a / n ;; I had been thinking about how I'd been neglecting the Kingdom Hearts fandom, and this is the result. For CherryFlavoredChalk in the hopes that she'll forgive the slowness on her AxelKairi request.

of dreams and dead things

Kairi dreams standing up, a zombie in pleated skirts and french nails.

She dreams in a rush of technicolor and untold lightyears. Flashes of bubble boys and crayon shavings and a girl-- a girl that is and isn't her all at once, that makes her heart start and stop in paradoxical synchronization, a girl that is only half a dream and half everything she ever was.

And she is Kairi's morbid fascination as much as Kairi isn't Namine's, as much as Namine is trying to erase (replace) her existance.

There is something in the curve of the imposter's throat that makes Kairi think of drowned birds, of stagnant blood clotted behind empty ribs, of lies thick as mud in her airway.

The girl is a corpse walking and Kairi longs for the part of herself that should be rotting.