Who am I?



(A/N:: I know the grammar is horrible. This was originally written years ago and I recently found the printed version. I transcribed it exactly as it was printed in order to remind myself just how bad I was when I started writing LOL. This story was based around RPs done on the IMC with a friend. As you can tell it was also based on early versions of the Marvel Universe, mid-80's to mid-90's. I haven't picked up a comic book in ages so I have no clue what's going on nor do I really care anymore.)

"The beginning is a very delicate tome. Know then that it is the year…" Oh sorry I was reading Dune earlier and forgot where I was. 'Who am I?' you ask. Well I am a thief, a scoundrel, a flirt and a charmer. I am also a Gypsy and a Mutant, but not a very powerful one. At least I believe so. I have meet others with abilities I can only dream of having. But with those abilities comes great responsibilities. That is something I do NOT envy of them.

Some have used the abilities for good, others have used them for selfish reasons, and a few have used them for truly evil reasons. Though the good and selfish outweigh the evil, it is the evil that is most often seen and felt by the world. It is those few that give the rest a bad name and it is those few that I try to avoid being seen with. Much less associated with.

Again you ask me who I am. I am known by several names. Amongst them are fool, flirt, imp, charmer and thief. I am called Roan or Cousin by the gypsies. I am called mentor, friend, brother or companion by those not of gypsy blood. I am called servant, employee or associate by those I work for or with. The rest of the names I am called are too impolite to repeat. But I will say it starts with traitor and goes downhill from there. It is those words that I ignore or rather try to ignore. It is not always easy.

My name is Johnnathan LeFleaur. I am a Gypsy, a thief and a mutant. Friends call me Johnny. My employees call me Johnnathan or John. The name I call myself is not important, for I know who I am. You have asked the question and I have answered it. Now onto other things.