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The Wingull and Pelliper let out their cries as they flew over the seas. They flew over a large island with a forest at the top of a steep cliff encompassing the entire beach shore. Hidden within a side of the cliff was a large galleon.

"I see…This cook saved your life," a figure said before Gin and Tyson, "And you were able to return here to us. Is that what you're saying, Gin?"

"Yes, but you see…I had no idea the ship was in this condition, Don Kreig, no idea."

"So what now?" the figure asked as he patted a Pokemon on his left.

It was a somewhat large Pokemon, roughly the size of a Sandslash. He resembled the Sandshrew Pokemon Evolution Line, but its body was in the color of military camouflage, the underside of its body black. It had three, silver, gun-like spikes aiming forward on its back while the rest of the spikes, gold in color, aimed backwards. It purred as his owner petted him.

"Now I believe we will take you to the sea restaurant, Baratie," Gin replied with a dark smirk.

"Sanji, this is an opportunity you don't want to pass up," Zeff said as Sanji recovered before Croagunk got the two out of the place, "Why not join them and become a pirate?"


"I have no need to keep you here at my restaurant."

"Hey, old fart. Ain't I the Assistant Head Chef here?" Sanji asked, "What's your crud about not needing me no more?"

"Rico, your hands are dirty," Ash said, "I'd better come with you to the bathroom so we can wash them. Be right back!"

"Smooth move, Ash…" Misty whispered as Ash went off with the crew Mascot/Motivator.

"You always fight with the customers. You flirt with any beautiful woman in sight. Add the fact you make crappy food, you're nothing more than a burden to this restaurant!" Zeff explained, "That's what I mean."

"What the…?" Sanji gasped as, upstairs in the kitchen, the chefs snickered. "The other cooks don't like you anyways," Zeff continued, "Why don't you just become a pirate or whatever you please? Why don't you just get the hell outta here?"

"What's this crap?" Sanji growled as he approached Zeff and grabbed him by his collar, "I didn't do shit and now you're blowing your head off, old fart? I can forgive the other shit you just shot at me, but I'll never allow my cooking to ever be insulted!" "Don't grab my collar!" Zeff barked as he kicked Sanji into a table, collapsing it.

"Dammit…" Sanji growled as he got up, "Listen. I don't care how many times you tell me to leave, but I'll be a chef here forever! You got a problem with that?"

"Dewgong, it seems you're taking your break at the moment, so I decided to take care of this for you," a Pokemon noted as he walked up with a large platter of food the Strawhat Pokemon ordered.

Everyone looked at the Pokemon. It was, surprisingly, a Persian, but stood upright. He wore a blue version of Sanji's outfit with his head fur grown out and reshaped into a bit of a wild hairstyle.

"Oh, thank you, Kicker," Dewgong said as the Persian placed the orders the Strawhat Pokemon-minus Luffy's Pokemon except for his Eevee-on the table.

"It's no problem," Kicker replied, "Enjoy your meals. They were made by our head Poke-Chef."

"Thank you, Kicker-san," Kuroneko spoke.

"Yatta! Meat!" Kunsei cheered.

"Kunsei…" Kuroneko warned.

"Yes, Mama…" Kunsei sighed, "Thank you for the meal, Mr. Kixx!"

"It's Kicker, but you're welcome," Kicker chuckled when Monferno tripped and dropped a plate of empty, dirty dishes, "Oi…"

"Whoops…" Monferno sweatdropped.

"You're almost as bad as your Pirate Trainer when you're around dishes," Kicker shook his head before turning back to the others, "Enjoy your meal. Dewgong, once they're done, your break will be over, alright?"

"Very well, Kicker," Dewgong nodded before the Persian left while dragging Monferno off, making sure the flaming monkey was being dragged over the broken dishes.

"It hurts!" Monferno screamed.

"Boy…That is one cool Persian!" Eevee exclaimed.

"He's a rare Persian. Since he was a little Meowth, he could speak the human language," a voice said, "His Trainer's teacher and adoptive father-like figure caught him and gave him to his Trainer nearly twelve years ago."

Everyone turned to see another Pokemon approach, wearing an apron. It had a huge cobalt blue–colored body and massive, three-fingered open palms. It had a wide mouth, and three small pointed protrusions from its upper jaw. Two orange gills protruded from round patches on its cheeks, and two large, semi-ovular black fins rose from the top of its orange eyes on its head. Its tail fin was huge, broad and black. Its underside had white coloration, and its hands and three-toed feet each had orange, ridged portions.

