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Semi-AU since in the beginning I mention Middle School and Secondary School (High School). Elphaba and Glinda are a little OOC. Maybe…I'll let you decide *wink*. And I don't have a BETA reader sorry.


To my dear friend and muse, Grumbello. Thank you for pulling me out of my five year writer's block. This fic is for you! And to anyone who knows, please read her amazing fic "A Wicked Childhood"


After being forced to work on a project together; Glinda is shocked to find she's undeniably attracted to the girl she's hated since forever. But winning Elphaba's heart has its own set of troubles, especially when Glinda has competition from Fiyero to deal with. Gelphie. Dedicated to Grumbello.

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Chapter 2

The Time is to Act NOW

Fiyero should've stayed in bed.

What started out as a one of a kind, stupendous, day took a turn straight down the toilet hole

It started when Elphaba turned down this invitation for a date. For Lurline's sake she had looked at him like he had announced to her his intention to join the circus as a trapeze artist! Not to mention afterwards deciding to take a quick dip in the shower proved next to fatal. He had been so confused by Elphaba's reaction that he successfully managed to forget that hot water stays hot if you forget to add cold water, trip, and fall into the shower bringing the entire curtain in with him.

He was still a little bit pink on his scalded back and halfway through his shower, when he heard a powerful knock at the door.

Cursing the fates that just decided to have at him and muttering obscenities under his breath he stalked from the bathroom, towel hanging loosely about his waist, wondering who the hell would be knocking at this time of night.

Imagine his surprise to see none other than Glinda's sweet and gentle….demonic…smile...at the door.

"Glinda!" Fiyero greeted his guest with a charming grin "Couldn't stay away huh?"

The blond merely rolled her eyes, "Get over yourself. We got business to discuss" she huffed. "Now if you and your towel would walk two paces backwards, I could enter this dwelling"

Fiyero stood there looking absolutely stupefied. Who was this and what happened to Glinda?

"Don't just stand there looking bewildered all day Master Fiyero it's quite unpleasant" She growled lowly.

Fiyero obediently moved aside as she rushed past him into the room.

Shaking his head to clear his thoughts Fiyero tried to think of what to say. He didn't exactly mean to gape at Glinda like a fish taking its dying breaths but she was making it difficult the way she was just glaring at him.

"What did I do?" was the automatic response that followed the awkward silence.

Glinda's eyes narrowed, "Why did you ask Elphie to go on a date with you?"


"You heard me!" Glinda snapped, "Why did you ask Elphie on a date?"

"Elphie? Who Elphaba?" Now he was just playing dumb. That's Glinda's game.

"Yes Elphaba! Why did you ask her out?" Glinda needed to know. She didn't know why she felt like she had to know what went on in Elphaba's life. I mean, maybe she was being too crazy about all this. She never got in between girls and other boys.

Maybe…Elphaba really was special.

"Why? What do you mean why?" Fiyero questioned, "I like her!"

"And that's a reason to ask someone on a date?" The blond hissed.

"Last time I checked it was" Fiyero argued, "What's gotten into you…are you…"

Glinda's eyes narrowed, "Don't say it…"

"Jealous?" Fiyero counted, smirking as he did.

"I am not!" She denied it. She wasn't. She really wasn't….

She was wasn't she?

"Yes you are, you are jealous" Fiyero's look of haughty derision set her blood hot. "Don't be that way, I like you too" he smiled.

"I'm not jealous of Elphaba!" Glinda snapped, "You're the one I can't stand!"

Fiyero's big smile suddenly switched to a look of confusion, then changed to one of surprise.

"Wait…" He said slowly, "Are you saying you're jealous of me?"

"I never said that!" Glinda moved closer to him, "But I did say I can't stand you! How dare you waltz up to her and…. And put some clothes on for Oz's sake!" She pulled the sheet from his bed and tossed it over his head.

Fiyero just let the sheet hang over him for a second, looking very much like a ghost the way that sheet hung over him but feeling very much ill at ease. He was starting to understand what this was all about.

"Glinda" his voice came out muffled as he pulled the sheet off, "Are you… and Elphaba?"

Glinda's face lit up red. Well no…not yet…

"So no" Fiyero concluded. "Seeing as you're the type to announce from the rooftops when you're with someone"

"What's that supposed to mean?" Glinda said slowly.

"Means Miss Elphaba is fair game" The prince smirked, "So you'd better get used to that"

Glinda sucked in a breath. How dare he?

