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Gold Rodger, the Kaizoku no Kingu, had everything. Wealth, Fame, Power, all were his and could never be taken from him. The final words anyone had ever heard from him were these; 'My fortune? Why, it's right where I left it. It's yours if you can find it… but you'll have to search the entire world! I left it all in One Piece.' As he was beheaded, in the last moment of his life, he turned his fading flame of life into a huge fire that enveloped the world. The world…was about to enter a great age of pirates…

A figure struggled as the figure managed to get onto a large, decaying, purple galleon. His body appeared to be crushed in numerous areas, his Hawaiian shirt ripped apart beyond repair. The only things that seemed to be fine were his Elvis-like blue hair and his speedos. Aside from the scent of blood on him, the stronger odor on him was that of cola.

"Okay…" the figure panted, "There's… stuff here… My body… is close to its… end but…I can…make it…brand new and SUPER!"


"Huh? Who said… that?" the figure asked.

It's been so long since I saw another face…

The figure heard footsteps. He did his best to turn around and his eyes widened.

"It makes my heart soar…" a second figure said as he walked up.

The second figure was an extremely tall skeleton dressed in formal attire complete with top hat and cane. Despite having no skin, his head still had an afro. The skeleton's coat, top hat, pants, and afro were black while the inner linings of his coat were yellow orange. The ribbon tied in between his coat and around his neck was blue. The outer covering of his cane sword which he carried was purple. He also had a crack on his head that was shaped like a diagonal omega symbol. The smaller figure thought he smelled like tea.


The smaller figure passed out.

"Oh dear. It appears I have scared him," the skeleton said, "Wouldn't you agree, Mi? Zuuta?"

From the mist on the galleon, two purple ghostly being appeared. Their clawed hands were not connected to their bodies and they had striking red eyes.

"Haunter. Haunt-haunt. Haunter," the one on the left said, a green ghostly bandana on it's head.

"Haunt. Haunter-Haunt," the other added.

"Oh dear," the skeleton spoke, "Zuuta, use Daydream. Mi, once Zuuta is done, put the boy on a bed."

Both ghosts nodded. Zuuta floated over to the boy as its hands glowed in the colors of the sun. The boy's body glowed in the colors of the sun for a little. After the glow subsided, Mi picked the boy up and floated away.

"Now then, I do hope the wind takes us someplace where the child can be treated better," the skeleton said, "Excuse me."

He burped and then farted.

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