"Well, it's been a long time you guys," the Pokemon said, "You're still addicted to those ketchup bottles, eh Pikachu?"

"Um…You know me?" Pikachu asked.

"Of course. Don't you recognize me? It's me, Edge," the Pokemon chuckled.

"Edge? You mean that Mudkip Brock caught that evolved into a Marshstomp?" Pikachu gasped.

"In the slimy flesh!" Edge laughed, "Tough break on what happened. But I'm sure your captain's got a plan for this."

"Yep. Wait for a mean pirate to come…" Zuuta began.

"…and kick it to high heaven," Mi grinned.

"Oh my…" Edge chuckled, "Same ol' Luffy, eh?"

"Yep!" Pikachu laughed.

"So you guys are all members of the Straw Hat Pirates, right?" Edge asked.

"Oh, yeah!" Chou-Chou grinned, "I'm Chou-Chou. Pleasure to meet you."

"My name is Kuroneko. The two Eevee, Kunsei and Eevee, are my two little boys."

"Hiya, Mr. Fishy!" Eevee greeted.

"Hewwo…" Kunsei said with a full mouth.

"Kunsei!" Kuroneko gasped, "I swear, you're picking up your Trainer's eating habits…"

"A-yep-yep!" Kunsei laughed.

"My name is Tenki. The ship may want to be careful. A storm is approaching in a few days and it's a bad one at that," the Castform spoke.


"My name is Star, nya!"

"My name is Sky, and that's it," the Skarmory squawked before resuming her meal of nails without any milk.

"I'm Art. My, I would like to enjoy painting you at one point," Art noted.

"Uh…Thanks?" Edge sweatdropped.

"You already know us," Misty's Pokemon said.

"My name is BF-61," the Garsoul said, "And I am…Suuuupa!"

"Not another one…" Pikachu groaned.

"I am Oni," the Hitmongiri spoke before chugging down another bottle of sake.

"My name's Giri, Oni's brother," the Scizor introduced himself as he ate a riceball made of Poke-Food, "My compliments to the guy or girl who made this."

"It was Brock," Edge chuckled, when screams were heard, "That came from the human's side of the place…"

"Everyone! Don Krieg's Pirate Ship has just appeared!" Bagget screamed as he ran through the place, "Cook Pokemon, man your stations! We may be under attack!"

"Wow…That's hu~~~ge!" Eevee exclaimed as he looked out a window.

"It looks like it's been through some sort of natural disaster…" Chou-Chou noted when the doors nearby opened, revealing Tyson helping the strange Pokemon Krieg was petting.

"Please, help him…" Tyson begged.

"Money ain't no problem…" the Pokemon gasped, looking worse for wear.

"He looks so ill…" Kuroneko noted when the Pokémon collapsed.

"Co-Captain John!" Tyson gasped, "Please help him or he'll die!"

"This is impossible!" Bagget began to laugh, "This is the mighty Armory the Armsadillo, the strongest Pokemon of Don Krieg?"

"Our Masters have money, so we are your customers!" Tyson growled.

"Contact the Marines at once! Also, make sure not a single bit of food gets to their l…!" Bagget began when Edge and Kicker.

"Move," the two ordered before placing food and bowls of wine at the feet of the two.

"Enjoy your meals, good patrons," Edge bowed.

"Ah! Edge-san!" Tyson gasped, recalling meeting the water Pokemon before leaving Baratie the first time.

At the same time, Sanji and Brock had kicked/punched away Patty from the fallen Krieg and presented him with two plates, one full of a delicious meat and the other with delicious rice. As Krieg began to eat, the other cooks began to bark at them. Sanji just glared at them all.

"I don't care who it is. As long as there is a customer, I will serve them no matter who they are!" Sanji declared until he was slugged by a recovered Krieg.

"What's the meaning of this?" Gin gasped.

"I took you here because you promised us you wouldn't hurt anyone!" Tyson gasped as the Pokemon swatted him away and into the injured Edge and Kicker.

"This feeling is really great!" John declared.

"Tyson!" Pikachu and Monferno gasped.

"It's a very good restaurant, so I will take it," Krieg declared.

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