"She would never go for you" Glinda mocked.

"Oh no? And who would she go for? You? Please you were the first person to tease her" He argued back.

"And look who she actually hangs out with huh?"

"Nessa? Because I really don't think she counts" Now he was just trying to make her angry.

"Listen…" Glinda hissed, "You want her right? But I am not backing down….I propose a wager" She made her way over to a chair, whimsically decorated as though it was a king's throne and sat upon it regally.

"I'm listening…" Fiyero said, watching her closely, almost certain if he blinked she was going to pitch throwing stars at him or something and make it look like an accident. Epic way to bite the big one though…

"How about a challenge? Whoever can get her to go on a date with them gets to have her, and the other, has to back down" Glinda said confidently.

"Yes although there is one problem" Fiyero said, "Just any old date is too easy. This needs to be a battle of wits, of genius! We need some way to decide between us who is more seductive and charming and worthy of her. And I think I know just the way-"

Reaching behind him and grabbing something on his nightstand he waved a pair of Ozdust Dance tickets in Glinda's face.

"This!" He cried triumphantly, "Is the answer…"

Glinda raised a brow.

"Whichever one of us can convince her to go with the other to the Ozdust Dance as their DATE is the victor" Fiyero smirked, "No exceptions"

Glinda frowned at that, "Elphie doesn't DO dances how will this prove anything?"

"Well" Fiyero smiled at her, "Wouldn't you do something you didn't want to do for the one you care about?"

It wasn't late. But it wasn't early either. The sun was about to set and Glinda found herself walking back to her dorm room.

She hated to admit it but Fiyero was right.

And boy did she hate when Fiyero was right…

Sighing she marched onwards. This would be harder then she thought and trust Fiyero to up the stakes. The Ozdust dance was coming up fast and Glinda had no idea how to even go about asking Elphie to go out with her. Hell she didn't even know if Elphaba was gay or not how was she supposed to do this?

Wait… did this make her gay?

She decided not to think about it.

Stepping quietly into the room she shared with the green girl she was disappointed to find out that Elphaba was not there.

"I hope that isn't a sign" she groaned walking over to her bed. She stared intently at the bright pink of her sheets, imagining she saw green skin entwined with them.

Absentmindedly she reached down and softly caressed the covers. Now wasn't the time to get discouraged. She had to do something. Elphaba wouldn't just come to her. It was now or never.

She had it all. She was beautiful and popular. Everyone liked her. More then everyone liked Fiyero. And plus, she really did care about Elphaba. Maybe, that would be enough.

Glinda felt like she drank a shot of liquid confidence and her smile became bigger as she continued to stroke her pink covers.

"I'll get you my Elphie" she mused to herself, "And your heart along with it too!"

"Ok that's just creepy…" A voice from the door startled her.

Glinda shrieked and jumped nearly out of her dress as she turned to see Elphaba's amused face.

"It's not every day you see someone chuckle evilly and caress bed covers" Elphaba placed the books she was carrying on the bookshelf beside the door, "Frankly I'm a bit scared"

And for the twentieth time that day Elphaba made Glinda's heart jump, "Elphie! Don't do that!"

Elphaba chuckled good naturedly and reached out to wrap her arms around Glinda, feeling the blond turn rigid in her embrace. "I'm sorry my pretty. It really was strange though"

Glinda frowned, pushing Elphaba off "Yeah yeah" she delicately climbed onto her bed and perched there, looking intensely at her roommate as Elphaba turned to go about her way, grabbing another book from her nightstand. Always with the books.

"Had I known you were such a creeper I would've locked the door" Glinda glared at her roommate.

Elphaba sighed. I knew my remarks would come back to bite me and here it is….jaws 'a snappin…

Glinda didn't say much after that. She just focused on Elphaba and the way she moved about the room. The way her beautiful hair just tumbled down her back.

Elphaba seemed to notice her roommate's stare almost instantly, "Can I help you?

Glinda woke from her trance, "Wha? Oh yeah…"

"Umm Elphie? Can I ask you something?"

"You just did but go ahead…"

"Well…" Glinda began, "What do you think about… I don't know… umm…a girl and…another girl… liking each other?"

Elphaba stopped what she was doing, "Why do you ask?"

"I don't mean anything by it!" Glinda's hands shot up, "I am just curious to know!"

Elphaba faced her completely, "Relax my sweet I'm not offended! Just a little… curious" she said softly, in a way that sent scorching blood racing to Glinda's porcelain skin.

