Author's Note: Whoa, I'd almost forgotten about this thing. Ah, well, it's been a while and my writing style has improved, so I hope that will make this better. Well, here's the new arc.

* *

Kisei-Hen Part 1

Fall had come to Hinamizawa, and the trees had turned a nice orange color. Things had changed since Takano's attack, but with the time loop broken, and nothing to stop them, the members of the Hinamizawa Gaming Club had settle back into their normal, everyday lives. Club meetings were still held, games were played, and the friends remained as close as ever. Speaking of that....


At that moment, you could a large crumpling of leaves as someone lands in them. Unfortunately though, this pile was still being gathered, it was Satoko who had done it, and it was Keiichi who was raking. "Damn it, Satoko! What did I tell you about jumping into leaf piles when I'm raking?!" Satoko then popped her head out of the pile with an innocent look on her face. "Um...not to?" "Exactly!"

Satoko got out of the leaves and brushed herself off. "Sorry, Keiichi-nii, it's just so much fun!" "Yeah, yeah." Keiichi then saw Rika and Hanyuu walking over. "Hey, guys." Keiichi greeted. "Ohayo." They both said in sync. "So, where are you guys heading to?" Keiichi asked.

"Rena's got us going down to the junkyard." Satoko explained, "She needed a few of her things moved to her van." "Man, doesn't that thing ever get full?" Keiichi muttered, "Did she need my help with anything?" "Don't you need to get back to raking?" Satoko asked with a smirk on her face and her fang poking out. Keiichi just looked from his rake to the pile of leaves Satoko had jumped into.

"Grr~, Satoko!" Keiichi yelled as she ran off laughing. Rika and Hanyuu ran to catch up to her. "Good luck with raking, Keiichi-san!" Rika called back as they went down the road. Keiichi just sighed and went back to raking.

* *

A few minutes went by and Keiichi finally got his pile back to the way it was. Then he heard a deafening cry of "Omochikairi~!" from the vicinity of the dump, which was pretty far away. 'Huh, wonder what Rena found.' Keiichi thought as he chuckled to himself. He finished up with the leaves and decided to drop by the dump to see what everyone was doing.

On the way through town, he passed by Rena's house to see if they were still carrying stuff, which they weren't. He continued on. When he was walking through the shopping district, he thought he saw, in the corner of his eye, someone who looked kind of familiar, but the feeling passed when he couldn't find them in the crowd. 'Weird.' he thought.

* *

When he did finally get to the junkyard, it was eerily quiet. He went down the hills to where Rena's van was. He saw everyone was trying to load a large stuffed bear into the back of it, but it wouldn't fit. "Hey guys!" He called out. Everyone looked up at him and froze.

Keiichi took notice of this and stopped. "What? Was I not supposed to come?" Nobody said anything. They just stood there. Finally, Satoko said in a weak voice, "Nii-nii?" "Yes?" Keiichi answered. But something was off about the way his answer sounded. It sounded like it echoed a bit. "Nii-nii!" Satoko yelled excitedly and ran towards Keiichi.

But then, she wasn't running at him, she ran past him. He turned around and saw who she was running towards. It was a teenage boy with blond hair and purple eyes. 'Who's this?' Keiichi asked. "Satoshi!" Satoko screamed as she wrapped her arms around his waist. He kneeled down and hugged her back.

Everyone then staggered over, like they thought it was a dream, and confirmed that, indeed, Satoshi Houjou had finally returned to them. There was a mix of shock, tears, and worried expressions, but overall, there was a happy atmosphere to the scene that you just couldn't describe no matter how hard you tried.

Satoshi was back, and everything was perfect.

End of Part 1

* *

Author's Note: OR WAS IT?! Heh heh heh heh heh, just kidding. OR AM I?! You'll just have to wait and see.