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Lisbon was woken by someone knocking on her door. She stumbled out of bed, and down the stairs and pulled open the door.

"Jane? What the hell? It's midnight, for god's sake." She mumbled, still bleary eyed from being woken up at such an hour.

"I'm sorry… it's just I couldn't sleep." Jane explained.

"So you decided to wake me up too?" Lisbon raised her eyebrows, but still opened the door wider and let him in.

She led him into the lounge, and then went out to her kitchen and made two cups of tea. Contrary to what the team seemed to think, she did rather like tea and wasn't a caffeine-loving coffee sort of person.

"The case shook you up, huh?" She said, sitting down next to him on the couch after handing him his cup of tea.

"I guess." Jane sighed.

"Talk to me Jane. I'm not psychic." Lisbon hinted for him to speak.

"It just made me think." Jane sighed. "Maybe I should try and let go… maybe if I didn't want revenge quite so bad then my life would be easier? I don't know."

"Revenge is for fools and madmen." Lisbon quoted his own words back at him, and he smiled wryly.

"Exactly." He set down his cup. "I should be going. I shouldn't have come in the first place."

He went to walk away, but Lisbon caught his arm.

"Jane… don't go." She said, and he turned to face her. "Stay. Please?"

He tilted his head, intrigued. "And why do you want me to stay?"

"I… I, uh…" Lisbon couldn't think of a suitable comeback so gave up. "Does there have to be a reason?"

"Normally, yes." Jane admitted, smirking.

"Bite me." Lisbon glared at him, but then her expression softened. "Stay, please? Come on."

"Fine…" Jane said, sighing as if it was a chore. "I'll sleep down here."

"Whatever you say. I think you just have a coach fetish." Lisbon grinned at him, before she headed back off the bed.

The next morning, Lisbon wasn't surprised when she woke up to find Jane sleeping peacefully next to her. She smiled.

He was calm, and his mouth was set in a crooked smile. A good dream, I hope. She thought.

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