyes.

She stood up so quick he barely had time to step back. "You listen hear you jerk! Just go fuck yourself for all I care! You weren't all that great so don't go and pretend like I can't live without that dick of yours!" For not the first time in her life around this yōkai, she felt the blood drain from her face. He had been baiting her, she knew it and still she had opened her mouth. Dread pooled in her stomach as she watched his smirk turn into a full blown smile.

"Then I'll take up that offer."

Mizuki tried to control her face even as her right eyebrow started to twitch, "What offer?"

"To make you unable to live without this 'dick of mine," he said each word slowly and Mizuki could feel the backs of her knees begin to sweat uncomfortably.

The pool that started in her belly spilled out to fill the rest of her. She was beginning to sweat everywhere and panic was taking over. It became an uncontrollable beast that raged inside of her. She clenched her fist, crushing the pill she was still holding. 'Oh…no,' something beyond panic took over. Pure and unadulterated fear unfolded in her. She hadn't taken her pill in time to hold herself together.

Her knees shook and her breath was trembling. Mizuki could feel the fog starting to seep into her mind slowing down her thinking abilities. Her senses fully unlocked themselves and she could smell the confusion coming from Sugureta-senpai. She needed him to leave, but her tongue wouldn't function. She was losing herself fast and in a few moments all the work her mother had done would be wasted.

"Mondaiji-san! What's happening?" Sesshōmaru stared as the red-haired inu froze into place. He could feel something stirring in her, something dangerous. The hair on his neck rose and for a brief moment he felt the incredible need to flee, which only hardened his resolve to stay and find out what the hell was happening. There wasn't any reason to him to flee from this female and he, Sesshōmaru, didn't 'flee'.

He picked out the trembling female and placed her on the couch, she was burning hot and sweating now. Her jaw was clenched so hard her teeth were grinding together. "Mondaiji-san, answer me!"

Her eyes flashed opened, but Sesshōmaru knew she wasn't seeing him. Her violet orbs were glazed over and her breathing was erratic. She could only manage to open her mouth, until Sesshōmaru growled loudly at her.

"Upstairs…bathroom," Mizuki was struggling to get out anything that would allow Sugureta-senpai to help her.

"What's there?" He demanded from her.

"Med…medicine," she answered holding open her hand to show him the crushed pill. He was gone in a flash and back before she could set her hand down. He handed her the pill and a glass of water and even helped her sit up. She washed the pill down and waited for it to kick in. After about ten minutes Sugureta-senpai's glare was more than she could take. "I'm…not telling…you."

Sesshōmaru glare intensified as he stared at the feisty female, she barely had her breath back and she was already trying boss him around. "I'm going to get answers, Mizuki, and you're going to give them to me."

Mizuki returned Sugureta-senpai's glare, "No."

That caught him off guard she could see. He bared his teeth at her adding to his fierce glare. Mizuki felt her stomach drop, he wasn't going to let this go easily. She couldn't tell him if she wanted to, though. Tōga-san had forbid telling anyone about her 'problem'.

Sesshōmaru came up with an idea of how to get his answers and turned to leave, "I'll forgive your insubordination this once. I plan on keeping up my end of your offer tomorrow, Mizuki."

Mizuki stared in horror at the retreating inu. 'If only I had kept my mouth shut!'

Mizuki quickly found out what Sugureta-senpai had planned for her the next day. As soon as the lunch period started he called her out and dragged her to the roof where forced her onto her hands and knees before tearing her underwear off.

"Hey, what the hell are you doing?" Panic slept through her body along with shame as realized she found this exciting. Her palms stung from where they had scraped across the cement, but she was getting wet already. He was making quick work with her body, his fingers where plunged inside her within moments. Her legs trembled as the feel of his fingers and the wind against her exposed body became too much. "Ohhh…noooo, please, please!"

"Please, what Mizuki? It's impolite not to use your words," Sugureta-senpai said as he leaned over her body to whisper in her ear. His fingers were pushing in deeply and digging with enough pressure to make her lose her mind. His thumb grazed her clit and she bucked her hips unconsciously.

"Please don't tease me!" Mizuki forced the words out of her clenched mouth as an orgasm came. Her legs shook under the weight of her body and her pleasure. She bit her arm to keep from screaming. Sugureta-senpai chuckled against her ear as his thumb continued to circle around her clit making her legs twitch and convulse. "Stop, Sugureta-senpai, I can't take this."

Sesshōmaru smiled to himself, things were going well. Now he only needed to tease her a little more and she would be putty in his hands. He had been gentle their first night together, but now she was no longer a virgin and he had promised she wouldn't be able to live without him. And with this, he would able to get to her tell him what he wanted to know.

He removed his fingers from her drenched pussy, her juices were dripping down her legs by this point and he knew his close to getting everything he wanted from this female. He pulled his hard cock out of his pants and put the tip right between the lips of her womanhood. She whimpered at the contact. "Now, tell me what I want to know and I'll make you feel even better."

Mizuki hissed sharply as he traced his claws lightly down her ass and thighs. This arrogant yōkai was driving her insane, but she wasn't going to give in. She couldn't tell him what he wanted to know and if that meant not having sex with him, she was fine by that. "No."

"Hn," was his response as he rammed himself into her. She gasped loudly as he drilled himself into her pussy. His thick cock rubbed against her walls and it was only his hands griping her hips that held her up. Blood ran into her mouth from where she had bitten into her arm to keep from being too loud.

He continued to slam into her, making her grunt with each thrust. It was hardly sexy, but that was the last thing she cared about. Her fingernails were digging into the pavement and she could feel her eyes begin to roll, when he stopped moving. He was still deep inside her and he was pressing his hips into hers as hard as possible. "Tell me."

She wanted to scream, so she did into her arm. Tears of frustration pricked her eyes. She pulled her fangs out of her arm to say,"I…I can't…please…I can't." She could feel him throbbing inside her and the pressure of his hips was making her squirm.

"Not good enough," Sugureta-senpai said as he gripped her hips harder. "You better hurry, lunch will end soon."

"You're awful…terrible. I hate…you," Mizuki panted as her body quaked. She had to be strong, she had to remain silent. Her secret was something only a few people knew about and she couldn't jeopardize her mother and her sister's lifestyles because of some arrogant inu with a nice cock.

Sesshōmaru was losing patience with the red-headed female quivering beneath him. Her pussy was clenching him tightly and he wanted to pound into her, but she wouldn't tell him anything. She just keep biting into her arm and trembling as unmet lust raged about her body.

He sighed quietly so she couldn't hear him before pulling his cock out till just the tip was left. Then he slammed it back so hard she grunted with the force of it. It was strange, but the sound turned him on slightly. It was exciting to know that he could fuck her hard enough to make her grunt.

Mizuki could feel another orgasm building in her as Sugureta-senpai plowed into her without remorse. She could feel her juices sliding down her legs as her womanhood was abused by his thick member. Sugureta-senpai was gripping her hips so hard now she could already feel bruises. Her breathes came in sharp intakes with each thrust.

"Close," was the last word she heard from the yōkai as he drove himself even harder into her pussy. She couldn't take it, tears poured from her eyes as the orgasm hit her. She screamed into her arm viscously as her legs shook hard.

Sugureta-senpai gave one last grunt before he climaxed inside her, "Uhnnnnnn…uhnn."

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