When They Shriek

A Higurashi and Umineko Crossover

Author's Note: It needs to be done. And I'm gonna be the first.

Saikuki-Hen Part 1

"It wasn't supposed to end like this," Rika thought as she saw that there were only to people left alive in this room. "You promised you wouldn't harm them!""Oh, Rika," the other person said,"You know that promises are nothing more than words to me." Rika slowly moved backwards toward the wall as the second person drew a hatchet from behind them. She suddenly falters and falls back after tripping over something. Rika looked and saw the cold, dead, blood-covered eyes of Keiichi staring back at her. "Why? Why did you do this?!" she yelled. "Because Oyashiro-sama told me to." That was the last thing Rika heard before her head was sliced in two.

Eight Days Earlier

"Are you sure this is a good idea?" Hanyuu mused to Rika for the hundredth time today. "Of course,"Rika answered,"We've already reached our good ending, why not have fun?" "But Rika, that was two years ago, and-" "Exactly, Hanyuu, two years ago. We trumped fate and we deserved it. Now c'mon, we don't want to be late."

It was true. Two whole years had pasted since with the help of her friends Rika broke the cycle allowing them normal lives. But she couldn't shake the feeling that something was amiss. Rika and Hanyuu headed off to school. Unfortunately, they wound up being the first ones there again. It seemed like a common occurrence since that fateful night two years ago.

"Hey guys!", the three heard as the infamous cuteness obsessed girl Rena walked through the door. "Early again I see." "Hello Rena,"Rika greeted,"Where are the others?" "Satoko, what're doing?" They heard Satoshi's voice from the corridor. "Um,nothing, Nii-Nii." Satoko was with him. "Uh-huh. Sure. Take it down." "Fine," came Satoko's defeated sigh. Since Dr. Irie came up with a cure for Hinamizawa Syndrome a year ago, and Satoshi had gotten into the groove of things after being gone so long, he seemed to be able to sense when Satoko was up to her usual traps."Thanks, Satoshi. You saved me there," came Keiichi's voice. They all walked in at the same time. Seeing Satoko and Satoshi carrying a few bags of flour meant that indeed, Satoko was unable to use them in time. "Don't you think you're getting a little too old for these tricks, Satoko?", Satoshi said in his 'worried older brother voice'. "No way!",Satoko said with the same energy she always had,"the classics are for all ages!" "Fine. But you know I'm only looking out for your best interests." Satoshi said still in his worried tone. "You just can't say no to her can you Satoshi?"Mion's voice came as her and twin sister Shion came in. "I can't help it. I mean look at her." He motioned toward Satoko, who was using her 'cute' look trying to convince them otherwise. "So cute! I wanna take her home!" came Rena's usual response. "Always so caring for her," Shion said as she moved closer to Satoshi," that's just one of the things I love about you." She kissed him on the cheek and Satoshi turned a deep shade of crimson. "That's enough of that!",they heard and turned around to see Ms. Chie standing there with a ruler in hand and an aggravated look on her face,"I'm glad that you all come early, but you could at least try to use your time wisely." "But we do use our time wisely Ms. Chie," Mion said. "We do?", Keiichi mused before getting a shot to the head from Mion. "Yes, we do," she said through clenched teeth,"Ya see, um, we, uh, plan out our after school club activities during this time", she said, fully knowing that every word she said was a lie.

"Oh," Ms. Chie said, stunned by the fact that she actually bought it Mion took her chance, "In fact, this is what we do every time we can. Right?" Everyone simultaneously shook their heads in agreement. "Oh, okay, then I won't bother you," she said as she slowly walked away. When she was out of ear shot they all released a big sigh. "That was close." "Say Mion," Hanyuu asked," What is the plan for today?" Suddenly her face went into 'scary glint eyes mode', causing everyone to shudder. "It's a secret."

After School

Mion was rummaging around the storage closet while everyone else was sitting in their chairs waiting for her. Keiichi asked, "Hey, Mion, what exactly are you looking for?" She stopped and emerged from the closet a large stack of oversized coins. She slams them on the table. "This our game for today!"

Everyone stared blankly at it. Satoshi raised his hand, "Um, what is it, Mion?" "I'm glad you asked! This will be a sorting game. A good ol' fashion game of chance." She pulls out a set of six cups and spreads the coins out and places the cups over them. Then she shuffles them around. She sits down and has somehow acquired a blackjack dealers hat. "Find the Marked Coin!"

Everyone stares at her like she just said the dumbest thing anyone had ever said ever. It was Keiichi who spoke up. "Wow. That was anticlimactic." He then proceeded to be punched in the head by Mion's fist. "As I was saying, Find the Marked Coin! I've placed six cups over six coins. One for each of you. Whoever finds the coins the most times before the game is over wins ansd gets to decide the Punishment Game for the losers. Only I am excluded from the Game because I am dealer." "Cheater." Keiichi was struck again. So who wants to go first?"

After some rather... unorthodox moments of humiliation the game was decided with Shion being the winner. "You both planned this didn't you?", Keiichi, despite his common sense telling him not to, said. "Well, Sis, looks like you get to decide the Punishment Game for everyone," Mion said with an absolute evil look in her eye, "So, what are you gonna make them do?" "I think I'll hold onto these for a bit." "Even better. You guys better watch your backs." They then both let a mock evil cackle that sent shivers down everyone's spines. "We do that a little too well." "I know,right?" After wards everyone cleans up and Rika remembers her invitation. "Everyone, listen," she said," I got an invite in the mail for one of my distant family members. I was invited to go to an island not far from here and I'm able to bring as many guests as I want. Would anybody be interested?" As if everyone completely forgot what they doing everyone agreed. "Good. I hope you'll be able to make it,Ni-pah~."

Undisclosed location

A woman with long blue hair and deep blue eyes felt a shiver go down her spine. She sets down her cup of tea and looks straight forward. Almost as if she's looking at you. "Do you think you can handle the consequences of your actions? I hope so. I would be sad if that girl were to die again because of what you say, do, write, or some such like that."

End of Part 1

Author's Note:Hurray, now that that's done we can get on to the story!