"Well…" Glinda gulped, "I asked you first.."

Elphaba smiled, "Fair enough… it doesn't bother me"

That's it?

"That's it?" Glinda asked stunned.

"What else is there?" Elphaba asked, "If two women love each other than more power to them. It doesn't affect me in any way" She concluded. "And you"

"Me?" Glinda's voice sounded small.

"Yes you. Why do you ask?" Elphaba tilted her head.

"Oh!" Glinda waved it off, "No reason"

"Uh huh…." Elphaba turned back to her book.

Glinda felt a little dismayed by the way her roommate didn't seem to care but what could she do?

"I mean… I am not bothered by it, it's just… the thought intrigues me! I never thought of it before but how could I not after a while, there are so many girls here, many of them very beautiful and here they are wondering what's the matter with men these days yet they never consider the women all around them" She said in almost one breath. She studied Elphaba's face intently for any sort of sign.

"….It must be hell inside your head" was all Elphaba managed to say to that.

"At times" Glinda nodded in agreement.

Fiyero was outside. The day was almost done and here he could think of nothing except how on earth he was going to beat Glinda at this.

The girl practically had Elphaba right where she wanted her. The two were roommates. They were friends. Hell for all Fiyero knew she could simply waltz up to Elphaba and ask if she could pretend to be her date so she wouldn't have to go with a boy or some lame excuse.

But he was on a mission.

Glinda made this personal now.

He heard a soft rustle beside him and glanced down at the Munchkin boy Boq.

"Boq!" The prince greeted him cheerfully, "Where have you been all my life man!"

"A few centimeters below your line of vision" Boq answered.

"Awww" Fiyero slung his arm around the shorter man, "That's ok tho, less work you have to put up with for the ladies"

Boq felt kind of insulted by that one but just decided to let it go. "What's got you in such a good mood?' Boq didn't know if he wanted to ask. When Fiyero was on a roll it could be a very long night.

"I am about to catch a blond headed mouse in her own trap!" Fiyero exclaimed excitedly. Throwing his hands in air and waving them about with such emotion Boq felt the need to duck to avoid the risk of becoming subsequently sliced in two by the flailing appendages.

"What are you talking about? Boq asked. "Blond mouse?"

"Glinda of course!" Fiyero grinned, "She is going down!"

"What are you going to do to Miss Glinda?" Boq shouted, prompting Fiyero to cover his mouth to avoid the stares of other students.

"Quiet will you? I am not going to hurt her! We have a bet" The prince smiled down at his companion.

"What kind of bet?" Boq had to ask.

"A bet to see who shall rise above the other and claim the fair maiden as their own!"

"…. Fiyero you lost me" Boq's brow furrowed inquisitively.

Fiyero smiled. "Glinda and I are competing for the love an admiration of Miss Elphaba Thropp of course"

Wait for it….

Wait for it….

"WHAT?" Boq shrieked.

"Shhhhh!" Fiyero hissed, clapping his hand over Boq's mouth again. "At first it was just a date but I upped the stakes to a date at the Ozdust Dance!" Fiyero looked smug.

"Way to think outside but pressed right up against the box Fiyero… wait wait what am I saying? Miss Glinda? Glinda!"

"Yes Glinda" Fiyero growled at her name.

"Terrific but that raises more questions than answers" Boq was so lost right now.

"Apparently she has feelings for Elphaba and she won't let it go." Fiyero supplied, " But I can fix that"


"I have you of course!" The prince grinned merrily, pulling Boq closer to whisper to him, "Listen, all I need for you to do is…."

"So?" Glinda asked expectedly.

"So…" Elphaba parroted.

"Any thoughts?"

"About you being gay? No not really" Elphaba answered.

"W-who said I was gay?" Glinda studded.

"Don't deny it anymore my sweet you'll only hurt yourself" She gently swiped her dark hair from her eyes, "Listen, I don't mind. There really isn't much you can do to surprise me. Besides, I am green. I am the last person who will mind"

"Well…" Glinda's eyes went to her roommate, "What about you?"

"What about me?"

"Are you… you know?" She asked quietly.

Elphaba smiled mysteriously, "Dodgy?" her grin became even wider when Glinda squirmed even more, "I don't discriminate…"

Leave it to Elphaba to give a cryptic answer and leave her roommate to chew on that for a while.

This was going to be harder then she thought.

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